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Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Software Development Company

As a leading multi vendor eCommerce marketplace software development company, we create fully functional eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platforms for adding multiple sellers and keeping track of their eCommerce sales. Our expert eCommerce developers build highly intuitive user interface and user experience that meet your business objectives with its rich feature set.

Multi vendor marketplace software comes with powerful features including an easy-to-use interface, simple payment methods, social media integrations, rewards and discounts, ratings and reviews, and more. Our fully customizable multi vendor eCommerce solution allows for selling multiple products through a single storefront and customers can add products from different vendors to their single shopping cart. The site admin can set up shipping regulations, modify products in the marketplace, and add new sellers or vendors.

Our multi vendor eCommerce marketplace development services cater to eCommerce businesses of all sizes to set up and manage marketplaces quickly, affordably, and efficiently, along with a focus on providing full control over your eCommerce store’s functionality. Enriched with all the necessary features, our multi vendor marketplace can create various plans for customers and a robust system for managing the payment process to sellers.

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Key Benefits of Building a Multi Vendor Online Marketplace Platform

Our multi vendor marketplace software comes with seamless integration of the most advanced features and tools that empower you to run a successful multi vendor marketplace.

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Cost-effective Solution

Our multi vendor eCommerce marketplace solution cuts off the overall cost associated for the store owner as every vendor can manage the typical costs associated with the selling and there’s absolutely no need for hiring more people to do the job.

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Engage Loyal Customers

Our multi vendor online marketplace solution is packed with various ready-to-use customer acquisition techniques such as standard coupons, gift cards, reward points, lucky draw contests, etc. knowing that it costs more to acquire new customers than it does to retain the existing ones.

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Easy Inventory Management

Managing inventory and its associated human resources can be a tedious task for an eCommerce company, especially a startup. Our multi vendor marketplace platfourm allows the vendors to manage their warehouse and associated complexities with ease.

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Convenient Shopping Experience

Our multi vendor eCommerce marketplace platform hosts a wide array of sellers who sell different types of products. Customers enjoy the convenience of shopping as they can buy different kinds of items under one roof.

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Our Feature-rich Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform Fits Any Business Model

Our multifaceted marketplace solution is designed to create a unique and futuristic bespoke online marketplace platform for any business use cases and for profitable growth of business.

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Ecommerce Product Marketplace

We will provide you with a powerful eCommerce product marketplace platform that gives you a competitive edge in the market. Our eCommerce developers have rich experience in delivering multi vendor website development services by employing state-of-the-art technology in a more scalable, user-friendly, and secure methodology.

  • Multi-vendor Platform
  • Support Chat
  • Wishlist
  • Flexible listing editor
  • Search & filters
  • Subscription fees
  • Online payment
  • Shipping options

Service-based Marketplace

Our service-based marketplace empowers you to authorize the service providers to easily register and sell their services online. We help you build an excellent service marketplace platform where all businesses, professionals, or individuals can easily offer and receive services.

  • User account
  • Calendar
  • Search & filters
  • Listings with amenities
  • Listing Tags
  • Map and location
  • In-app messaging
  • Upsell options
  • Online payment with escrow
  • Reviews
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Digital Assets Marketplace

Our robust Digital Asset Marketplace software empowers you to plan, build, and run the various next-generation business applications. You can grow your business with high-end security, reliability, and scalability to meet the demands of retail investors to market participants. Our solution allows you to offer trading 24/7 by giving extensive coverage with greater flexibility to integrate a third party.

  • Easy files upload
  • Digital assets preview
  • Easy amenities management
  • Instant order and payout
  • Listing Tags
  • More pictures per listing
  • Support chat

B2B Marketplace

Right from workflow automation to business effectiveness measurement, our high-end B2B marketplace software will take care of everything. You can expand the channel by offering your products or services to a wide range of buyers or distributors and earn more profit every year. Let the vendors enjoy the transparent accessibility of your marketplace with our multi vendor marketplace solution.

