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Salesforce Development Services: Transform Your Business with OrangeMantra

We at OrangeMantra offer interactive and user-focussed Salesforce development services for your business needs. Our salesforce custom app development company in India offers to automate your mundane tasks and keep your users as the focal point of your business solution. We integrate our years of experience to implement business-centered services and superior automation. Plus, our Salesforce consultants offer extensive support to offer superior business success upgradations.

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Offer User-friendly Salesforce Development Solutions to Level Up Business Reliability

Salesforce is the most used CRM among business enterprises. It has the potential to integrate world-class innovation, growth, and fast-paced solutions for businesses. It is a perfect solution for both startups and established brands looking for Salesforce development implementation.

No matter whether you are a first-time user or already used its services, our certified Salesforce consultants are perfect for adding value to your endeavors. With our years of expertise, you can leverage the immense benefits of this platform. To create strong relationships with customers, enhance user adoption, and aid employees with tools, this CRM is the best option.

Our Salesforce expert knows architectural definition, ecosystem integration, global expansion, agile implementation, application modernization, and additional support services. We integrate seamless integration and winning strategies to give your business a competitive edge in the market.

Grow Scaled

Unlock Salesforce Excellence with our Salesforce Development Company

We at OrangeMantra, offer vast Salesforce development services to serve your unique business needs with customized solutions.

Theme Development

Business Community Development

Our Salesforce development company holds the expertise needed to build communities for business overall growth. Every Salesforce consultant is skilled and proficient in serving a large set of industries. Our team is proficient in creating custom user solutions.

Payment Gateway

Third-Party Integration

Our team works extensively and with the proper tools to integrate existing and cloud-based systems into Salesforce. Our core third-party integration revolves around ERP Integration, Accounting Integration, Cloud Telephony, and eCommerce Integration.

Enhance Security

Lightning & Data Migration

Our Salesforce consultancy services start by assessing business requirements and identifying possible loopholes for improvement. Moreover, they help to identify how our services can offer a solution to address the business needs and challenges.

Enhance Security

Support & Maintenance

Our Salesforce support and maintenance services prioritize the removal of possible loopholes impacting business performance. We sign NDA for one-time and long-term support along with annual maintenance support for implementing the Salesforce solution.

Client Assistance

Sales Cloud & Service Cloud

We help business enterprises with the integration of Sales & Service Cloud to achieve their goals. In addition, to focusing on the basic functionality of Salesforce development services, we create custom solutions to ensure customer's needs are addressed.

Client Assistance

Salesforce Customization

Being a reputed Salesforce development company in India, we put extra effort into Salesforce customization projects that are impossible with standard Salesforce configurations. We prioritize your distinct business requirements in a streamlined manner.

Explore our Success Stories

Integration of Salesforce Development to Unleash Operational Efficiency

Our client and global e-commerce giant sought to streamline its operations through Salesforce integration. Our team of Salesforce developers meticulously integrated customer relationship management (CRM) with existing systems, resulting in a centralized platform for efficient order processing, real-time inventory management, and personalized customer interactions. A 20% increase in operational efficiency, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

success story

Offered Transformative Sales Enablement with Salesforce Lightning

Our client and a leading B2B technology company aimed to enhance its sales processes and empower teams with real-time insights. Our Salesforce developers implemented Salesforce Lightning, leveraging its dynamic interface and advanced analytics. The result was a sales-centric ecosystem, enabling teams to track leads, streamline communications, and access actionable data. The company experienced a 30% increase in deal closures, revolutionizing its sales approach.

success story

Streamlined Customer Journey with Salesforce Community Cloud Integration

For a telecommunications giant striving to improve customer engagement, our Salesforce development team implemented Salesforce Community Cloud. This facilitated a seamless customer journey, empowering users to access personalized content, troubleshoot queries, and collaborate within a unified platform. A 25% reduction in customer support response time and a notable uptick in customer satisfaction ratings.

success story

Integrated Salesforce AI to Drive Predictive Analytics Success

Our client and reputed financial services firm sought to enhance its data-driven decision-making. Our Salesforce developers integrated artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into their Salesforce platform, enabling predictive analytics for customer behavior and market trends. The company witnessed a 15% increase in lead conversion rates, proving the transformative power of AI-driven insights within the Salesforce ecosystem.

success story

Technology & Frameworks we Implement for Salesforce Development

As a leading Salesforce development company, we present you with the potential tech stack for your user management solutions.

