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Virtual Reality has truly emerged as one of the tech buzzwords for businesses these days as it has an unmatched potential for creating the most amazing experiences across the web and mobile. The technology leverages virtual simulations to generate a real-world 3D environment for the users. Undoubtedly, as UX becomes the mainstay of success for businesses, VR marches ahead as an imperative tech choice for them. It comes as no surprise that more and more of them are looking to invest in this trending technology for mobile, tablet, and wearable applications.

At Orange Mantra, we create advanced Virtual Reality Apps for diverse business requirements. We are passionate professionals with a flair for embracing innovation to deliver applications that are unique and captivating, as well as capable of adding value to the client’s business. Our in-house team comprises expert mobile app developers, 3D artists, UI/UX design experts, and digital producers who possess extensive skill and experience in creating magnificent applications. Choose us as your technology partner and unlock the potential of VR.

Why Businesses Should Invest in VR Development

As the business environment grows competitive with every passing day, being different is the key to standing apart. Virtual Reality apps give your business a distinctive presence and drive growth through better customer experiences. Here are some good reasons that you should hire a VR developer.

Idea Valuation

Immersive Experiences

Unleash 360-degree immersive experience for your customers with virtual reality apps that use cutting-edge tools.

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Marketing Edge

Increase the sales and revenues of your business by enabling the potential buyers to try out the products virtually.

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Innovative Training

Simulate training for your workforce by leveraging an interactive VR solution that render lifelike experiences.

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Cost Savings

Cut down the operational and product development costs by improving them before implementing them via a virtual platform.

Our VR Development Services

VR is a specialized technology, which requires in-depth knowledge and expertise to be implemented successfully. With several virtual Reality Apps to our credit, we have cultivated skills and experience in the domain. Over the years, we have gathered confidence too as our development team has catered successful solutions to startup and enterprise clients across diverse industries.

Virtual Reality App Development

VR Game Development

VR Content Development

Visual Storyboard Development

Virtual Kiosks and Product Displays

3D Graphics & Animations

VR Integration And Deployment

VR Maintenance And Support

Our VR Solutions

Our focus is to deliver solutions that address the pain points of the client’s business and helps it to get closer to its objectives. For this reason, our VR App Developer will start by understanding their challenges, opportunities, and goals and only then come up with a solution, We bring a range of innovative Virtual Reality Apps to enhance user experiences and add value to the business.

Business and Enterprise Solutions

Customized VR solutions that are tailored to cater to the unique requirements of the client’s business. These include virtual fitting rooms, interactive kiosks, virtual conferencing applications, and more.

Gaming Apps

Amazing gaming experiences that are created with the innovative VR technology. Our gaming design and development experts leverage the best these offer to create gaming apps that have the power to mesmerize.

Marketing and Promotional Tools

Impactful marketing and promotional tools that leverage the powerful features of Virtual Reality. These include interactive walkthroughs, live product demos, virtual presentations, and more.

Training and Development Modules

Using VR for creating simulative training and development modules that enable interactive and realistic virtual training for students and professionals across diverse industries.

Visualization Solutions

Creative and interactive visualization solutions that serve diverse purposes for businesses. These include visual storytelling, data analysis, presentation, training and control of operations.

Social Experiences

Entertaining social experiences which can be extended across a variety of VR devices. We make sure that the client’s business is able to get a winning edge with these rich social experiences.

VR Technologies We Serve

Serving the right solution to a business is all about identifying the right technologies to be used and using them to create a value-adding solution. Our team of VR app developers is adept at the latest VR trends and technologies and ensures that they are used aptly for your project.

Daydream VR tech
GearVR hrd
Google Cardboard tech
HTCVive hrd
SteamVR tech

The Industries We Cater

As VR is gaining extensive popularity in the business landscape, players across various industries are embracing this technology at a rapid pace. With our experience in Virtual Reality App Development and a track record of having catered to a diverse clientele, we serve them as a trusted application development partner.


  • Virtual Try Rooms
  • Product Catalog Visualization
  • VR-assisted Window Shopping
  • Interactive Kiosks


  • Simulative Surgeries
  • Physical Therapy Training
  • Phobia Treatment
  • Equipment Simulation

Education & Training

  • Interactive Walkthroughs
  • Field Trips
  • Guest Lectures
  • Tutorials

Travel & Hospitality

  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Location-Based VR Apps
  • Virtual Historical Tours
  • Virtual Hospitality

Real Estate

  • Home Demos
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Construction


  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Computer-Aided Manufacturing
  • Product Simulation
  • Technical Training

Why Choose Us for VR App Development?


Technical Skill

Hire a seasoned VR Developer or team with expertise in various mobile platforms and technologies and in the the latest advancements as well. With our in-depth understanding, we bring the capability of crafting excellent user experiences and high-quality, well-tested products.


Vast Experience

An industry presence of almost two decades along with a vast experience in a wide range of innovative technologies including VR gives us a winning advantage. Till date, we have catered several successful projects to reputed clients in different industries and all across the globe.


Creative Solutions

Clients can interact with our offshore Node.js developers and other team member over Skype, Chat and Phone as per their convenience.


Client-Centric Approach

We have a client-centric approach that understands that each client is a unique entity, with unique needs, challenges and objectives. We understand these requirements and tailor client-focused virtual reality apps that match them to perfection and address the pain points of the business.


Agile Methodology

We work with an agile methodology which focuses on delivering the quality solutions within the predefined timelines. At the same time, we stick to the best development practices and high standards as well. We are available for constant communication and regular reporting too.


Competitive Pricing

Another reason that makes us a great development partner is the fact that our services are competitively priced yet ensure that the quality is never compromised in any way. We bring flexible engagement models to fit seamlessly with the client’s needs, expectations and budget.

Looking for a VR app developer to build an innovative app for your business?