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Our human resource management software company has served many clients. And have gained 21+ years of experience in streamlining business operations.

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Accelerate the business success with our HR software solutions to level up your market value

Looking for a solution to automate payroll, employee, hiring, and other organization-focused processes? Our HR software development company helps to customize and align your firm's processes. We are equipped with tools and technology to boost business efficiency and increase employee performance. Right from onboarding and interview scheduling to leave management and business operations, we manage it all.

We offer a team of experts to understand your unique business needs and processes. And they help to customize HRMS solutions that help to increase business success. By leveraging the potential tech stack in websites, mobile apps, and databases to ensure accuracy. And streamline the HR processes like payroll process, talent management, employee administration, analytics and reports, etc.

OrangeMantra is one of the leading HR development companies to help HR management software to level up experience. Plus, we are the one-stop solution to simplify your HR operations with efficiency, tailored solutions, and effective strategy via automation. Moreover, partnering with the best services provider offers an edge and helps to level up your business!

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Explore our range of HRMS software solutions

We serve the industries with automated HR software solutions to scale HR capabilities and increase efficiency.

Custom HR software development

Get streamlined HR software solutions to empower your HR processes. We understand your firm objectives and your unique needs to offer the best custom HRMS software. So, that you can easily simplify employee administration, leave management, analytics, and other HR processes.

Human resource management system software

We help to adopt a sustainable and tech-driven HR management process to present a solution. Get the best expert team of HR professionals to help you achieve the winning results. You will get the software development cost-effectively with the latest tools to achieve business success.

HR software integration services

Our leading HR software development company helps to integrate your HR solution with CRM, HRIS, ERP, and accounting systems. So, that it helps to streamline the business workflows. We ensure to integrate the secure and well-known third-party integrations to your HR management software.

Talent management system

Talent acquisition is such a daunting process to manage with traditional systems. So, get our team of experts to align your business needs to increase efficiency and productivity. Our solutions have features of intuitive UI, hiring, and reporting to deliver a smooth functioning of talent hiring.

Legacy HRM application modernization

Get the modernized HRM management software that matches your business's technology and resources needs. We ensure you get the human resource management software that helps to enhance sustainable technology. And offer efficient experience, winning strategy, and embrace mobility.

HR software maintenance & support

Already have HR management system software but facing maintenance services? We have expertise in offering mobile and web support services to your business applications. Our team of dedicated HR solutions experts ensures that offer streamlined ongoing support and maintenance to your software.

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Technical expertise integrated into our HR software solutions

At OrangeMantra, we integrate advanced tools and technologies to support your HR solutions.

  • Back-end programming languages

  • Java Java
  • Python Python
  • DotNet .NET
  • Nodejs Nodejs
  • Front-end programming languages

  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Angular Angular.js
  • React React.js
  • Mobile apps

  • iOS iOS
  • Android Android
  • Flutter Flutter
  • ionic ionic
  • Cloud

  • Google Cloud Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • IBM Cloud IBM Cloud
  • Oracle Cloud Oracle Cloud
  • Databases

  • Oracle Oracle
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Azure SQL Azure SQL database
  • Hive Hive

Latest technology to empower your HR management software

The digital landscape is ever-evolving and you should keep up with the trends to meet your business needs. To ensure successful human resource management software you need a reliable HR software development company to help you.

Benefits of using HR management software for your business

Traditional HR system increases inefficiency and consumes a lot of time. So, you need a tech-integrated HR software solution to empower your business operations.

Enhance onboarding process

The tech-driven HR management software ensures the streamlining of the daunting hiring process. Right from application review, interview, and assessment to onboarding in a hassle-free manner.

Monitor employee performance

HR software solutions ensure the streamlining of the employee management process. Plus, it helps to enhance and monitor employee efficiency to reward their complete work potential.

Streamline HR operations

Automate the repetitive and mundane tasks to increase efficiency. It helps to remove any possible human errors. You can outsource our team of HR services experts to streamline the business strategies.

Design intelligent decisions

We equip HR software solutions with in-depth analytics to streamline business operations. Our solution ensures data collection, organization, and proven analytics for better decisions.

Ensure data protection

Security remains the primary concern of our HR software development solutions. Ad we ensure to integrate limited permissions and access to the software solutions for the HR executives to use. 

Increase employee performance

You will get the best result-driven software solution to help managers manage daily operations. And also offers an easy tracing tool to monitor ur employee performance to track the business goals.

Industries We Cater

OrangeMantra offers experts with multiple years of experience to serve clients across the verticals. We serve the best-in-class personalized services. As, we serve the best HRMS solutions to ensure streamlined HR operations for sectors like Healthcare, Travel, Education, Fintech, and Retail.

Our streamlined process to offer value-driven human resource development software

We are the leading HR software development company to build business solutions. Our HR solutions undergo a lengthy process to present the solutions. Our team of experts ensures to streamlining of development to deployment processes. Plus, it helps to upscale the business needs.

  •  Process Discovery

    Project analysis

    We ensure to take your unique business needs so that we understand the project needs. And our experts keep the project scope and streamline the strategy.

  • process-define

    UX/UI Design

    We proceed to create a unique and user-friendly HR management software. So, that you get the best of the UI/UX design element for your web or mobile application.

  •  Process Design


    After the proper design, we follow the development process to help you deliver result-driven apps. Our team of experts helps to develop the best application for the HR operations.

  • Testing


    You get the in-depth tested applications for your business operations. So, that your application would be error and bug-free after the successful launch in the market. 

  •  Optimize


    After all the stages we successfully launch your application on the desired platform. We ensure the streamlined deployment of the application and proper launch in the market.

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At OrangeMantra, we ensure to focus on business objectives and client-focused solutions to firms across the verticals.

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Frequently Asked Question

It streamlines the hiring process, saving time and perhaps increasing expenses by centrally tracking and arranging candidates. Onboarding is now a breeze thanks to an HRMS. Workplace policies and procedures materials will be made available to new hires.

  • streamlines administrative tasks
  • boosts employee engagement
  • optimizes the hiring and onboarding process.
  • Guarantees obedience.
  • Facilitates Data-Informed Decision Making.

HRMS against HCM. While HRMS systems concentrate on simplifying and automating HR tasks, HCM systems offer the most comprehensive functionality to support HR initiatives. 

The Human Resource Management System (HRMS) project is a comprehensive plan for digitizing the whole HR department. In the HRMS, a total of 21 modules are proposed.

There are fewer errors and no longer a need for manual data entry. Improved Communication: HRMS offers a channel for HR teams and staff to communicate more effectively. 

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