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Feature-Rich Mobile Applications

We have developed feature-loaded, intuitive apps for clients across industries, including retail, automotive, manufacturing, BFSI, & entertainment, among others.


Automating Data Mining with AI-Powered Solution

Drimco is a Munich-based enterprise known for its innovative AI-SaaS product to understand client requirements. The company wanted us to build an NLP-based solution to perform data extraction from large chunk of data. By integrating advanced AI algorithms and NLP techniques, AI systems excel in extracting valuable insights from large data lakes like social media posts, messages, chat’s conversation, and data from website traffic. This will streamline the traditionally labor-intensive task of data mining. This automated approach helped in enhancing the speed and accuracy of data mining as well as enabled organizations to uncover valuable insights in real-time.

Building a Futuristic Workspace with AI-powered Smart Office Solutions

Building a Futuristic Workspace with AI-powered Smart Office Solutions

Our client, Space Matrix, is one of the pioneers of smart workplace development and management. With offices in Singapore and the U.S., the company caters to India, Australia, and 80 other countries. The company wanted us to build AI-driven smart office solutions comprising diverse range of applications, from automated climate control and lighting systems to predictive maintenance. Our team build a mobile application that enabled users to interact with the smart workspace and move in the right direction to perform desired activity.


Revolutionizing Storage Facilities Through AI-driven Automation

Our client, is on the mission to make a difference, to improve people’s life and the environment through AI. Running multiple storage facilities, they were looking for an intelligent systems to manage inventory, monitor equipment, and enhance logistical processes. The AI solution will enable predictive maintenance, reduce downtime and ensuring the smooth functioning of storage infrastructure. The client need a solution to consistently maintain temperature and humidity levels. To scale services amid growing demands, OrangeMantra was the right technology partner to build a IoT Gateway. Their storage facilities are personalized to customer needs.


Optimizing Workspace Comfort with AI-driven Data Segregation

Our client was looking to create an ideal office environment, by enhancing energy efficiency, temperature, humidity and lighting setting for employee comfort, and overall productivity. They approached OrangeMantra after recognizing the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in facility management. We implemented data segregation techniques to automate the setting of temperature, humidity, and lighting in their office buildings. Moreover, the collected data was segregated keeping office zones, employee preferences, and usage patterns on priority. Machine learning algorithms analyzed historical data to identify trends and predict future requirements.