  • Languages

  • JavaScript Spring
  • PHP Foundation
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • PHP Python
  • Development

  • Angular Sauce Labs
  • React Cloud9 IDE
  • React Bitbucket
  • Angular Kubernetes
  • React Helm
  • Libraries

  • Angular React
  • React Modernizr
  • React Jasmine
  • Angular Moment.js
  • React Lodash
  • Databases

  • Google Cloud MySQL
  • Amazon Web Services Oracle
  • Microsoft Azure Cassandra 
  • IBM Cloud PostgreSQL
  • IBM Cloud Azure SQL database

Potential Technology Integrations for Salesforce Professional Services

Are you facing challenges in establishing a streamlined user CRM solution? The modern tech stack helps to automate and help in the evolution of business processes. Our Salesforce development services help to offer user-friendly solutions to be a step ahead!

How do Salesforce Development Consulting Services Boost Business Success?

Salesforce is here to help increase the level of user interaction to boost business reliability. And we present services to accelerate customization business success.

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360' User View

Salesforce development provides a unified platform, offering a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

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Efficient Sales Processes

Our salesforce consulting partners helps to automates sales workflows and providing real-time insights sales processes.

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Data-driven Decision-making

Salesforce's robust analytics and reporting tools empower businesses to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

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Customizable Solutions

Salesforce's modular architecture allows businesses to tailor solutions to their unique needs and evolve with changing requirements

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Enhanced Collaboration

Our Salesforce application development services facilitates collaboration across teams with features for efficient teamwork.

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Continuous Innovation 

Our commitment to regular updates and innovations keeps businesses at the forefront of technology and remains competitive.

Industries We Cater to

Our Salesforce professional services provider offers smart and automated business operations. Our team has gained multiple years of industrial experience to help across the verticals.

Strategic Process we Follow for Salesforce Development

We follow an agile approach while delivering comprehensive and business intelligence Salesforce development services. Here, we follow a strategic development of Salesforce for professional services for maximum outcomes.

  • Finding

    Gather Requirements & Brainstorm

    The development process starts with gathering all the requirements from clients to understand their needs. A team of Salesforce consultants undergoes comprehensive research to find a viable solution.

  •  Process Design

    Architecture Design

    Design of Salesforce application architecture, focusing on the app’s objectives, and its complete setup. It comprises different layers having users on the top for overall solution development.

  •  Process Design

    Designing & Development

    After creating a strategic and realistic roadmap of the Salesforce development services for an enterprise, the team starts taking designing & development actions towards the project.

  • Dеvеlopmеnt

    Deep-level Quality Check

    We perform a timely quality check of the Salesforce platforms and integration created for the betterment of the organization. End-to-end checks ensure a quality enterprise solution.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Final Launch

    Once sure the product is ready for the market, we launch the same to meet your diverse business objectives. At this stage, clients are ready to experience the seamless collaboration.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Support Service

    Being a pioneer & supportive Salesforce development company, we provide round-the-clock assistance to enterprises. Get 24/7 CRM support to resolve timely issues and ensure long-term success.

Looking for a Responsive CRM Solution to Offer You The Best Enterprise Solution?

Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your Salesforce Development Company?

At OrangeMantra, we prioritize our reputed client's needs and offer custom best-in-class solutions to thrive in the competitive market.

What our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Question

Salesforce provides users with complete tools for managing customer data, automating operations, analyzing data and insights, and creating tailored customer experiences. Salesforce also provides solutions for customer care, marketing automation, commerce, app development, and more.

Salesforce Development Services can help you create successful, specialized applications to improve your company's operations. It includes operations like as process automation, data analytics, new product development, customer service, legal compliance, enhanced teamwork, and so on.

In brief, Salesforce CRM offers a robust set of tools for managing customer connections, allowing you to improve customer service, increase retention rates, and drive business growth.

Salesforce gives small businesses real-time insights into their sales, marketing, and customer service operations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions that fuel growth and profitability.

A CRM system automates workflows, allowing your marketing staff to focus more on strategic duties like building engaging marketing campaigns, reviewing campaign data, and testing new tactics based on analytics.