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Recently, we decided that we needed to have CRM support for our Shopify store. We needed a reliable Shopify partner to help us with the integration and thankfully, we found OrangeMantra. These guys are not only experts for the job but are truly dedicated and helpful too. Planning to get more integrations in future and would definitely approach OM for them.”

- Clement Swanson

“Working with OrangeMantra has been a fantastic experience from the very beginning. They created an amazing Shopify e-commerce website for us and it served as an excellent launchpad for our business. Thanks guys, great job!!”

- Ben Chandler

“The road looked long when we decided to migrate our e-store from WordPress to Shopify. But thanks to OrangeMantra, the journey was smooth and the results excellent. We were able to make the transition effortlessly with the support of these guys.”

- Mericha Menzes

“As we wanted to popularize our Shopify store, we required a trusted technology partner. OrangeMantra did the job perfectly as they developed an amazing Shopify SEO plan for us. The team showed a keen interest in our requirements and created a strategy to match. We’re impressed guys!!”

- Warren Sillars

“I am glad that I chose OrangeMantra for setting up my e-commerce store. These guys truly are Shopify specialists. I commend their services…they are up and ready when you need them and also value the client’s time.”

- Vick Haider

“I needed an extraordinary-looking e-commerce store for my designer brand. Thanks to OrangeMantra, I got one that matched my expectations. They designed a wonderful theme for my store and made sure that it pulled customers for me.”

- Cheryl Stone

“There was a time when we were encountering issues with our Shopify store one after the other. Luckily, we found a trusted Shopify partner in Orange Mantra. They gave us extensive support in resolving problems as soon as they came up. To date, they maintain our e-commerce store and we absolutely rely on them for keeping it in a great condition.”

- Greg Hanks

“OrangeMantra is a reliable Shopify partner that can be trusted to create the most amazing Shopify web stores as well as to ensure that they deliver seamless experiences. We extend great support and ongoing maintenance services that keep your store in optimal health.”

Having an impressive Shopify e-commerce store is just half the work done as it has to be ensured that the store runs smoothly and seamlessly all the time. It is all about making your store appealing in appearance as well as delivering excellent shopping experiences to the customers. Regular updates and maintenance are needed to keep these elements in place and have a store that builds a foundation for online success. At OrangeMantra, we don’t consider our job completed once we launch your Shopify store but take the responsibility of monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting it through its life cycle.

We offer full Shopify upgrade, maintenance, and support services that enable the stores to perform at optimum effectiveness. Our team of experts is always ready and available to deal with bugs and resolve glitches at the earliest. We also make sure that the entire updates are installed on time so that the shopping experiences on the store are not hampered in any way. Partner with us and reduce your stress of updating and maintaining your online store, and rather focus on growing your business.

What We Do

We render reliable ongoing maintenance along with all the essential support that is needed for the smooth running of a Shopify store throughout its lifetime.

Speed and Performance Optimization

Our Shopify speed and performance optimization service is meant to reduce the loading time of the store so that the users can avail an improved shopping experience. Fewer lags in performance translate into increased conversions and higher revenues for the Shopify store.

Website Review

We perform systematic reviews for your Shopify store, covering aspects such as code reviews and error identification. We also carry out site checks after major updates in Shopify, third-party apps, and third-party themes. Our experts update your store whenever there is a need.

Ongoing Maintenance

We understand the significance of monitoring, managing, and maintaining your Shopify store on a day-to-day basis. Our ongoing maintenance services take care of the smooth running of your store, managing issues at the ground level as well as optimizing its performance in all ways.

Emergency Support

Sudden issues and unforeseen challenges are a part and parcel of running an e-commerce store. We are available for round-the-clock support so that any bugs, issues, and challenges are resolved at lightning speed and the performance of your Shopify store is not compromised at any point in time.

Looking For Reliable Shopify Partners?

Why Choose Us


We are a dedicated team that is available for quick response whenever support is needed. Our adherence to best practices and round-the-clock availability make us the most reliable partner to keep your Shopify store always on top.


We hold extensive expertise in Shopify and have a rich, cross-domain experience too. Our experts have been extending their services to clients from diverse industries for years. We are the Shopify partners you can trust.


We monitor your store stringently and provide regular monthly reports covering all the key aspects of your store’s performance. These reports help us to identify the areas with a scope for improvement so that we can work on them.


Our services are competitively priced which makes them affordable for all. The maintenance and support specialists can be hired with different packages that can be designed to fit your budget.

Explore The Projects We Have Worked On

We have a brilliant track record with a large number of successful projects to our credit. View our portfolio or get in touch with us to know more.

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