Unleash the power of data

Tableau is a powerful tool that serves as the foundation of data-driven decision-making for businesses through comprehensive dashboards, reports, self-service analytics, embedded analytics, and visual analytics. Orange Mantra offers expert Tableau consulting and development services to assist you in visualizing data organized on a single screen, instead of being scattered across software and spreadsheets.

How Tableau Can Transform Your Business?

The powerful dashboards and reports that Tableau offers, along with embedded and self-service analytics, facilitate better data-driven decision-making. From random numbers to useful insights, Tableau can bring a major transition for your business.

Why Do You Need Tableau Consulting?

If you cannot see the complete picture of your business, it would be practically impossible to understand if you are even focusing on the right priorities. With Tableau consulting from our experts, you can get a clear vision of your data organized on one screen, rather than scattered across spreadsheets and organizations.

Why Choose Us As Your Tableau Partner

Tableau Experts

Our Tableau developers examine different data sources and create data-driven strategies to maximize & strengthen your decision-making process.

BI Specialists

Our BI specialists are capable of making data work for you. They use innovative tools and a modern approach to BI and data analytics.

Perfect Data Partner

We work as your data partner to fulfill your every data needs right from consulting, designing, developing, and deploying a complete data pipeline.

Secure Processes

We understand the importance of security while dealing with data, ensuring complete protection and safety of your data.

Our Tableau Development Services

Tableau BI And Data Analytics
Our Tableau developers use Tableau’s robust data management, data visualization, and data analytics features, coupled with customization to provide custom Tableau dashboard design and development services that empower organizations with actionable insights.
Tableau Development, Design And Data Visualization
Drawing from our experience with data analytics, our developers help the clients in visualizing the data in the most intuitive format. Dashboards and data representation implementations by us will help you in making informed business decisions.
Tableau Business Intelligence Services
Orange Matra offers complete Tableau services that help make more out of the data. We help in integrating various data sources, transform data, and then develop a complete environment using Tableau desktop, server, and mobile, for intuitive business decision-making
Tableau Data Services
We use our experience in APIs and web-services to connect and integrate with disparate data sources and collate data into a data warehouse, that helps fast track analytics workflows. Our developers using modern Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) algorithms prepare robust data marts and data warehouses.

Our Expertise

We offer end-to-end Tableau development and consulting

Dashboard Development

Report transformation into powerful executive dashboards using graphs and plots to have a better understanding

Data Visualization

Representing structured and unstructured data in diverse views and enabling , data set formatting, trend generation, forecasting, and more.

Tableau Server and Desktop

Tableau-server based solutions for facilitating collaborative decision-making

Data Integration

Integration of multiple data sources into a single, real-time data exchange solution

Workflow Implementation

Implementation of high-performance business analytics workflows with Tableau

BI Infrastructure Consulting

Development and optimization of the entire BI infrastructure for ROI maximization.


Data & analytics strategy and consulting services to ensure the program is successful.

Visualization & Analytics

Infuse Tableau’s experience with deep insights to convert data into information.


Transform data into a high quality, trusted asset for your organization.

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