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Explore the Wide Range of Offer NextJS Services

Unleash the Full Potential of NextJS with Our Expert Developers. At OrangeMantra, we take pride in providing comprehensive NextJS development services that are customized to meet the unique needs of your project.

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Explore the power of NextJS, building robust yet scalable web applications. Our developers are well-versed in creating seamless user experiences that align with your business objectives.

Get tailored solutions to your specific needs. Whether it’s custom modules, features, or enhancements, we build NextJS applications that align perfectly with your business goals.

Increase the performance and SEO of your website by using Server-Side Rendering with NextJS. Our developers ensure fast load time and optimal user experience.

Easily connect your NextJS application to third-party APIs. We specialize in integrating APIs to improve performance and provide a robust user experience.

Migrate your existing web applications to NextJS for improved performance, efficiency, and improved development capabilities. Our experts ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Make sure your NextJS application runs at peak performance. Our developers efficiently code, improve loading times, and fine-tune every aspect to deliver a blazing-fast user experience.

Our Success Stories in NextJS Development

A Seamless transition between the pages with NextJS Development Services

One of the renowned healthcare companies wanted seamless transitions between pages and real-time updates to keep users informed about their latest products and services. Our team at OrangeMantra leveraged NextJS to transform the static website into a dynamic, fast, and interactive web application. By utilizing NextJS's server-side rendering (SSR) capabilities, we ensured that content loaded quickly, providing a smooth user experience. The dynamic routing feature also allowed for seamless transitions between pages, enhancing overall navigation.

We Developed eCommerce fashion platforms with NextJS

A leading online fashion retailer sought to enhance the functionality and user experience of its e-commerce platform. Their goal was to reduce page load time, improve SEO, and create a more pleasant shopping experience for their customers. Our development team used NextJS to rebuild Their eCommerce platform. NextJS’s server-side rendering capabilities optimized product catalog for search engines and ensured fast website loading, even with a large product catalog Additionally, we used the framework’s dynamic data fetching to update product information in real-time.

Content Management System was developed with our NextJS Development Services

A prominent media company needed a robust Content Management System (CMS) that could handle the volume of news and updates while maintaining user-friendly interfaces for the content. We used NextJS to create a custom CMS for them. The modular architecture of NextJS allowed us to create a flexible and easy-to-maintain system. Server-side rendering was able to ensure that the content loaded quickly and provided a seamless editing experience. In addition, we combined real-time performance features for multiple datasets. The NextJS-powered CMS simplified their content management process.

Our Exclusive Tech Stack

NextJS is a React-based framework that provides several tools and technologies to simplify the development of web applications.

  • Language

  • Technology JavaScript
  • Technology PHP
  • Technology Python
  • Framework

  • Technology React
  • Technology Vue.JS
  • Technology Angular
  • Service Integration

  • Technology API Methodology
  • Technology Next.js CLI
  • Technology Next.js Link Part

Our Comprehensive NextJS Development Hiring Models

When considering NextJS development, various hiring models are available to suit different project requirements and business needs.

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

A dedicated development team model involves hiring a dedicated team of NextJS developers who work exclusively on your project. This team can be in-house, offshore, or nearshore. It offers flexibility, scalability, and the ability to adapt to changing project requirements.

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis

We believe in ultimate flexibility while executing this model. Hire our dedicated NextJS developers on an hourly basis. This will assist you in meeting the immediate demands of specific project needs. Pay for the projects only when you need it.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

By adding our knowledgeable NextJS experts to your team, you will be able to enhance your skills. Additionally, you can fulfill the changing needs while enhancing the quality of your project.

Industries Transformed by Our NextJS Expertise

When considering NextJS development, various industries we target for different project requirements and business needs.

Want to Build Your Web Application with NextJS Development Services?

What Clients Say About

We have been successfully operating and a wide industry. We take pride in serving satisfactory result-driven solutions to our customers. Let’s take a glance what they say to the solutions they had expected from us.

Why Should You hire NextJS developers from OrangeMantra?

At OrangeMantra, we pride ourselves on an exceptional team of NextJS developers who have years of experience, knowledge and skills. When you choose to work with us, you don’t just hire developers; You invest in partnerships that prioritize excellence, innovation and customer satisfaction.

  • whychooseusWe offer experienced professionals with a proven track record
  • whychooseusOur developers work with the latest features and functionality of NextJS
  • whychooseusOur customer-centric approach ensures perfect business benefits
  • whychooseusGet transparent communication, regular updates, and customer engagement at every stage.
  • whychooseusExpect Result-driven solutions on time
  • whychooseusFrom UI/UX design to server-side optimization, we cover all aspects of NextJS development.
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Explore Our NextJS Development Expertise

OrangeMantra offers you the best NextJS development expertise that will help you achieving your business objectives.

Shubham Tanwar Next.js Developer

Experience: 5 years

React.js JavaScript TypeScript Node

Samuel Orye Next.js Developer

Experience: 7 years

HTML CSS Git React.js JavaScript

Sutton Stewart Next.js Developer

Experience: 8 years

State management TypeScript Cross-platform JavaScript React.js

Nishant Raghav Next.js Developer

Experience: 9 years

Git State management TypeScript Cross-platform AWS

Our Hiring Process

We follow a simple hiring process for our NextJS developers in India. The steps involved are transparent and executed with complete care.

  • Discuss Project Requirements

    Discuss Project Requirements

    At the very first step, we discuss the project requirement after it gets shared from the client’s end. After discussion and analysis of the project, we forward it to our respective team.

  • Project Technical Feasibility

    Project Technical Feasibility

    At the second stage, we choose which tools of the NextJS framework which fits perfectly with the project. Our dedicated NextJS developers suggest the tech stack according to the project.

  •  Implementation and Rollout

    Deploy Best Resources

    This step involves deploying the best NextJS developers into the project. Our large team understands the project as they have exact expertise in NextJS framework handling.

  • Choose Hiring Model

    Choose Hiring Model

    The next part of the hiring process involves the selection of hiring models. Our hiring models including dedicated, flexible, and staff augmentation, will cater to successful completion of your projects. So, choose preferable hiring model depending on your budget.

  •  Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    Pay and Get Started

    At the last stage, once the initial payment is done and NDA is signed from both the sides, we proceed with the development work. We ensure complete security of data and perform backup before starting development.

Dive in with OrangeMantra's NextJS Developer Expertise!

Frequently Asked Question

Next.js is a React framework that enables the building of server-side rendered (SSR) and static web applications. It simplifies the creation of React applications by providing a set of conventions and tools for server-side rendering, routing, and other common tasks.

Next.js offers benefits such as automatic code splitting, server-side rendering for improved performance and SEO, a simple API for routing, and easy integration with popular data fetching libraries. It also provides a great developer experience with hot module replacement and a straightforward project structure.

SSR in Next.js helps improve performance by rendering the initial HTML on the server, delivering a fully-rendered page to the client. This enhances SEO, provides faster page loads, and ensures a better user experience.

SSR renders pages on each request, while SSG generates pages at build time. SSR is suitable for dynamic content that changes frequently, while SSG is ideal for content that remains static or changes infrequently.

Next.js uses a file-based routing system. Any file added to the pages directory becomes a route. For example, a file named about.js in the pages directory creates a route at /about.