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How Automotive Software Solutions Can Take Your Business to The Next Level?

  • Integrating the next disruptive technologies with the existing in-car systems
  • Introducing of machine learning and AI algorithms to accelerate decision-making
  • Empowering vehicles with access to all the real-time data on road
  • Enabling vehicle interaction with an automotive ecosystem for better experiences
  • Creating HMI applications for seamless interactions between humans and vehicles

Type of Automotive Software we Craft at OrangeMantra

We develop the following types of software products implemented in the automotive industry.

Computerized Diagnostics Software

Digital scanners and similar IoT devices that are able to run complex onboard diagnostics are highly helpful and popular in the automotive world. OrangeMantra developers deliver the software that allows determining quality status of the systems and its parts.

Driver-assist Software

While there is a lot of debate regarding driverless autos, any useful driver-assist feature that actually works and contributes to the safety on the road is a great benefit for the society. If you operate in this sector, our automotive IT services can provide you with custom software solutions that work in vehicles integrated with cameras and sensors.

GPS Software

OrangeMantra teams deliver GPS apps and systems allowing drivers determining geographic locations as well as coordinates of the destination. We also provide software solutions for the built-in navigation screens and other displays present for the driver.

Over-the-air Software Updates

If we talk about vehicles that are controlled purely by software systems, they require updates. Sending them over the air (OTA) is the method that is often included in the set of features for our automotive software solutions.

Our Automotive Expertise

Connected & Internet Cars
Applications that drive connected cars of the future, with features like vehicle diagnostics, mobile integration, fuel efficiency, enhanced safety, passenger comfort, and more.
EV charging software
Advanced and intelligent white-label EV charging software solutions for powering up the vehicles of the future and unlocking new opportunities for automotive businesses and charge point operators
Smart Bikes
Powerful all-in-one rider information systems that bring simplicity, safety, and reliability in two-wheeler navigation and make them smarter than ever
Innovative telematics solutions that empower brands to track the key parameters such as vehicle condition, fuel usage, insurance details, traffic, and more
Autonomous & ADAS
Advanced applications that adapt, automate, and enhance the in-vehicle systems for enabling autonomous and assisted driving
AI & Machine Learning
Intelligent solutions that are capable of recognizing and analyzing the patterns of human behavior for enabling data-driven decisions on the road
Navigation & Mapping
Accurate, real-time, and intelligent mapping solutions which ensure secure navigation and vehicle mapping any time and anywhere
IoT & Embedded Solutions
Embedded solutions that offer connectivity across various touchpoints and gather rich data and actionable insights from multiple sources
Mobile-centric HMI solutions that improve the human-vehicle interactions, shorten driver response time, and deliver exceptional driving experiences
Applications that strengthen the hyper connected mobile–car–cloud ecosystem to secure it from internal threats and external attacks

Why Choose us as Your Automotive Technology Partner?

Over the years, we have collaborated with some leading automotive brands and OEMs to build performance-oriented, safe, and adaptive software solutions for connected and autonomous driving. Our expertise in software development expertise coupled with a solid knowledge of the automotive niche are just a few more reasons to choose us as your technology partner. And there is much more!

Value-Added Approach

WA combination of technical skills and knowledge of the automotive domain makes us capable of delivering value-added solutions for your business and customers

Focus on Innovation

Our focus is on keeping pace with the emerging autonomous technologies such as V2X connectivity, computer vision, E2E HMI, HD maps, and more

UX/UI Expertise

We take a comprehensive approach to creating driver-oriented interfaces and understand how to transform vehicles into intuitive and user-friendly personal devices

Flexible Delivery Models

As a part of our service methodology, we offer flexible delivery various models based on the specific requirements of the project and client

Real-Time Solutions

OrangeMantra has several years of experience in delivering remarkable automotive software engineering solutions to clients across the world. We combine our years of technology expertise and domain knowledge to provide clients real-time solutions.

Latest Technology Deployment

Being one of the leading automotive software companies in India we integrate latest & innovative technologies, including AR/VR, IoT, ML/AI, and Blockchain into our automotive software development.

Quality & Security Adherence

We follow strict guidelines and latest industry practices to keep your business idea safe and your product secure from any possibility of theft and unauthorized interruption. We are a top-notch automotive software development company in India.

Dedicated Developer Team

OrangeMantra is a top-leading Automotive IT Service provider company with a team of dedicated developers working on hourly, weekly and monthly basis to offer innovative solutions and 100% client satisfaction.

Explore the wide range of solutions and services we bring for automotive clients


  • Data Analytics
  • Legacy Modernization
  • IT Infrastructure Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Digital Transformation


  • Connected Vehicles
  • Design and Engineering
  • Vehicle Safety Analytics & Reporting
  • Networking and Embedded Engineering
  • insurance Application Management Solutions


  • Aftermarket Service
  • Auto Finance
  • Dealer Systems
  • Sourcing and Procurement
  • Supply Chain and Logistics

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OrangeMantra is a top-notch automotive software development company in India with years of experience in delivering best-in-class innovative and customized services to clients across the globe. Furthermore, OrangeMantra has –
  • More than 100+ happy clients
  • Served Across the Globe
  • 97% client retention rate
  • Delivered projects on time
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  • 100% transparency
  • No-box approach
  • Quality & security adherence
  • Guaranteed innovation
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Co-development teams
  • In-depth domain knowledge
We are a leading automotive software development company that offers complete support to their clients. We provide after-sales services to achieve 100% of client satisfaction.
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