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Hire Salesforce Developers for Array of Salesforce Development Services

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Hire salesforce developer India from us to get custom Salesforce applications that cater to your unique business and market requirements.

Once you hire Salesforce consultant, they develop fully customized Salesforce CRM software to ensure your business objectives are achieved. This adds value to your business

Hire certified Salesforce developers to leverage the power of fast, seamless, and secure Salesforce migration services. It ultimately manages the ever-growing sales and data, without impacting existing systems.

We offer Salesforce developers for hire to help you integrate Salesforce with all your business-critical technology, tools, and third-party applications using AppExchange tools or mechanisms.

Hire certified Salesforce developer, consultants, and research experts to make the most out of Salesforce products and boost your ROI. They even suggest best solution for your business long term success.

Our dedicated Salesforce support and maintenance team is always ready to provide the specialized and technical expertise you need to overcome the challenges that you face with the Salesforce platform.

Our Success Stories in Salesforce

Sales Automation - Streamlining Lead Management for a Digital Transformation Enterprise

One of the global technology firms, faced challenges in efficiently managing their growing number of leads. The manual lead assignment process was time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in missed opportunities and inefficiencies in the sales pipeline. We implemented Salesforce's Sales Cloud, and after that they automated their lead management process. The automation of lead management processes significantly reduced the time spent on manual assignments, allowing sales teams to focus more on engaging with prospects. With leads being assigned to the right sales reps promptly, they experienced an uptick in conversion rates, translating into increased revenue.

Analytics & Reporting - Empowering The Legend Manufacturing Brand

One of the leading manufacturing company, struggled with disparate data sources and a lack of cohesive reporting tools. The management was unable to access real-time insights, leading to delays in identifying market trends and operational inefficiencies. We opted for Salesforce's Analytics Cloud and they gained a unified analytics and reporting platform. We provided the solution that allowed them to consolidate data from various sources, create customized dashboards, and leverage artificial intelligence for predictive analytics. The result was clearly visible after we implemented Salesforce analytics. They could easily access real-time insights, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and respond proactively to market changes.

Marketing Automation - Transforming Campaign Management for A Retail Company

A leading fashion retailer, faced challenges in executing and tracking the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The manual process of sending targeted communications to specific customer segments proved to be inefficient and lacked personalization. Our expertise team analyzed the issue and figured out their pain point. They implemented Salesforce's Marketing Cloud. Through this they automated their campaign management processes. The platform allowed them to create personalized email campaigns, automate customer journeys, and track engagement metrics in real-time. Personalized and timely communication led to higher customer engagement, as evidenced by increased open and click-through rates. Salesforce's analytics tools provided insights into campaign performance, allowing them to refine their strategies for future campaigns.

High-End Tech Stack Utilized by our Salesforce Developers

Find the list of tools, programming language, and diverse tech stack accessed by our professional Salesforce developers to ensure your project success.

  • Programing Languages

  • Spring Spring
  • Java Script Java Script
  • Python Python
  • JavaJava
  • Development

  • Technology C#
  • Technology HTML5
  • Technology CSS3
  • Technology Ruby
  • Libraries

  • Technology React
  • Technology Modernizr
  • Technology Momentjs
  • Technology Lodash
  • Data Stores

  • Technology Splunk
  • Technology MuleSoft
  • Technology PostgreSQL
  • Technology Kafka
  • Application Utilities

  • Technology OneTrust
  • Technology Okta
  • Technology Elasticsearch
  • Technology TransmogrifAI
  • Analytics

  • Technology Google Tag Manager
  • Technology Tableau
  • Technology Heap
  • Technology Google Analytics

Hire Certified Salesforce Developers to Upscale Your Business Capabilities

We offer certified Salesforce developers for hire to help you achieve your business goals in the most secure way.

staff augumentation

Dedicated Hiring

Hire Salesforce developers on a full-time basis to fulfill your requirements. Our certified Salesforce developers will work in an official timing.

part time

Staff Augmentation

Add an improved level of efficiency to your existing team. Our Salseforce experts will boost their skills. Furthermore, changing needs for your various services will get our exact and suitable Salesforce solutions.

full time

Hourly Hiring

If you have a small-scale and short-term project or there are need-based urgent requirements, you can choose the hourly model as it has its billing done as per the number of hours worked by developers.

