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Digital technologies have become the business buzzword today and embracing them can make all the difference between success and failure. This is a wave that brings new growth opportunities for enterprises; but with opportunities come challenges and the biggest challenge lies in transitioning from your legacy architecture to the innovative digital technologies. However, an enterprise needs go beyond embracing these technologies to unlock their potential and be a leader in the digital domain. The solution lies in enterprise digital transformation and it is possible only if you have a reliable technology partner to assist you in this initiative. OrangeMantra offers professional digital transformation consulting services to enable digital transformation for global organizations of all sizes. Our in-depth experience in innovative technologies such as social, mobile, big data and analytics, wearables and the Internet of Things makes us the right partner that you can trust to help you embark on this amazing journey. We aim to help enterprises boot their growth and revenues by innovating their products and services, enhancing customer experiences, and entering new markets. Let us help you solve complex problems with cutting-edge digital solutions.

Digital Transformation Enablers

We empower you with innovative technologies that are capable of taking your business to the next level

Big Data & Analytics
Internet of Things
UI/UX Technologies

Our Digital Business Transformation and Strategy Services

Digital Strategy

Becoming a digital enterprise is not just about availing technical expertise but also ideating a comprehensive strategy that includes the organizational vision, objectives, and governance and connects the processes, workforce, and consumer experiences. Our digital strategy consultants collaborate with you to comprehend your organizational requirements, strengths and challenges and come up with relevant digital strategies and solutions to assist in you in becoming a digital enterprise.

Digital Innovation

Innovation is the only way to drive growth in the fast-paced tech environment. We assist enterprises to identify the opportunities for digital innovation and implement them to deliver market success. From validating your ideas to demonstrating their feasibility, checking for market readiness and helping you to give them a tangible shape, we do it all. Our deep understanding of customer behaviors along with the expertise in digital technologies makes us capable of being your innovation partner.

Digital Technology Enablement

Being seasoned in advanced digital technologies, we have consolidated considerable depth and breadth in new‐age innovations such as cloud, mobility, big data and analytics, wearables, and the Internet of Things. We can enable and empower you with digital assets that are capable of strengthening your architecture, improving customer engagement, and building internet scale platforms which are capable of driving scalability and flexibility to manage millions of user interactions.

Our Approach To Digital Transformation

We assist enterprises in 360-degree digital transformation with a modular approach that covers the entire aspects of the business.

Customer Experience Transformation

Customer Understanding Gaining an in-depth understanding of the market and customer behavior, geographies and demographics with social media and analytics technologies

Top Line Growth Innovating sales strategies and personalizing customer services to transform customer experiences and drive sales growth

Customer Touch Points Enhancing customer touch points and delivering integrating experiences with technologies like AR, geolocation, and social media integration

Operational Processes Transformation

Process Digitization Automating the internal processes and operations to free resources to refocus on strategic and business-critical activities

Workforce Enablement Driving collaboration and networking among the frontline and sales workforce with the adoption of virtual tools and applications

Performance Management Gaining deeper insights into customers and products and making informed decisions that are based on real-time data

Business Model Transformation

Digitally Modified Businesses Transforming the business models with a seamless move from the legacy systems to advanced digital technologies

New Digital Businesses Introducing innovative digital products which complement the traditional products that are already a part of the enterprise architecture

Digital Globalization Promoting global flexibility to enable businesses to access global shared services for HR, finance, and core capabilities like manufacturing and design

Our Key Differentiators

What makes us stand apart as a digital transformation partner?

Strategy and Consulting

Professional consulting services assist the creation of a cohesive digital strategy which integrates digital technologies with the existing infrastructure and legacy systems.

Expertise and Experience

A deep expertise and extensive experience in transformative technologies like cloud, mobility, social, and analytics.

Design-driven Engineering

A design-driven approach that is aimed at transforming the user experience and creating engaging web and mobile solutions for the business.

Agile Methodologies and Lean Mindset

Agile work methodologies combined with a lean mindset to drive efficiency and agility for software development and project management.

Collaborative Communication

A transparent, collaborative approach along with two-way communication with the client for higher efficiency and greater trust.

Analytics-led Approach

An analytics-led approach that entails gathering key insights to improve the process, respond to changes, and pivot iterative development.

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