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Our Hiring Process!

While hiring candidates, we follow a predefined process that ensures a combination of the right skills and values. Our people acquisition process is designed to onboard the best talent in the industry.

1. Initial Interaction
2. Technical Interview
3. Real-time Assignment
4. Final HR Discussion

OrangeMantra Values

Be it hiring new talents, evaluating performance, or deploying solutions, a set of clearly articulated values guide our decisions and processes.

By relentlessly acquiring new streams of knowledge, we're able to be always trend-ready. Continuous learning also means that each one of us never stops climbing the ladder of professional development.

Professional relationships that are built around transparency always yield the best results. We believe in being upfront and realistic with every client and coworker.

Our values are not just about creating consensus. Instead, those are a set of strategically central beliefs nurtured by every member of the team. Teamwork sits at the center of our endeavors.

It takes unfailing accountability to stay at the top of this ruthlessly competitive tech solutions market. Each one of us committed to go above and beyond to deliver on promises and exceed expectations.

Innovation and excellence often go hand in hand. And we never shy away from going the extra mile to ensure exceptional service quality and groundbreaking innovative tech solutions to clients.

Why You Should Join Us

Work-Life balance

We encourage work-life balance across the organization, ensuring that our colleagues get their fair share of leisure and personal time.

Creative freedom

People love to work at OM because here they get the freedom of expression and an opportunity to show their creativity as well.

Events & celebrations

We are a team that works together and plays together, with regular team outings, field trips, and festive celebrations on special occasions.

All-encompassing diversity

Our colleagues get the advantage of working with a diverse team and gaining expertise in the diverse technologies that we work on.

Rewards & recognition

We understand that people love to be appreciated and this is something we do really well as we value achievers and contributors.

Physical & mental wellness

Wellness is a prime concern for us, and we organize regular health checkups and fitness-focused activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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