Our Certified Salesforce Developers Cater to All Industry Verticals

Our certified Salesforce programmers are here to cater to your business requirements regardless of your industry vertical.

Leverage the Power of #1 CRM with Experienced Salesforce Developers. Hire Salesforce Developers to Meet Emerging Customer Demands

What Does Our Clients Say?

Get insights from our client’s experiences working with our Salesforce developers. Learn how we have helped business grow.

Why Hire Salesforce Developers from Orange Mantra?

Here are some strong reasons to hire dedicated Salesforce developers from us which makes us stand out from the crowd.

Get Started with Seamless Salesforce Development with Experts

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  • whychooseus24/7 Availability
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Discover the Profiles of Experienced Salesforce Developers

Find out the expertise of our skill-oriented Salesforce developers before hiring from us.

Deepak Mishra Salesforce Developer

Experience: 5+ years

Spring CSS3 Python HTML5 Sauce Labs Bitbucket Puppet

Shashank Arora Salesforce Developer

Experience: 7+ years

Spring CSS3 Python HTML5 Kubernetes Helm React Lodash

Mrinal Awasthi Salesforce Developer

Experience: 8+ years

Spring JavaScript Foundation Jenkins Helm Modernizr Splunk Kafka

Vaishali Salesforce Developer

Experience: 6+ years

Spring JavaScript Foundation Jenkins Helm Modernizr Splunk Kafka

Our Hiring Process

We follow a simple hiring process for our Salesforce developer in India. The steps involved are transparent and executed with complete care.

  • Discuss Project Requirements

    Discuss Project Requirements

    Our team starts with discussing your project requirements. Share what services you need for your project execution, the business objectives to achieve, and the scope.

  • Project Technical Feasibility

    Project Technical Feasibility

    Next step involves which technology suite need to be followed for project development. Our developer even suggest which technology trend can be integrated.

  •  Implementation and Rollout

    Deploy Best Resources

    You can hire Salesforce developer as per your choice to meet business requirements. We have big team always available to ensure business growth is on track.

  • Choose Hiring Model

    Choose Hiring Model

    We have different hiring models including flexible, fixed and hourly to cater all your business needs. You can select as per your budget and project development needs.

  • Choose Hiring Model

    Pay and Get Started

    Once initial payment and NDA is signed, development work begins with proper care. We ensure complete security of data and perform backup before starting development.

Looking to Access Talent with Strong Salesforce Expertise to Grow your Business?

Frequently Asked Question

Salesforce platform is an excellent solution for processes like application offering, cloud computing, ERP, CRM, marketing automation, and mobile application. Salesforce CRM is segregated into different categories such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Community Cloud and serves over 100,000 users across the globe.

Our Salesforce development process involves the following steps:
  • Step 1 Understanding your business requirements and goals.
  • Step 2 Create a Salesforce app development and customization road-map.
  • Step 3 Development and customization of the application and fine-tuning it.
  • Step 4 Testing with real-time entities to deliver bug-free solutions.
  • Step 5 Providing post-development and customization support and maintenance.

Salesforce provides CRM and other essential marketing and digital transformation platforms. Our certified Salesforce developers can help you customize and configure the products to meet your business-specific requirements and goals for your organization.

Yes, staff augmentation is one of our core services. You can hire Salesforce developer to speed up your project development and address real-time challenges on an immediate basis.

We have expertise to serve different industry niche including
  • Real-estate
  • Telecommunication
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Oil & Gas
  • Education
  • Healthcare

We follow proper NDA terms to keep your data secure from potential leaks and breach. Our Salesforce developer are professional and know business ethics.

Yes, our team of Salesforce developer hold expertise to build solution from scratch and can customize existing solution. They assess your existing software and suggest what changes can be done to make it more competitive and personalized.

Time to complete a project depends on the scope, objective and advanced features. More feature integration means extra time needed to complete the project. We ensure right resources are provided to complete project in deadline.