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Agility coupled with quality is the need of the hour

The current trend is inclined towards Agile software development and frequent builds, which means that you need faster and more comprehensive testing to enhance the quality and velocity of software products. Automated software testing emerges as the best solution to address this need.

Continuous testing enables continuous integration and faster delivery. The execution of automated tests through the delivery pipeline is the right approach. Essentially, automation testing involves running automated regression tests prior to every single deployment within the pipeline, along with post-production health checks.

Agility coupled with quality is the need of the hour

Our Automation Testing Service Offerings

Automated Test Data Generation

We also set up an automated preparation of comprehensive and structured data input and output combinations for automated tests and manual tests to ensure that your software application is validated from every possible aspect.

Automated UI Testing

UI testing is a critical part of our automation testing services. We take care of planning and designing test cases, writing and maintaining scripts for reliable automated checks of the new features, and regression testing via UI.

Performance Testing

As a part of our automation testing services, we design test cases and develop and maintain scripts for performance test automation for all layers of the application and its supporting systems (including load balancers, networks, databases, etc.).

Test Scripts Migration

For the test scripts developed with other frameworks and platforms, we extend services for test scripts migration to Selenium for unifying the test automation tools and process for automation testing across the company.

Test Automation Strategy Development

Considering the software requirements along with the development, QA and deployment processes, we come up with a holistic test automation strategy that works. Alternatively, we can build a comprehensive test strategy that has automation testing road map at its core.

Test Environment Setup & Configuration

After ideating a road map and strategy, we set up and configure the right test environment to run test cases seamlessly for all the targeted devices, platforms, and browsers while ensuring appropriate resource monitoring as well.

CI/CD Pipeline Implementation

We collaborate with the DevOps teams for designing and implementing the continuous integration pipeline and integrating continuous testing into it to run test automatically after every single change in your software.

API Testing

We also plan and design test cases as well as develop and maintain scripts to validate software functionality quickly and efficiently via API and check integrations. We leverage Postman, JMeter, and custom tools for API testing.

Get More Coverage With OrangeMantra Automation Testing Services

Get More Coverage With OrangeMantra Automation Testing Services

OrangeMantra helps you define and implement the right strategies and methodologies for your automation testing services and then measure and evaluate them as well.

  • Select the apt automation tool for product requirements and technologies
  • Develop portable, modular, reusable, and maintainable automation framework
  • Integrate various tools and technologies with the automation framework
  • Develop robust and sustainable automated tests and environments
  • Regression test the software applications
  • Assess every test cycle continuously and thoroughly

The future of software automated testing is right here!

The future of software automated testing is right here!

Amazing things are in store for the software teams that are ready to go an extra mile for implementing a combination of manual and automated best practices in their software testing approach.

  • Reduce turnaround times by executing tests in parallel
  • Experience considerably shorter time to market
  • Receive scripts that are tailored to your precise needs
  • Discovers regression by volume and depth per build pass
  • Get coverage in areas previously unattainable with other testing approaches

OrangeMantra Automation Testing Services: Conserve Time & Release Faster

Who wouldn’t want to accelerate their release cycles and get their software products to market faster? As more and more organizations emphasize agile development with high quality and accuracy, quality automation testing services become critical.

OrangeMantra Automation Testing Services: Conserve Time & Release Faster

Our Functional Testing Expertise- The Tools We Use


Automation testing refers to the use of automation for conducting specific tests on a software inspection. Essentially, this is done with a set of regression tests that are conducted with automation rather than manually.
Basically, a structured automation testing life cycle is made of a multi-stage process which supports the activities needed for the utilization of an automated testing tool, developing and running test cases, developing test design, building and handling test data and environment.
Businesses can automate different types of software tests. These include the following:
  • Keyword Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • Data Driven Testing
Businesses can gain immense benefits by leveraging automation testing as a part of their software development plan.
  • Fast: Automated tools run significantly faster than human users, which renders speed for the testing process.
  • Repeatable: It enables the testers to assess how the software reacts after the repeated execution of same operations.
  • Reusable: Automated tests can be re-used on multiple versions of the same software.
Selenium is a popular portable software testing framework used for web applications. The framework offers diverse tools for automation testing, including Selenium IDE, Selenium Grid, Selenium Remote Control, and Selenium 2.0 and WebDriver. It provides a record/playback tool which can be used for authoring tests without needing to learn a test scripting language.