  • 100% customizable
  • Real-time Inventory Updates
  • Custom Catalog
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multiple commission
  • One-Click Re-order
  • Vendor Subscription Plans
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Booking and Retail Marketplace

Build your own Booking and Rental Marketplace platform with our bespoke online marketplace solution to gain full control. Our solution helps you create a platform where a customer can avail of rental services from you with the utmost ease. Grab the opportunity to aggregate all merchants with our responsive booking and rental marketplace platform.

  • Unlimited Hosts & Guests
  • Instant Booking
  • Calendar
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple Login
  • Automated Email Notifications
  • Search & filters
  • Online payment
  • Map and location
  • Map and location

Salient Features of Our Multi-vendor Marketplace Platform

Run a full-fledged multi vendor eCommerce marketplace platform globally with advanced features to attract more vendors and customers across the globe.

Admin Features

Manage Vendors

The site admin or the store owner gets complete control of vendor activities and gets a comprehensive overview of their performance. They can add, approve, or reject vendors, return requests, credit transactions, measure performance, and view their complete details.

Product Approval

Store admin has the right to approve new products added by the seller or reject it before showcasing them in the storefront. The admin can also disable this feature to allow the sellers to publish the product all by themselves.

Commission Management

You can either set percentage-wise or fixed commission rules for the products. Add tax rules and then calculate the total commission on each sale.

Vendor Payout

Leverage the finance control of your multi vendor marketplace software by processing custom reports filtered by vendor names, dates, or order status and automatically calculating all orders that consist of a vendor product.

Tax Management

The store admin need not worry about calculating tax for each product as it will be done by the vendor.

Manage Withdrawal Requests

You can activate manual vendor withdrawal request in the store admin panel to receive the requests, make the transaction, and mark the request as paid manually.

Payment Methods

Our solution gives you a comprehensive multi vendor marketplace platform ledger to assist you in calculating and receiving the payments from vendors. As a store admin, you can also view complete details of vendor transactions, invoices, and pending orders.

Vendor Features

Vendor Storefront

Let every vendor of your multi vendor marketplace platform enjoy complete freedom and transparency so they can easily register and start selling their products from their own storefront in a matter of minutes.

Vendor Dashboard

Provide an individual dashboard for every vendor to help them easily understand their inventory and order status. The vendor dashboard comes with an order summary, best-selling products, sales report, sorting functionality, revenue details, and many more.

Bulk Product Upload

Our multi vendor marketplace software facilitates simple product management like add, edit, or upgrade product. Vendors can easily upload products in bulk into their store in a few minutes.

Catalog Management

Our solution offers a robust and efficient product catalog system that allows vendors to boost sales by planning and managing the products to be featured in their storefronts.

Order Management

Vendors can efficiently manage their orders, shipments, invoices, credit, order return, exchange requests, and more from their vendor dashboards. Our solution also comes with filtering options so that vendors can easily find and view order details as and when required.

Vendor Rating and Review

Allow customers to give their valuable feedback about the shopping and product experience through review and rating features to evaluate the marketplace vendors.

Generate and Print Shipping Labels

Our multi vendor eCommerce marketplace solution allows vendors to create a label for each order to be shipped, providing the package’s size and weight information along with the invoice.

Customer Features


Let your customers add one or more products into their wishlist to purchase it later. This feature enables the eCommerce marketplace platform to boost online sales.

Ratings and Rating

Allow the product purchaser to rate and review the vendor and the product to provide other potential customers with a reliable shopping experience with reference to the brand experience.

Mobile App

With the feature-rich multi vendor eCommerce marketplace mobile application, customers can make purchase items on the go.

Social Login

Allow your customers to onboard easily with one-click social login with Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and boost your ROI.

Pricing Comparison

Give your customers to compare the prices of the product between several vendors to deliver an outstanding shopping experience with our multi vendor marketplace software.

