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At OrangeMantra (OM), we believe in the potential of every member. We acknowledge, appreciate, and foster your aspirations to grow professionally. People at OM, nourish in light of continuous learning to deliver all-round excellence. We encourage practices to be transparent & empower people to take accountability. Not only nurturing a great professional but an empathetic human being, who successfully delivers towards client, community, colleague & culture.

Mansi Sondhi
Head HR, Orangemantra


OrangeMantra promotes a culture of open communication, togetherness and equal opportunities. Here are some common perks and benefits offered to the employees.


Health Insurance

Comprehensive health insurance coverage, helps employees take care of their health and well-being.


Performance Bonuses

Performance-based bonuses motivate employees to excel in their roles and helps to grow business.


Maternity/Paternity Leave

Employees can balance family responsibilities with paid maternity and paternity leaves.


Team Building Activities

Regular team-building activities, and company outings strengthen team bonds bringing positive attitude.


Professional Development

Employees get a boost to their career with ongoing learning, training programs, and new skills opportunities.


Employee Assistance

Counseling services, mental health sessions, and wellness programs ensures employees' overall well-being.

Open Work Culture

Technology Allowances

Provide allowances for laptops, smartphones, or home office devices, for personalized work experience.


Transportation Benefits

Multiple transportation options, such as public transportation passes or parking are provided to employees.

International Exposure

Employee Recognition

Recognizing employees with rewards for their hard work and achievements brings job satisfaction.

Our Values

From hiring people to training them for building solutions, we have diverse values to establish strong work culture.

Continuous Learning

We ensure continuous learning for every employee for ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated pursuit of personal development. Continuous learning is a critical component of professional development and career growth.


We promote openness, honesty, and the clear communication of information both internal and external. OrangeMantra shares information about its operations, decision-making processes, and financial performance openly.


OrangeMantra encourages teamwork to achieve a common goal. Effective coordination and utilization of each team member's skills, knowledge, and abilities is our core objective.


We make employees accountable to fulfill their duties and meet project deadlines. Employee take responsibility for one's actions, decisions, and performance. Being accountable is the key aspect of a healthy work environment.


OrangeMantra strive for excellence ensures that the services offered meet or exceed customer expectations. We are committed to surpass standards and achieve the highest level of efficiency.

Friday Fun

Impactful Corporate Social Responsibility:
Shaping a Better Tomorrow

We utilize our digital capabilities to bring the maximum output of our social responsibility campaigns.


At OrangeMantra, life is more than work; it's a journey of collaboration, innovation, and overall growth. Step into our dynamic and vibrant workspace.

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Collaborate with the next-gen technologies & get to work with some of the prominent clients coolest projects.

We start with initial contact, either through email or a brief phone call. Discuss candidate's interest in the position, basic qualifications, and availability.

We do a face-to-face interview for technical assessments, to evaluate the candidate's proficiency, problem-solving skills, and technical knowledge.

Welcome the new employee with a comprehensive onboarding process, including orientation, work culture and welcome kit.

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Current Openings

Customer Relations

Senior Customer Success Manager

  • 10-15 Years
  • Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Open Positions: 2
Customer Relations

Senior Customer Success Manager

  • 10-15 Years
  • Gurgaon, Haryana
  • Open Positions: 2
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