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OrangeMantra is known in the industry for Agile Software testing methodology

Our Software testers’ years of experience, knowledge base, domain expertise, and proven track record support the clients for an efficient market release of the software products and reduce investment cost. Our software testers are experts and have experience in manual and automated testing for different types of software products across industry verticals. We thrive to meet the quality goals by following the standard procedures.

The quality of the developing/developed application is expected to be at the higher end leading to minimal risk and maximum impact in business. We help the applications to cross the barriers prior to its market release through Quality Assurance and Testing.

We help our clients across the industry verticals by addressing the changing technology landscape, provide framework for testing led business transformation, and thus deploy new engagement models.

Our comprehensive and robust testing practice identifies the completeness, authenticity, and quality of the software. OrangeMantra help the organizations in accelerating the time to market, release the software products that meet the customer expectations.

Our Skills & Features

We are skilled in using different testing tools and work with desktop, mobile, and web technologies. We work on most of the operating systems like MS Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux, MS/DOS, Ubuntu Touch OS. And we are experts in mobile platforms- Android, iOS, and Windows.

Our Testing team are experts in manual testing with essential analytical and logical attitudes, envisage business situation on real-time, make a rational inquiry, and are enthusiastic towards projects.

We chart an excellent QA process model and an independent resource for projects.
And, we implement proven methodologies and customized processes viz., Waterfall, Iterative, Spiral, and, Agile.

Further, we are specialized in implementing these tools for test accuracy and quality enhancement.

Automated testing tools load testing tools

  • Apache J meter
  • Selenium

Bug Tracking Tools

  • Jira
  • Mantis
  • Bugzilla

Compatiability Testing Tool

  • Browser Stack
  • IE NetRenderer
  • TestingBot

Our Commitment Towards Testing Services

  • In-house QA team
  • Impartial QA reporting
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Effective and efficient solutions
  • Align models to clients’ objectives
  • Follow the best practices and strategies
  • Our resources work in a flexible schedule
  • End-to-end solutions for clients’ products
  • Immediate implementation of the scheduled task
  • Cater to unique and individual software QA testing needs

Service Lists

OrangeMantra Offers a Comprehensive Range of Testing Services

Digital transformation is gaining momentum in such a way that the need for speed-to-market is extreme. OrangeMantra acknowledges the importance of flexibility, dependability, and, consistency of the developed applications and products prior to its market release.

Testing is an integral part of our development phase rather than the end-of-lifecycle activity demonstrating agility in each aspect. At OrangeMantra, we ascertain the need for quality assurance partner, thus, adopt newer methodologies in testing and manage user experience.

We couple the duality of independent and integrated testing in order to drive efficiencies of the highest order. Being the best QA partners, we bring innovation and business value to retain the customers and gain more.

Conform each function of the software application with reference to specified requirements.

Work Flow:

  • Tracking and documentation of bug status.
  • Our experts comprehends the objectives, structure, and deliverables.
  • The test cases are interpreted for any issues, bugs, and its severity.

Core Expertise:

  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop applications
  • System utilities and applications
  • Distributed System with mobile elements

Ensure the assemblages of the product, measure its success and error cases through standard parameters and data inputs. A software product may exhibit issues when integrated with multiple components owing to complex interdependencies. We leverage the industry-standard testing tools and practices for delivering value-based models.

Our services include:

  • Dependency mapping
  • Change impact matrix
  • Decision tables and
  • System complexity matrix
  • Boundary value analysis
  • State based transitions
  • Orthogonal array testing
  • Equivalence class partitioning
  • Test artifacts ambiguity testing

We execute an optimized and prioritized regression test suite to discover the functional defects.

We, the differentiators:

  • We lower the maintenance cost
  • We detect and rectify all adhesive risks.
  • We achieve effective results with less cost

Our Regression Testing Services include:

  • Regression bus testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • High risk regression testing
  • Automation regression testing
  • Corrective regression testing
  • Progressive regression testing
  • Regression testing for high defects
  • Regression testing for Web Applications

We automate repetitive test cases, cut costs and reduce time across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

The benefits of Automation testing includes:

  • Better quality
  • Reliable products
  • Direct cost saving
  • Higher test coverage
  • arly detection of defects
  • Release fo products as scheduled
  • Customers attrition reduced to minimum
  • Rectification of manual incapabilities

Tools we use:

  • Programming language: C#, Java, JavaScript
  • Web Tools: Selenium web driver, coded UI, Test complete, QTP
  • Desk top: QTP, Test complete, customized scripts , Jmeter

Non-functional Testing Services: Based on business performance requirements, we conduct the following tests.

Performance Testing: Analyze, validate, and, verify performance under expected and unexpected workloads. We deliver customized testing services in order to manage the performance under normal and stress conditions.

Our Expertise:

  • Web Portals
  • Social Media
  • SaaS
  • E-commerce Applications
  • Enterprise solutions like ERP, CRM, & ECM solutions

Ensure tight coupling by analyzing risk, threat model, design, execution, and report. We help you manage your application from security threats and mitigate its impact on business. We work as per the latest trends in security risks and adapt demonstrated methodologies.