Rewards and Discounts

Allow your loyal customers to earn rewards, redeem points, or avail discounts. Customers on the multi vendor website can even earn rewards on new sign-ups as well as on their first purchase.

Streamline Checkout

Our multi vendor eCommerce marketplace platform goes through an extensive user experience testing phase to reduce the cart abandonment rate significantly.

Smart Recommendations

The smart recommendation feature displays products to potential customers based on their needs and interests. Unleash the power of this vital feature to improve the average order value (AOV).

Choose from Various Revenue Models to Increase Your ROI

Commission-based Model

Earn commission on every sale made by your every seller within your multi vendor eCommerce marketplace platform.


Set a recurring fee to access your eCommerce marketplace platform and earn profits by delivering a unique selling experience to your vendors.

Sponsored Products and Stores

Boost your revenue by attracting more sponsored products and streamline your business by deploying result-driven marketing strategies to increase the number of stores.


Allow your vendors to advertise on your eCommerce marketplace platform and help them reach their target customers easily.

Product Listing or Insertion Fees

Charge your vendors a fee on every product listing they post and guarantee them more visibility.

Affiliates and Referrals

Grow your marketplace by inviting more affiliates and referrals who can bring you more business opportunities through their effective promotional activities.

Expand Your Global Coverage with Out-of-the-Box Ecommerce Features

Multiple Payment Methods

Provide your customers with multiple payment options to expand your eCommerce sales into new geographies, business lines, and markets to earn higher ROI. Our multi vendor online marketplace platform supports the 10 most popular payment gateways including PayPal, Google Checkout,, SagePay, Amazon Pay, WePay, Braintree, 2Checkout, Dwolla, Skrill (Moneybookers).

Multiple Currency Support

Our multi vendor eCommerce platform supports almost all international currency so that you can sell your products or services to global customers. From dollars to euro, our multi vendor website has got you covered to help you yield higher ROI.

Multilingual Support

With our multi vendor eCommerce marketplace platform, you can take your eCommerce business beyond the boundaries of your nation. You can run a multilingual online marketplace where customers and vendors can access your multi vendor website in their own regional languages and make the purchase in their native currency.

Double-up Your Sales with Marketing and Promotion

Our multi vendor marketplace software comes with in-built promotional features to boost eCommerce sales.

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SEO-Friendly Solution

Leverage the benefits of proven SEO strategies and functionality to rank your multi vendor website at the top of search engine results, drive more customers, and stay ahead of your competitors.

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Social Media Integration

Our marketplace software is integrated with all the popular social media platforms to allow customers to broadcast their favorite products on their social networks. This helps in creating brand awareness and generating leads.

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Blogging is the most effective digital marketing technique to improve your ranking, engage your audience, and drive more sales. Promote your products or services and create brand awareness through easy readable, quality-rich, and engaging content.

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Gift Coupons and Discounts

Reward your loyal customers and attract the potential ones with gift coupons and discount offers on your multi vendor website, web, and mobile applications.

Our Online Marketplace Development Process

  • Create Use Cases
  • Define User Persona
  • Explore Opportunity Areas
  • Present Solution Blueprint
  • Create Use Cases
  • Define User Persona
  • Explore Opportunity Areas
  • Present Solution Blueprint
  • Create Use Cases
  • Define User Persona
  • Explore Opportunity Areas
  • Present Solution Blueprint
MVP Creation
  • Create Use Cases
  • Define User Persona
  • Explore Opportunity Areas
  • Present Solution Blueprint
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Choose from the Top-level Marketplace Platforms Available in the Market

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Magento Commerce

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Deliver Seamless Shopping Experience with Mobile Apps

Since mobile shopping is gaining a lot of traction in today’s digital era, building a mobile version of your multi vendor website is the need of the hour for many eCommerce businesses. We build customer-centric buyer and seller mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. If you’re a large-scale enterprise, operating a sophisticated eCommerce platform, then custom mobile apps can help you to seamless shopping experience across multiple devices.

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