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Stringently tested software solutions that deliver perfection

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Software QA Services You Can Trust

As enterprises look for nothing less than perfection in their software applications, they are rethinking the conventional quality assurance and testing services and methodologies. They want services that assure application reliability along with flawless user experience. The objective is to have software solutions that enable the business to adapt to the dynamic changes in the industry. Our QA and Testing services are designed to cut down the cost of development, speed up time-to-market, and minimize the technical and business risks, irrespective of the complexity of the client’s requirements. Whether desktop, mobile, or digital transformation applications, our software testing experts work with a focused approach to assist clients get more out of our testing efforts while improving time to market and enhancing ROI.


How independent testing can benefit your business?

You may have an in-house testing and its inputs will undoubtedly be valuable, but independent testing by experts still have much more to offer

  • Ample testing skills and expertise
  • Comprehensive knowledge of industry specifics
  • Standardized and well-established processes
  • A bias-free perspective to detect bugs accurately
  • Quick ramp-up for projects of all sizes
  • Reduced time and costs for hiring specialists

Looking for a well-tested, better quality software product to empower your business within time and budget?

Our Offerings

QA outsourcing

End-to-end testing services at each phase of the software development lifecycle for ensuring that all the pieces integrated into the solution are performing optimally from start to finish.

Quality assessment

Comprehensive application audit, including code quality, solution usability, performance, functionality, and security along with issues detected and recommendations to fix them.

Independent testing

Specific types of testing for the application based on the client’s requirements, be it functional, software, performance, any other type of software testing.

QA consulting

Detection and resolution of the existing and future problems through QA strategy development, process/project audit, assistance, and pre-certification.

QA & Testing Services We Provide


Functional Testing

Our testing team makes sure that your product conforms accurately to your business logic and specific needs. Beyond that, we also comprehend the objectives, structure, and deliverables and track and document the bug status. Our core expertise extends to web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, system utilities and applications, and distributed System with mobile elements.


Automation Testing

We automate repetitive test cases, cut costs and reduce time across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. With automation testing, you get the benefits of better quality, early detection of defects, reliable products, direct cost saving, and release of products as scheduled. Bug-free and flawless solutions ensure that the customer attrition reduced to the minimum and also that the manual incapabilities are rectified.


Performance Testing

Performance Testing includes the analysis, validation, and verification of performance under both, expected and unexpected workloads. We provide customized testing services for managing the application performance under normal as well as stress conditions. Our expertise extends to web portals, social media, SaaS, E-commerce applications, and enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM, and ECM solutions.


Security Testing

Ensure tight coupling by analyzing risk, threat model, design, execution, and report. We help you manage your application from security threats and mitigate its impact on business. Our team works as per the latest trends in security risks and adapt demonstrated methodologies. Whether it is web applications or enterprise-grade business software applications and systems that you want to be assessed, we can help.


Usability Testing

Test the parameters for ease of use, learning, and convenience of the existing websites and applications. When we test software for usability, we work for fulfilling the actual needs of the target user and ensure that the functionality and design matches them. We perform a comprehensive usability audit and deliver a test report which categorizes the detected issues depending on the defect severity.


Regression Testing

We execute an optimized and prioritized regression test suite to discover the functional defects. Our Regression Testing services include regression bus testing, exploratory testing, high risk regression testing, automation regression testing, corrective regression testing, progressive regression testing, and regression testing for high defects. The aim is to detect and rectify all adhesive risks while achieving effective results with less cost.


Compatibility Testing

We ensure that all the channels of interaction are effective, secure, efficient, and, compatible. Our team works for various versions of operating system, browsers, tablets, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and, more. We deliver reports of defects, its severity, and analytics for failure patterns. Our service includes testing for hardware compatibility, software compatibility, mobile compatibility, browser compatibility, and infrastructure/OS/Web/App server compatibility.


Mobile Testing

We address the functional and non-functional aspects of applications by running it on a range of mobile operating systems, devices, network carriers, and, aspect ratios. Our mobile testing services include mobile application testing, mobile web testing, mobile performance, usability, accessibility, penetration and security testing, mobile test automation, mobile localization testing, and cloud-based testing.

Our Technology Expertise

  • SymbioTest
  • Log4j
  • Jmeter
  • Xstudio
  • Loadrunner
  • Mantis
  • Browser Stack
  • IE NetRenderer
  • TestingBot
  • TestNG
  • ReportNG
  • TestComplete
  • Jasmine
  • Appium
  • GIT
  • Selenium
  • QTP
  • Jira
  • Maven
  • Bugzilla

How We Work

More about our tried and tested processes for every phase of a standard QA Lifecycle

Planning And Control

Identify the Test objective
Determine the Test procedure
Design tasks & Test Estimation
Test schedule and Implementation

Analysis And Design

Review the test basis
Identify the test conditions
Evaluate the testability
Design test environment set-up

Implementation And Execution

Create test data, automate tests
Create test suites
Execute test suites and test cases
Conduct confirmation testing

Evaluating Exit Criteria And Reporting

Set criteria for “enough testing”
Check test logs against exit criteria
Assess the need for specified test
Test Summary report

Test Closure Activities

Check planned
Finalize and archive testware
Handover the testware
Give support to the software

Deploy & Run

Operational readiness
Performance Validation
Post-deployment Validation
Continuous improvement

Our Key Differentiators

Adapting to changing requirements

Our experts are always willing to adapt to the changes in the requirements of your project, however complex, erratic and frequent they may be.

Balanced testing

As we are domain experts, our specialists neither engage in excessive nor insufficient testing and their efforts are directed at detecting the vulnerable points.

Complete control over testing

We provide extensive documentation and reports about the project quality so the clients always have a complete control over the testing process.

Efficient collaboration

A seamless collaboration with the client’s project team ensures efficient cooperation to keep them updated with the project workflow.

Be Sure About The Quality of Your Software Applications!

Our QA and testing specialists will help you in setting up an efficient process, thoroughly testing your applications, and implementing flawless software within the time and budget .

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