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Full Case Study

Netflix-like OTT App Development Transformed Content Delivery & Increased Profits of a Media Company

Explore how we built an OTT platform that helped a media company to turn around its content delivery and create immersive streaming experiences.

eCommerce Website Development Helped a Healthcare Equipment Giant to Increase Sales & Improve Digital Presence Full Case Study

eCommerce Website Development Helped a Healthcare Equipment Giant to Increase Sales & Improve Digital Presence

Explore how our eCommerce development services, combined with digital marketing, enabled GE to drive sales of a medical equipment series.

Full Case Study

Practo-type Online Doctors’ Appointment Booking Platform Development

Explore how we created an omnichannel online doctors’ appointment booking solution for a healthcare service provider.

Full Case Study

Rapid eCommerce Mobile App Development for a Gulf-based FMCG Retailer

This efficient mobile app for both iOS and Android devices enabled the client to operate business during COVID-19 lockdowns. We delivered the app in just four days so that the client can quickly manage business disruptions. The development team used the RAD model to build and test the app in record time. The client was able to launch an online business and sell products amid social distancing and lockdowns.

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ERP solution for the world no 1 two-wheeler manufacturer

A robust and versatile internal portal for the enterprise, this application empowers the organization with in-depth visibility into the employee log-ins, workflows, operational activities, customer insights, security configurations, and numerous other critical business processes. It is ideal for large enterprises that have a massive workforce and several processes to manage.

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PIM Integration Helps a Cosmetics Company Enhance Online Shopping Experience

Product Information Management integration turned around a cosmetics company’s online commerce. The PIM solution created a common platform for collecting, publishing, and managing product information. It enabled the company to share product information across channels quickly and easily. With significant consistency and flawlessness in product information, the company was able to drive customer engagement.

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PIM Integration Drives Online Sales & Conversions of an Apparel Retailer 

PIM integration helped a clothing retailer to make its online business more customer-friendly and profitable. After reporting sluggish growth and lower conversion rates, PIM integration revamped the company’s eCommerce built on Magento. The integration enabled the retailer to incorporate its product catalogs across channels. Well-managed product information and seamless user experience drove a significant surge in sales and conversions.

Voice-based Companion Bot for Elderly People’s Healthcare Full Case Study

Voice-based Companion Bot for Elderly People’s Healthcare

We developed a bot that provides companionship to elderly people and manages the user’s health-related tasks. Users can converse with the bot. The bot follows the user’s schedule and reminds users of tasks and activities such as medication time, and a doctor’s appointment. The elderly healthcare bot also enables caregivers to view the user’s activity history.

Chatbot Improves Customer Service of a Leading Bank Full Case Study

Chatbot Improves Customer Service of a Leading Bank

We developed a customer service chatbot with advanced banking features. The bot helped the bank’s branches across the country to promptly resolve queries and process service requests. Bank customers can use the chatbot with both text and voice inputs. Following the deployment, response time dramatically reduced in all areas of customer queries and service requests.

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Employee gamification application for a pharma giant

This interactive mobile app leverages the mobile gaming principles to create engaging and immersive experiences for the employees within the enterprise. The key objective of the application is to enhance the motivation levels of the workforce by gamifying the KPIs, which increases in their performance and productivity levels.

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Sales Incentive Compensation Management For A Retail Giant

The client had a sales incentive process for motivating its sales staff through performance-based incentive compensation plans. However, the sales team lacked clarity related to performance measurement and complex compensation plans. Also, the calculation of incentive was handled manually. The objective of the project was to address these challenges with the automation of the incentive management system.

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Retail AR App for a leading fashion brand

As this leading retail client was struggling with its in-store sales figures, it needed to ramp up its customer experience to beat the stiff competition from online sellers. A feature-rich Augmented Reality app was ideated for them. The objective of the app was to provide the customers with a “virtual try room” experience and a faster checkout facility as well. The app was meant to increase the engagement and sale while reducing the return rate too.

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Smart TV App For A Client In Entertainment Industry

This Smart TV app is capable of running across multiple devices and territories. The objective of the app is to ensure that the client’s brand is available to the viewers on diverse platform. At the same time, it has been tailored to deliver an exceptional viewing experience on television so that the customer stays loyal to the brand.

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Corporate Travel Management System For A Leading FMCG Brand

As the client was originally using a paper and email-based travel request and approval system, the objective of the project was to automate it completely. The purpose of the application was to prevent the loss of productivity and resolve the problem of missed expense savings opportunities, while streamlining the entire travel management process for the employees.

