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Data Analytics

Tableau-based data analytics and reporting solutions

Data Visualization

Tableau-based data visualization design services

Data on Mobile

Tableau-based based apps that bring data at your fingertips.

Unleash the power of data

Achieving success is all about having a wider picture about your business to ensure that you focus only on the right priorities. It is not possible to see and understand the business trend only from raw data. Tableau is a powerful tool that serves as the foundation of data-driven decision making for businesses through comprehensive dashboards, reports, self-service analytics, embedded analytics, and visual analytics. OrangeMantra offers expert Tableau consulting and development services to assist you in visualizing data organized on a single screen, instead of being scattered across software and spreadsheets. Connect with us and unlock the amazing potential of Tableau for taking your business a notch higher.+

Key Benefits Of Availing Tableau Development Services

Reduce manual work

Save your time and efforts with automated graphs and reporting saves. Load the data into the dashboard and get automatically generated reports that are easy to understand.

Visualize performance trends

View the performance of individual segments and the company as a while. Get detailed overviews of performance across months, quarters, or years.

Report data easily and quickly

Get clear and reliable data visualizations at a click. Spot data trends, compare across periods and entities, and identify challenges and opportunities easily and quickly.

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Our Tableau Development Services

Tableau BI Dashboards

Creating comrehensive Tableau BI Dashboards that enable informed decisions making for successful strategic actions.

Tableau BI Architecture

Designing an architecture that addresses data, integration, business processes and technology to assist you in building a powerful BI platform.

Tableau Web Portal

Building custom web-based portals which are integrated with Tableau to provide access to the entire Tableau Workbooks for your business.

Data Visualization with Tableau

Representing structured and unstructured data in diverse views and enabling , data set formatting, trend generation, forecasting, and more.

Data Discovery through Tableau BI

Consolidating data from various sources and back-end systems, analyzing it to discover trends, patterns, anomalies, and relationships.

Big Data Analysis through Tableau BI

Empowering business users to identify valuable insights in massive Big Data datasets coming from a variety of sources.

Our Expertise

We offer end-to-end Tableau development and consulting for enterprises and startups

Tableau Server and Desktop

Tableau-server based solutions for facilitating collaborative decision making

Data Integration

ntegration of multiple data sources into a single, real-time data exchange solution

Workflow Implementation

Implementation of high-performance business analytics workflows with Tableau

BI Infrastructure Consulting

Development and optimization of the entire BI infrastructure for ROI maximization

Looking to avail professional Tableau Dashboard debelopment services?
  • After we got Tableau from OrangeMantra, business has become so easy because data is now at my fingertips. They did an appreciable job. Timely delivery and great quality!

  • We recently took Tableau development services from these guys. The team is fantastic….delivered end to end solution, right from consulting to an excellent application that created for us.

  • I am happy with the team’s job as they have created a truly empowering solution for my business. Remarkable job, guys!

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