Our Expertise in

Web Applications:

  • E-Learning
  • Games & Gambling
  • News & Entertainment
  • E-Commerce, Payments and Billing
  • Online services and horizontal portals

Business software:

  • CRM Systems
  • Collaboration Systems
  • Financial and Accounting Systems

Test the parameters for ease of use, learning, and convenience of developed websites and applications.

We work for:

  • The target user
  • Functionality
  • Actual needs
  • Functionality and design
  • Tweak as per the regional requisites.

Tools we use:

  • Programming language: C#, Java, JavaScript
  • Web Tools: Selenium web driver, coded UI, Test complete, QTP
  • Desk top: QTP, Test complete, customized scripts , Jmeter

We ensure that all the channels of interaction are effective, secure, efficient, and, compatible.

We work for various versions of operating system, browsers, tablets, mobile devices, gaming consoles, and, more. We deliver reports of defects, its severity, and analytics for failure patterns.

Benefits of our services includes:

  • Cost-effective matrix
  • Productive workforce
  • Instant implementation
  • Define the product specific compatibility issues

Our Service offers:

  • Hardware compatibility
  • Software compatibility
  • Mobile Compatibility testing
  • Browser compatibility testing
  • Testing across devices like VR and wearables
  • Infrastructure/OS/Web/App server compatibility testing

Product Testing Services: We assure end-to-end product lifecycle consulting, testing, and, analytics-driven product assurance.

Platform Migration Testing: We ensure quality across data center migration, database migration, technology migration, and, standard migration.

We address the functional and non-functional aspects of applications by running it on a range of mobile operating systems, devices, network carriers, and, aspect ratios.

We address and assure functionality, performance, security, usability, accessibility, and instructional design of the developed mobile applications.

Our Mobile Testing Services includes:

Mobile Application Testing: Deliver customer satisfaction with perfect consistency, usability, and, functionality.

Mobile Web Testing: Deliver the same experience for the user while browsing the websites through the apps or devices.

Mobile Penetration and Security Testing: We keep the system closed for compromise with hackers and crackers target.

Mobile Test Automation: We deploy automation services for mobile testing giving a precise and accurate testing for different parameters like display size, network configuration, user interface, and, etc., with permutations and combinations.

Mobile Performance Testing: We implement performance testing and ensure your apps performance to its fullest to win over the fierce competition in the market.

Mobile Usability Testing: Our usability testing defines user-friendly trait ensuring easy adaptability, learning, and functionality influencing the customer’s satisfaction.

Mobile Localization Testing: We help you target the regional market along with global presence by meeting the expectations of the locale users’ cultural need and expectations.

Mobile Accessibility Testing: We make the mobile application easily accessible and managed by the specially challenged people.

Cloud based Testing: We use cloud resources like software tools and devices for a dedicated test environment as per the clients convenience and ease irrespective of geographical restrictions.

Our Mobile Testing Service Benefits:

  • Use of best standard tools
  • Maximum benefits at minimal cost
  • On-time delivery of the project
  • Well-equipped testing environment
  • Use of real devices, emulators, and, simulators
  • Provide demonstrated end-to-end mobile testing solutions
  • Specific test environment and Software Development Kit [SDK]

Our Process and Development of Testing Lifecycle

1. Planning and Control:

  • Identify the Test objective
  • Determine the Test procedure
  • Design tasks & Test Estimation
  • Test schedule and Implementation
    • Deliverables –

    • Test Plan
    • Test Estimation
    • Test Schedule

2. Analysis and Design:

  • Review the test basis
  • Identify the test conditions
  • Evaluate the testability
  • Design test environment set-up
    • Deliverables –

    • Test Cases / Test Scripts /Test Data
    • Requirements Traceability Matrix
    • Test Environment According to project

3. Implementation and Execution

  • Create test data, automate tests
  • Create test suites
  • Execute test suites and individual test cases
  • Conduct confirmation testing
    • Deliverables –

    • Test Results (Incremental)
    • Defect Reports

4. Evaluating exit criteria and Reporting

  • Set criteria for “enough testing”
  • Check test logs against exit criteria
  • Assess the need for more specified test
  • Test Summary report
    • Deliverables –

    • Test Results (Final Summary)

5. Test Closure activities

  • Check planned deliverables and actually delivered
  • Finalize and archive testware
  • Handover the testware
  • Give support to the software
    • Deliverables –

    • Test Results (Final)
    • Test/ Defect Metrics
    • Test Closure Report

Benefits of Availing Testing Services

  • Work on-site as per the requisites
  • Assurance of usage from the end-user perspective
  • Consistency and intuitive to use for the end user
  • Ensure the functionality of the developed project
  • Compatibility across devices, browsers, and, operating systems

Industrial Verticals we serve

  • E-commerce
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Telecom
  • Retail

Client’s Testimonials

“Just reviewed the Selenium testing results that team OrangeMantra did for my company. Promising work, the team is simply fabulous. I plan to come back for other projects too.”

–Vincent Dickson

“I have used OM’s testing services for almost all of my projects to date. Every time they tested a software for me, they have done it with dedication and professionalism. I cannot trust anyone more…..thank you OrangeMantra!”

–Denise Drake

“The QA team at OrangeMantra did a phenomenal job for us. We rendered manual testing, load testing and Selenium services from them. They excelled at each one because they truly are specialists. Plus, there are no time constraints for them as they are available 24 by 7. I would recommend them to everyone I know.”

–Anthony Garcia