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Learning Management System + Quizification + Gamification

An OrangeMantra’s client, a leading manufacturing company was looking to replace their legacy learning management system (LMS) as it was unable to take advantage of the latest L&D and technology trends. The objective was to bring in a gamification element into the LMS to keep users involved and to help them achieve their learning goals while having fun. Potentially to transform the online training courses to an engaging online training experience.

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AR App for a top residential and commercial real estate company

The real estate client was looking for new ways to connect with its potential customers and display the properties via an immersive experience. The objective of the project was to showcase complete and under-construction properties in a manner that the buyers could actually visualize what they would appear like once the buyer would move in so that they could be sure while making a purchase decision. Additionally, the virtual 3D view of the property was meant to increase the chances of conversion, reduce the average time of closure of deals and ensure optimal pricing of the property as well.

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Website, Reservation & Property Management System for A Boutique Hotel

The main objective was to redesign a boutique hotel website to attract new customers and travel agents for increasing the revenue of the business. At the same time, the client wanted the site to be much more than a booking interface for the users; they wanted it to serve as a centralized platform for managing the entire information related to the hotels, channels, and guests.

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Recruiting Management & Application Tracking System For A Real Estate Client

The objective of the project was to create digital recruitment management and application tracking system as a replacement for the client’s existing manual process and legacy application to manage the entire recruitment process, right from the opening of the position to onboarding of the new employee. It enables the shortlisting the right candidate with apt skills, reducing their workload and eliminating the possibility of errors in the recruitment process.

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Sharepoint intranet portal for a world-leading liquor manufacturing company

The project involved the creation of a robust, cloud-based Sharepoint portal to manage the flow of information within a large-scale enterprise business. The client required a portal that was equipped with role-based permissions to allow users to access the content (documents and information) based on their departments and roles.

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Airbnb-type hotel booking app that simplified bookings

The Hotel Booking App was is a mobile platform that facilitates the identification of the best hotels offering competitive deals, all at the user’s fingertips. They can also confirm the bookings on the fly and pay securely and easily via multiple payment options. The app streamlined the booking management process for the client as well.

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Banking lead management system for a No 1 international bank

The application facilitates the automation of the loan approval and disbursal process, right from lead capture from Salesforce to the closure stage. It also performs diverse functions such as reviewing the profile of the prospect, generating proposals, calculating the bank’s revenue, and more. Additionally, it also evaluates the performance of the sales teams.

Full Case Study

Enterprise lead management system for a retail giant

This is a powerful lead management solution that enables the enterprise sales team to manage leads and enhance client engagement effectively. It automates the complete process, from lead capture to allocation to the sales person, tracking of leads, scheduling meetings and appointments, engaging the clients, maintaining meeting notes, and finally the conversion of leads.

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E-learning portal for an enterprise client

This is an employee e-learning portal which is accessible through the web and mobile devices, bringing advanced learning and training to the fingertips of the users. It involved the creation of a portal of HTML5-based courses which integrated a broad range of the traditional learning resources of the enterprise and made them accessible with a single sign-in from website/mobile device.

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Sentiment analysis application for a leading fashion brand

This is a powerful analytics solution that leverages real-time sentiment analysis, ROI analysis, and competitor analysis to analyze the data related to social media users and evaluate the performance of social media campaigns. These KPIs provide relevant and reliable insights that can be subsequently used for framing actionable social media strategies for the business.

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Uber-type on-demand app for diverse services

This was a set of an innovative mobile and web applications to match the needs of an evolving on demand businesses. The solution and services included the entire spectrum of everything that a modern on-demand business could expect from the gamut of technology. Additionally, we ensured that the experiences for all the users were seamless.

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1mg-type website and mobile app for an online medicine marketplace

The project included the creation of an e-commerce website for online marketplace of medicines, healthcare products, and OTC items. Additionally, we created mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms to provide the mobility advantage to the business. This was done while addressing the challenges of an extensive product catalog and complex selling requirements.

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Hybrid application for employee safety and tracking

The objective of the project was to develop a feature-rich hybrid application for employee safety and tracking. It was meant to be a precautionary measure to handle an situation for the remote team. The application is empowered with features that facilitate a seamless association with remote working groups so that the business can constantly track them.

