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Get the best end-to-end solutions with RPA design and development services

OrangeMantra integrates Robotics Process Automation solutions to support your business needs. We understand that mundane tasks take up time and resources that affect your business productivity. So, with multiple years of industrial experience, we integrate smart automation solutions. We ensure to offer the best market-focused and business-friendly automation solution to support your success. So, we offer solutions that help to upgrade your business success.

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Our reputed clients

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Get future-ready automated solutions with our RPA development services

Robotic process automation is a promising technology to elevate your business productivity. So, you need a reliable RPA solutions provider for your firm. We at OrangeMantra offer robotics process automation solutions that streamline your business processes. We offer a wide range of services to small to large-scale enterprises.

We ensure the automated solution we integrate should offer lead generative, increased revenue, and enhanced optimization. So, businesses can easily focus on the core objectives rather than repetitive tasks. Our team of RPA experts has more than 21+ years of industrial experience to support and customize your business solutions as per needs.

Our RPA design and development solutions ensure to offer the best smart and digital experience to your business. We integrate robust strategies to give your business a competitive edge in the market. And helps every vertical with the best-in-class tech-inspired solutions.

Grow Scaled

Unleash excellence with our RPA Development Services

We at OrangeMantra, offer the complete process from getting your requirements to the design and development of the customized solutions.

Theme Development

RPA assessment services

Our team assesses your processes to identify the automation areas and the best cases for your enterprise growth. And implement RPA development services for effective results. We enhance your operations to help you achieve your business objectives. 

Payment Gateway

Process optimization services

We help to diagnose any inefficiencies or potential loopholes in the system. And help in the accurate placement and enhancement of hidden opportunities. We help to optimize your business processes for streamlined workflow to increase efficiency in operations.

Mobile Optimization

RPA development solutions

At OrangeMantra, we take care of the development of RPA in your customized solutions. We ensure our team of RPA solution experts understand and facilitate the streamlined execution of your automation strategies for your business solutions.

Enhance Security

RPA integration solutions

Our team of experts identifies the system to help to maximize the RPA potential which helps to reduce the disruptions of your operations by seamless integration. We implement RPA solutions to integrate the software, workflows, and databases to accelerate business growth.

Enhance Security

Intelligent process automation

RPA design and development services help to smartly automate the solutions. We help to integrate the cognitive abilities of human intelligence and the system processes. Our services help to boost your efficiency with an added layer of security and automation. 

Client Assistance

RPA managed services

We help to manage the overall RPA infrastructure to ensure seamless automation solutions. Our digital transformation company smoothly carry out the sustainable enhancement of the services. And dedicatedly work towards the effectiveness of the RPA services for your business. 

Our Client Success Stories

Witness how our dedicated developers played a critical role in shaping the success journeys of our clients across various industries

Enabling Tech for India’s First Driverless Shuttle

As automation takes the business world by storm, our client focuses on building solutions that enable businesses to get the best of emerging technologies. We built an app that enables fleet managers to remotely control every aspect of the driverless shuttles. The solution features an array of capabilities, including seat booking by users, stoppage alerts at the source and destination, emergency stoppage, real-time location, and navigation, among others. As a tech solution partner to the client, we’ve continued our collaboration to explore new avenues in automation.

Enabling Tech

Providing Tech Talents to an Award-Winning Banking-Solutions Company

Our client is one of the most reputed digital providers of applications and innovative solutions for banks and corporates in the UK. Middleware solutions, community banking solutions, and cloud-based solutions are some of their top offerings. Their banking solutions are recognized as one of the world’s most innovative ones, disrupting the conventional banking sector with new customer-focused services. On the lookout for an experienced technology partner, they contacted OrangeMantra about collaboration on banking automation products and staff augmentation services in terms of Angular developers.

Providing Tech Talents

Manufacturing Process Automation for a Globally Leading Footwear Company

Our client, Relaxo, is a multinational footwear manufacturer based in India that wanted to automate its production processes at the plant and deploy full-blown automation systems. It was intended to secure a solution that can boost the manufacturing process and enable real-time access to inventory & production data in different departments. Besides, the company has been falling behind in maintaining sophisticated technology infrastructure to boost its team’s capabilities. Thus, Relaxo partnered with OrangeMantra to develop & deploy future-ready automation systems.

