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Robotic Process Automation is the disruptive technology that empowers businesses with software tools to automate their processes. However, it goes much beyond enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing costs but acts as a digital workforce that collaborates and coordinates seamlessly.

At OrangeMantra, we build high-tech RPA solutions that help businesses to replicate human interaction with various business applications. As a variety of processes are taken over by intelligent systems with this technology, businesses can assign higher-value activities to human employees and achieve greater levels of productivity.

Why Robotic Process Automation

RPA serves as the right solution for a wide range of processes

Software robots are independent of interfaces and capable of accomplishing tasks without interfering with the existing systems and applications. They can handle a variety of processes that are otherwise to be done by humans and do them in fast and in an error-free manner.

  • Processes with high data throughput and extensive manual processing time
  • Rule-based processes governed by well-defined criteria for decision-making
  • Processes which involve significant repetitiveness and redundancies
  • Cross-application processes within various environments

Our Service Offerings

We offer a full range of services to help businesses build a virtual workforce

  • RPA Consulting

    Evaluating the current processes of the business and helping it to select the right automation platform to avail maximum benefits

  • RPA Design and Development

    Building a robust automation foundation with strategic design and sound, well-tested automation workflow development

  • RPA Implementation

    Implementing the automation solution by configuring it, followed by user acceptance testing, and deployment to have it up and running

  • Maintenance and Support

    Providing reliable customer service with 24 by 7 maintenance and support for seamless running of business-critical processes

Our RPA Journey

How we approach the automation process

Client Assessment

Assessing the business, its requirements, and current infrastructure to uncover their potential for RPA adoption and creating a business case and roadmap for the automation journey

Proof of Concept

Identifying the PoC process, creating teams, designing, developing and delivering the RPA solution, evaluating the PoC results, and finally, preparing and presenting a summary report and business case for the execution of RPA


Identifying the processes that are to be automated, iterating the onboarding process, establishing RPA best practices, designing and developing a solution, and focusing on building the automation expertise within the organization


Integrating the human and virtual workforce to propel productivity and boost overall business growth; institutionalizing RPA to maximize its benefits and to ensure continuous improvement within the organization

RPA Across Industries


  • Customer account management
  • Automated data validations
  • Financial claims processing
  • Updation of loan data


  • Patient data migration
  • Patient record maintenance
  • Medical bill processing
  • Insurance data automation


  • Customer Management
  • Loyalty management
  • Marketing automation
  • Sales Analytics


  • ERP Automation
  • Product pricing comparisons
  • Data monitoring
  • Automation of logistics data


  • Candidate management
  • Payroll management
  • Employee turnover process
  • Time-sheet management

Supply Chain Management

  • Order processing
  • Shipment tracking
  • Monitoring of inventory levels
  • Procurement of inventory


  • Guest data processing
  • Data verification
  • Competitor pricing analysis
  • Payment processing


  • Quality Reporting
  • Client data collection and processing
  • Competitor pricing analysis
  • Information backup

Want to build a future-proof business with RPA?

Client’s Testimonials

“OrangeManta has always been very helpful and quick in response to our requests. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner to help you build your website or online store.”

- Arthur

Working with OrangeMantra has been a great experience. We were struggling with a niche staffing requirement and finding the right person to fill the position was a big challenge. Thanks to OrangeMantra’s persistence, we were finally able to get a perfect match.

I am really happy with their services. Their recruiter was interested in understanding my requirements because she wanted to give me just the right resource. The best thing is that being an IT company themselves, they are good at understanding Great communication, no wastage of time and money!

I approached OrangeMantra for managed staffing last year and I was thoroughly impressed. The quality of candidates they connected with me was exceptional. The recruiter team deserves to be commended for their follow-up communication. I would definitely recommend OrangeMantra to everyone.