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Swiggy-type food delivery app for an on-demand business

The on-demand food delivery app runs on both Android and iOS platforms and caters to a huge customers base across the geography of the country. The app connects diners, delivery staff, and restaurant owners and facilitates seamless ordering and delivery experiences for all the three groups, on an on-demand basis.

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Grofers-type on-demand grocery app

The main objective of the on-demand grocery app was to deliver experiences that were better than the competing apps in the industry because the competition in the domain is humongous. We created feature-rich apps for both the platforms and they brought the most amazing results for the client’s business.

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Loan repayment management app for defaulters

This was a Loan Repayment Management app that enables the defaulters to simply repay their bank loans with minimal changes. The app connects the users (defaulters) with the bank and facilitates secure payments from the user’s end to the bank. Since the objective is to ease the payment of the loan, the app benefits the bank and defaulters alike.

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On-Demand TV viewing experience for soccer lovers

A soccer game organizer wanted an app that offered fans unique live match-viewing experiences from any location. The launch of the app brought a high conversion rate, user engagement, business productivity, and ROI for the client and got them ahead of the niche competitors with this innovative approach.

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Social support community for alcohol addicts

This was an online community-based website for assisting addicts who wanted to quit. It was meant to enable interactions and discussions related to the common obstacles that they faced while overcoming addiction. A unified platform to extend support, it also created awareness about the ill-effects and even offers counseling assistance from experts.

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Ecommerce Website for a FNP Domain

The project relates to the empowerment of an existing e-commerce store through migration to Magento. The aim was to utilize the advanced features of the platform for enhancing the look and the feel of the store, automating the back-end processes, and improving the quality of services delivered by the brand to its customers, all with minimum human intervention.

Full Case Study

Multiple e-commerce stores for a top fashion house

This is an e-commerce solution for enabling a leading fashion house to move on from offline selling to online selling as well. We created a Magento store that has an appealing customer interface which replicates the finesse that the brand is well known for. The store is also empowered with a back-end process that simplifies the online selling operations for them.

Full Case Study

Buy Bikes & Spare Parts directly from OEM

This is a high-quality e-commerce store that represents the first online OEM portal by India’s number one two-wheeler brand. It has advanced features that facilitate exceptional user experience, right from product discovery to a product purchase. Further, it is empowered by a back-end process that eases the doorstep delivery of genuine automotive products.

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Digitization of a Publishing Giant

This is a web portal and a corresponding mobile app that enables the delivery of content across both the channels. The idea is to propel the growth of the digital magazine by reaching the maximum number of subscribers through availability and accessibility across the web and mobile. The applications also ensure seamless content delivery in web- and mobile-compatible formats.

Full Case Study

Magento website for a female hygiene product

This is a Magento store for selling the products of a well-known female hygiene brand. The product range is limited yet the client wanted a website that has a good engagement value. We created an appealing and feature-rich Magento store that delivers a smooth, seamless, and secure shopping experience for the shoppers, right from the access to checkout.

Full Case Study

HR Analytics For A Services Company

The project objective was to simplify the processes of talent acquisition and human resource management for a large organization with a massive workforce. The client’s HR department was struggling with challenges such as high attrition rate, low employee engagement and lack of job satisfaction for the employees. They wanted a workforce analytics app that would empower the HR managers with the ability to manage talent more effectively.

Full Case Study

Project Management Portal For A Consulting Company

The client was looking for a centralized project management system to be used by all the project teams across multiple operational offices and site locations. The large size and huge workforce made handling even the daily aspects of multiple projects challenging for the managers. We helped them by creating a feature-rich software solution that ensured that each project was completed and delivered on time.

intranet Full Case Study

Intranet Portal For A World-Leading Manufacturing Client

The objective of the project was to create an intranet portal that connected the workforce across the entire levels of the organization. The portal was meant to be accessible to the workforce of the organization, to facilitate the dissemination of disparate news and information quickly and consistently across the entire regions, departments, and lines of business. Additionally, it was aimed to serve as the first level of information go-to source for the workforce as a whole.

Approval workflows Full Case Study

Approval Workflow Solution For A Real Estate Client

The project involved the creation of a custom-built web application that replaced the existing commercial off-the-shelf document approval workflow software for the client. The objective was to develop a solution for automating, tracking and reporting the organization’s review and approval processes. It was meant to eliminate the problem of loss of paperwork by permanently storing the documents, electronic forms, and other data until they are deleted.