Manufacturing Process Automation

Revolutionizing Healthcare Marketing with AI: OrangeMantra's Breakthrough in Marketing Automation

Our client, a prominent healthcare provider, faced the formidable challenge of optimizing its marketing strategies in the highly regulated healthcare sector. With a wide range of medical services and a diverse patient base, they grappled with the need for personalized and efficient marketing campaigns. Seeking a solution to harness the power of AI, they approached us with the vision of transforming their healthcare marketing efforts.

Revolutionizing Healthcare Marketing

Technology & frameworks we use for RPA development solutions

As a leading sales and automation service provider, we utilize the potential tech stack for your sales solutions. 

  • Languages

  • JavaScript JavaScript
  •  C# C#
  • Python Python
  • Java Java
  • Tools

  • Automation Anywhere Automation Anywhere
  • TensorFlow TensorFlow
  • PyTorch  PyTorch 
  • UiPath UiPath
  • BluePrism BluePrism
  • Frameworks

  • Angular Angular.js
  • React Next.js
  • React Vue.js
  • Angular React Native
  • React Meteor
  • Databases

  • Oracle Oracle
  • Cassandra Cassandra
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  •  Azure SQL database Azure SQL database

Potential RPA integrations for your business solutions

Facing business failures due to a lack of aligned processes? Modern and smart automation helps businesses to help the evolution of business processes. And our RPA development services help your business to be future-ready in every way possible! 

Ongoing Innovation


The key to wisely scaling up or down sales is still predictive analysis. And such a difficult operation can be readily automated with the use of machine learning development solutions. Therefore, companies who wish to offer user-centric solutions that influence demand projections as well. Businesses can recognize patterns, forecast behavior, and make decisions automatically with the help of machine learning (ML) technology.

How Robotics Process Automation services elevates business productivity

Smart automation services help the business to stay ahead of the technical landscape. And we offer services to help with customized solutions.

Unlock insights

Unlock insights

You get in-depth insights into the internal business processes to effectively streamline the data analytics as per user needs.

Enhance cybersecurity

Enhance cybersecurity

With RPA development services you can easily mitigate the loopholes to detect potential threats and protect confidential systems.

Market opportunities

Market opportunities

Easily assess the opportunities by focusing on the core objectives and automating the regular tasks under expert assistance. 

Agile development

Agile development

Get the agile development process to develop RPA bots to support digital transformation for complete quality assurance.


Future-ready support

You easily get the optimal process to monitor your automated system to reinforce updated features for your firm.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Robotics Automation Process solutions help to increase productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and focusing on goals.

Industries we cater to

We enhance business operations with smart robotics process automation services with extended expertise and years of industrial experience we have gained across the business verticals.

Strategic roadmap to Robotics Company in India

Our team of RPA experts at OrangeMantra analyzes user needs and market trends to customize the RPA solutions for your business.

  • Finding


    We start with analyzing your business processes to design a long-term user journey by considering the present algorithms and loopholes.

  •  Process Design


    Our Robotic Process Automation in India produces a design blueprint to model project cases and deliver technical documentation.

  •  Process Design


    Then after the design discussion we implement the RPA model and intensively run tests to ensure compatibility in different environments.

  • Dеvеlopmеnt


    Easily test RPA as per the user workflows and collect feedback to improve the customise the business RPA solutions.

  • Maintenance & Support


    Even after the successful deployment of the RPA solution, we ensure to offer post-launch support and performance to help you excel.

Want to automate mundane tasks to accelerate business growth with the best RPA solutions?

Why choose OrangeMantra as your RPA development company?

At OrangeMantra, we offer our reputed clients the best-in-class and automated solutions for the competitive market.

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Frequently Asked Question

RPA may give businesses proactive assessments of all business processes and foresee vulnerabilities, allowing for the timely mitigation of those risks and a security improvement.

  • Preserve time.
  • Boost Return on Investment
  • Get rid of human error
  • Boost security
  • Boost adherence
  • Increase the scope of business process automation

The following will be divided into two categories: environmental transformation, sustained low performance, external influence, and organizational inertia. Multiple values will be attributed to the circumstances of perception transformation and new leadership. Dichotomization is used to minimize the outcome variable.

The three primary forms of robotic process automation are hybrid RPA, unattended automation, and attended automation.

Workflows are streamlined via robotic process automation, which increases an organization's profitability flexibility, and responsiveness. Removing tedious chores from employees' workdays also boosts their engagement, productivity, and contentment.

Looking for an RPA solution to automate your business services for excellence and growth?