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Create Next-gen Digital Customer Experiences with Adobe Audience Experience Manager

In the current times, businesses need to manage their presence across the evolving content channels and handle the related digital assets. They need multiple teams for driving their agendas for the individual channels, which makes it challenging and expensive to manage customer experiences across them. Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) is a comprehensive CMS that lets businesses manage websites, mobile apps, content, and marketing efforts in a single place. By availing of the advanced Adobe Experience Management (AEM) solution, your business can deliver personalized and engaging digital experiences that have a global reach. With these unmatched customer experiences across in-person and online channels, you can increase demand as well as customer loyalty for your business. At Orange Mantra, we offer a comprehensive range of Adobe Experience Manager services to global enterprises across diverse industry verticals.

orangemantra – An Official Adobe Solution Partner

orangemantra is an official Adobe Solution Partner with strong expertise in Adobe Experience Manager, Audience Manager, and other Adobe Solutions. Audience Experience Manager is an industry-leading digital customer experience management solution that empowers businesses to deliver engaging content across various platforms such as web, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT). This unique application helps you deliver impeccable digital experiences, drive customer engagement, and build your brand across various channels. Adobe Experience Manager is an easy-to-use, comprehensive content management, and digital asset management system for creating websites, mobile applications, and forms which makes your digital marketing content management much easier.

Our partnership with Adobe enables us to build our technical skills and abilities on Adobe Experience Manager, Audience Manager, and other Adobe Solutions to deliver best-in-class services to our global clients from various industry verticals.

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Core Features of Adobe Experience Manager

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Digital Asset Management

Adobe Experience Manager comes with Asset Capability. It provides a single platform for storing and managing digital marketing assets and content across the enterprise.

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Analytics & Target Products Integration

The innovative platform comes with pre-built email marketing platform integrations, and a campaign dashboard to gain insights and monitor multi-channel and multi-device campaigning.

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Social Media Community Creati on & Management

Adobe Experience Manager comes with Communities Capability. It allows you to build and manage communities on various popular social media platforms.

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Pre-built eCommerce Integrations

The platform is enriched with prebuilt eCommerce integrations for promoting brand awareness and recognition.

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Cloud-based Solution

Adobe Experience Manager provides Managed Service Capability as it can be easily hosted and managed from the cloud, ensuring extensive customizability and security.

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Website Specialization & Optimization for Campaigns

This amazing solution has in-built Sites Capability that helps you specialize and optimize multiple websites for various marketing campaigns, languages, and devices.

Key Benefits Of Using Adobe Experience Manager

  • Gain a deep understanding of your target audience with unlimited audience segmentation, visitor trend analysis, and cross-visit analysis
  • Share your digital content and asset sharing across various digital channels and devices.
  • Monitor and optimize multi-channel and multi-device campaigns through dashboards to drive better ROI and results.
  • Leverage social plugins or add-ons to manage corporate blogs, comments, and ratings.
  • Since it is a cloud-based service, it cuts down the cost of infrastructure and maintenance while providing higher levels of customization and security.
  • The platform comes with pre-built integration features to support eCommerce systems like Hybris, thus providing a comprehensive eCommerce management platform.
  • Efficiently manage multiple websites with no double efforts, uniform and consistent design and branding across multiple channels and devices, and reduced communication gap between marketers and management.
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Our Adobe Experience Manager Offerings

We bring in-depth Adobe Experience Manager expertise to provide end-to-end technology solutions for businesses looking for innovation.

Consulting & Development

Our team has Adobe experts with a rich experience in Adobe Experience Manager consulting and development. We assist businesses in streamlining their processes, reducing the TAT of developing content assets, and speeding up the development cycle with pre-tested components. Leverage our consulting expertise for seamless content delivery across multiple channels.


Let us assist you in building and managing your websites, mobile apps, and marketing activities. From optimizing your shopping cart to setting up the marketing campaigns, we have your back covered with Adobe Experience Manager implementation you can depend on. Our team configures the Adobe Experience Manager platform to enable businesses realize their marketing objectives and meet their business objectives.


With our hands-on experience of working for brands and companies in integrating Adobe Experience Manager with third-party systems such as Marketo and Salesforce, we emerge as reliable partners. We also offer expertise in Adobe Experience Manager integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud tools. This integration empowers marketers to launch and run campaigns effectively across multiple channels.

Migration & Upgrade

Trust us for reliable Adobe Experience Manager migration services, which encompass the migration of content, applications, and digital assets from the existing CMS platforms to Adobe Experience Manager. Till date, we have successfully handled numerous complex migrations from platforms such as SharePoint, Drupal, Sitecore, and more. We assist you with the upgrade of the Adobe Experience Manager setup too.

Team Augmentation

Connect with us to get an extended arm for your Adobe Experience Manager consulting, development, implementation, integration, migration or upgrade projects with a team augmentation model. We help you augment your team with talented Adobe Experience Manager specialists using an outsourced development model. You get the benefit of flexibility as the teams can be scaled according to your evolving needs.

