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Magento Migration

Need to migrate from any other e-commerce platform to Magento? Looking to switch to another edition or version of Magento?

Magento migration services for a seamless transition

The number of business owners migrating from other shopping cart systems to the Magento is on a rise. Some common reasons that e-commerce sellers, whether B2C, B2B or both, switch to the platform from another existing ecommerce solutions include:

  • Higher scalability for growth
  • Greater flexibility for expansion
  • Customization capabilities
  • Access to new features
  • Improved customer data security
  • Overall site performance
  • Expanding integration requirements
  • Proven reliability

Similarly, there are ones that want to switch over from Magento Community to Magento Enterprise edition or from an older version of the platform to the newer one. Since the migration process has some technical complexities, there is a need to find a reliable company to take care of the entire aspects of Magento migration. We are experts in Magento migration as we understand every aspect of the platform, from its architecture to database transfer, third-party integration, extension installation, updates, and more.

Migrate To Magento From A Wide Array Of Platforms

With millions of online stores running on Magento, the platform has emerged as a winning choice for creating feature-rich, flexible, and scalable e-commerce business solutions. Magento migration is a turnkey service offered by OrangeMantra to enable the existing stores built on various other platforms to switch over to Magento.

Our consultants understand the current data structure and operational processes of your business and migrate your store while ensuring structural integrity throughout. With this transition, you will be able to experience the exponential growth that Magento offers, without compromising the performance or functionality of your online store.

Migration From A Wide Array Of Platforms

Migration From Magento To Magento 2

Running your Magento store on the latest version of the platform improves its performance, usability, and security. This makes it imperative to migrate to the latest version of the platform. Some of the reasons to move up to Magento 2 if you are still on Magento 1 include:

  • Native support for HTML5 and CSS3
  • Architecture built for speed
  • Advanced content staging
  • New and fresh design in Admin
  • Elastic search
  • Outstanding security
  • Integrated video
  • In-Site PayPal experience
  • PCI compliance hosted fields
  • Responsive admin interface
  • Streamlined checkout process

Why migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2?

  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Enhanced Checkout
  • Better Customer Experiences

Unmatched benefits of Magento 2 migration

Similarly, you may want to make a move from the Community edition to the Magento Commerce (Enterprise edition) to get the business-specific benefits that the latter offers. The benefits that you can get by moving over to this edition include:

  • Enhanced shopping experiences
  • Faster checkout process
  • Greater scalability and flexibility
  • Better performance
  • Dynamic marketing and merchandising capabilities
  • Advanced customer segmentation options
  • Automated email marketing reminders
  • Advanced customer segmentation options

Magento Migration Services

Migrate To Magento From Any Other Platform Or Version Is Done In A Secure And Effortless Manner

Database Migration

Ensuring that the entire ecommerce database is migrated to Magento without data loss and within a minimum span of time

Extension Updates

Updating the current extensions of the online store with the ones that are compatible with Magento platform

Theme Migration

Migrating the existing web design of the store to an appealing Magento theme to ensure that the new store looks appealing

Store Customization

Migrating the existing web design of the store to an appealing Magento theme to ensure that the new store looks appealing

Quality Assurance Testing

Making sure that none of the custom feature or store data is lost during the migration process and the store runs seamlessly like before

Maintenance and Support

Offering round-the-clock Magento migration maintenance and support services to guarantee that the issues are resolved at the earliest

Strategy and Consulting

Offering expert strategic guidance & consulting services related to migration and the benefits that it may bring for the business

SEO Data Migration

Taking the SEO URL’s and other related data to the new store for maintaining its search rankings on the internet

Smooth And Seamless Migration To Magento

Connect with a reliable Magento partner to move your business website from its existing platform to Magento or give you a version upgrade, while making sure that data get transferred securely into new one. Migration will also bring new opportunities to renovate and revamp your existing website according to the latest trends.

With our services, you will able to migrate seamlessly to Magento and also get expert insights about the glitches and imperfections on the website.

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