Independent Testing

We have an extensive experience in performance testing which enables us to provide end-to-end testing solutions for an effective Adobe CQ5 deployment. The services we offer include performance profiling and benchmarking, design appropriate test strategy, stress testing, load testing, volume testing, endurance testing, scalability testing, spike testing, and more.

Support & Maintenance

Avail reliable and round-the-clock support and maintenance services that help you understand and utilize Adobe Experience Manager efficiently. Being a multi-variant software, Adobe Experience Manager needs expert guidance and support for ensuring glitch-free operations and bringing the best benefits for your business. Our experts help you with the entire aspects where you may need assistance.

Hire Our Top-notch Adobe Experience Manager Experts to Stay Ahead in the Curve

Adobe Experience Manager is an innovative CMS that you can rely on for managing your content resources across diverse channels. However, platform expertise is what really matters when it comes to coming up with the best solutions. We have seasoned Adobe Experience Manager developers who are proficient at understanding your business, its requirements, and challenges and implementing solutions to address them. Collaborate with us to unleash the full potential of Adobe Experience Manager to deliver impactful digital experiences for your customers!

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The Key Differentiators

Official Adobe Solution Partner

Expertise with Adobe platform gives us a winning advantage and you can trust our team for Adobe Experience Manager services including consulting, development, implementation, integration, migration or upgrade, and support and maintenance.

Agile Processes

We follow the industry’s standard best practices and processes such as the Agile methodology using SCRUM for delivering the projects within deadlines. Our aim is to make sure that clients are satisfied at every stage of the project.

Digital Experience Design Skills

Our team is adept at digital experience design and have the right skills for using the best tools, frameworks, and practices like Design Thinking to ensure that your customers get the best possible experiences across all channels.

Security-Focused Development

You can rest assured about the security of your project. We take extra care and implement the industry-leading application security practices and Adobe guidelines as well. Every project is guarded with strict NDAs too.

Flexible Contracts

Considering the varied requirements of the clients, we offer flexible terms of engagement which designed for maximum client benefit. You can choose the ones that work for you and we will work accordingly.

Trust And Reliability

Whether it is about the quality of services, client satisfaction, or availability for maintenance and support, we are always there for the clients. Our mindset prioritizes customer trust and reliability over everything else.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adobe Experience Manager, formerly known as CQ5, is a Java-based CMS platform for building websites, mobile apps and forms. It can be integrated with the existing applications and marketing and content assets and used for delivering amazing digital experiences over the lifetime of the customers.
Adobe Experience Manager helps you in building and managing mobile websites and responsive designs from a single platform. Further, there are more capabilities it offers:
  • Helpful for businesses that need to manage multiple websites across many regions and languages by allowing them to be controlled from a centralized place.
  • Offers tools for optimizing shopping carts, syncing product information from other systems such as ERP, product inventory management (PIM) system, and e-commerce platform, and generate relevant pages from the catalog data.
  • Creates a unified digital experience across different devices such as desktops, smartphones, tablets, and on-location screens.
  • Enables the business to launch and manage marketing campaigns from a central location and organize the digital assets so that they can be accessed and used for all campaigns.
AEL offers much more than a simple web CMS. It is a simple yet powerful platform for building compelling experiences for the web, mobile, and IoT. From unleashing creativity in digital experiences to improve the time-to-market, there is much that you can do with Adobe Experience Manager. It serves as a great platform in terms of offering personalization and analytics.
Adobe Experience Manager Assets is an application which lets the users to manage their digital assets (including images, audio clips, videos, and documents) in a web-based repository. It also includes Renditions, Metadata-support, the Adobe Experience Manager Assets Administration UI, and the DigitalAsset Management Finder.
A wide array of CMS platforms can be migrated to Adobe Experience Manager. These include SharePoint, Drupal, Interwoven TeamSite, Alfresco, Magnolia, and custom and legacy CMSes. Seamless migration from any other platform to Adobe Experience Manager, however, requires a great deal of expertise and a proper roadmap.
Adobe Experience Manager is a powerful business-centric application for your digital content management and asset management requirements. You can bring personalized and content-driven digital experiences into the market quickly and efficiently.
If you’re an eCommerce business owner and looking for an all-in-one solution for storytelling, branding, content marketing, creating distinctive digital experiences, then Adobe Experience Manager is the right solution for you. Using Adobe Experience Manager, you can combine your digital content, commerce, and social community to attract, engage, convert, and retain your customers.
Adobe offers different pricing for Adobe Experience Manager based on different criteria. If you want to know the pricing or looking for an Adobe Experience Manager demo version to try, we can help you connect with the right Adobe personnel. As a recognized Adobe Solution Partner, we have worked with the platform over the years and find it to be an ideal solution for medium to large enterprises.
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