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Web Application Penetration Testing Services Unleashes Robust Security

Explore the digital world with assurance, knowing that your web apps are protected from online attacks. OrangeMantra provides Web Application Penetration Testing services that are proactive and thorough in identifying vulnerabilities.

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Impending with OrangeMantra Web Application Penetration Testing Services

At OrangeMantra, we go above and beyond the norm to precisely and expertly safeguard your online applications. Discover our top WAPT services, which are intended to find weaknesses, bolster defenses, and guarantee the security of your digital assets against online attacks. This guarantees that your digital assets are secure even in the face of constantly changing security threats. Take your digital assets to new levels and make them resistant to cyberattacks and safe from flaws.

Grow Scaled

Precision Testing for Unmatched Security Top WAPT Services

OrangeMantra has carefully designed its Web Application Penetration Testing Services to provide strong protection against ever-changing cyber threats. Among our best offerings are:

Theme Development

Comprehensive Application Security Assessment

We examine your web apps in-depth to find and fix susceptibilities and guarantee a strong security posture. Also, in this process, we do a proper security check of the system so that the chances of an error become less.

Payment Gateway

Vulnerability Assessment

We Pay close attention to the most important vulnerabilities listed by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) to make sure your apps are safe from common attackers. It’s a step-by-step process in which we examine the process effectively.

Client Assistance

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Testing

In this process, our highly trained experts in testing identify and address vulnerabilities related to Cross-Site Scripting, protecting against code injection attacks. Also, we examine the errors of the site if it contains any, and rectify them.

Enhance Security

SQL Injection Testing

We check all the parameters of the testing and then rectify the errors. We can protect against unauthorized access and data breaches by using thorough SQL Injection testing to assess the resilience of your databases

Enhance Security

Authentication and Authorization Testing

In this process, we try to stop unwanted access and preserve data integrity, making sure your web apps have strong authentication and authorization processes. All the testing parameters are checked in this process so that the chances of error become less.

Client Assistance

Session Management Testing

In this service, we try to examine how secure session management protocols are to shield user information and stop illegal access during web application sessions. Also, the glitches are rectified by us in this process of development.

Web Application Penetration Testing Delivered Unparalleled Security Solutions

At OrangeMantra, we value observable outcomes. Explore our carefully chosen library of case studies to see how our Web Application Penetration Testing Services have improved companies while providing a strong defense against online threats. Examine the process of maintaining digital resilience and strengthening online applications. 

Upgrading eCommerce with Improved Brand Credibility and a Return of Consumer Confidence

A well-known eCommerce site had regular security lapses that compromised user information and undermined confidence. OrangeMantra's Comprehensive Application Security Assessment found and fixed vulnerabilities, which significantly decreased the number of security events. Improved brand credibility and a return of consumer confidence.

Financial Sector Upgradation Using OWASP

To comply with regulations and protect client funds, a financial institution aimed to fortify security protocols. With OrangeMantra's OWASP Vulnerability Assessment, compliance was guaranteed and important vulnerabilities were quickly found and fixed. Improved security procedures, adherence to legal requirements, and maintaining client trust are the outcomes.

Healthcare Data Protection using WAPT Services

To ensure HIPAA compliance, a healthcare provider has to safeguard patient data kept in online apps. OrangeMantra's specialist SQL Injection Testing and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) strengthened the apps, guaranteeing data integrity and legal compliance. As a result, patient data security and compliance were strengthened.

Authentication and Authorization Excellence Using Security Testing

An IT business was concerned about sensitive data being accessed without authorization via its online applications. OrangeMantra’s Authentication and Authorization Testing found and fixed flaws, guaranteeing strong access control. This is the solution. Consequently, security threats were reduced, private data was protected, and the overall security posture was strengthened.

Tech Stack

Discover all the new trends in the technology with OrangeMantra Solutions

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  • JavaScript C#
  • PHP Java
  • JavaScript PHP
  • PHP Python
  • Tools

  • Angular Burp Suite
  • React Nessus
  • React Metasploit
  • Angular Acunetix
  • Framework

  • Angular ReactJS
  • React Django
  • React Flutter
  • Angular PyTorch
  • Databases

  • Google Cloud SQL
  • Amazon Web Services MongoDB
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft SQL Server
  • IBM Cloud Firebase Realtime Database

Web Application Penetration Testing Solutions for Unbeatable Security

OrangeMantra offers peace of mind in addition to security. Discover our web application penetration testing services business solutions, which are painstakingly created to protect your digital assets, pinpoint weaknesses, and guarantee the resilience of your web applications against online attacks.

Elevate Your Security and Empower Your Success with WAPT's Unparalleled Benefits

Learn about OrangeMantra's Web Application Penetration Testing Services and their revolutionary benefits. Our solutions go beyond security, enabling your organization to succeed in the ever-changing digital world from bolstering your digital defenses to guaranteeing a sustainable online presence.

Sturdy Security Posture

We recognize and fix vulnerabilities early to protect your web apps from cyberattacks that are always changing. Our system provides you with protection that can be used for better results.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

We always try to ensure compliance and prevent any legal and financial repercussions by aligning your web apps with industry standards and regulations. Also, we try to assure the customer so that the chances of an error become less.

Trust and Credibility Enhancement

We are experienced in providing WAPT services and it also showcases our dedication to protecting sensitive data and maintaining a safe online environment to strengthen consumer trust and brand credibility.

Long-Term Cost Savings

We try to spot and address any security threats early, averting expensive data breaches and monetary losses that could result from hacked web apps. Also, we used all the basic criteria that can be used in the system.

Business Continuity Assurance

We enable your online applications to run continuously and securely, protecting business continuity and averting interruptions from security events. In this process, we try to provide you with all the assistance that is required.

Competitive Advantage in the Digital Environment

Showcase your dedication to security, obtaining a competitive advantage in the digital environment, and building confidence with clients, associates, and stakeholders. We provide all the effective benefits that are required.

Maintaining Diversity, Security Assessments for Every Sector

We understand that every company has different challenges and requires different levels of protection. WAPT Service Provider in India is not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a tailored plan designed to safeguard several industries.

OrangeMantra is a Reliable Source for Comprehensive Web Application Security

OrangeMantra is aware of how crucial it is to protect your web apps from ever-changing online dangers. Our thorough step process for Web Application Penetration Testing Services guarantees that your digital assets are strong and resilient against any possible flaws.

  • Finding


    Our knowledgeable staff undertakes a comprehensive discovery procedure throughout the first phase. We recognize every part of your web application, comprehend its architecture, and look for possible ports of entry for online attacks. A focused and successful penetration testing approach starts with this phase.

  •  Process Design


    Openness is essential to our workings. We provide a succinct and straightforward explanation of our discovery phase results. This includes a thorough discussion of any dangers and vulnerabilities as well as the possible effects they might have on the security of your online application. We aim to provide you with the information required to make wise choices.

  •  Process Design


    Equipped with the acquired knowledge, we create a personalized penetration testing strategy that is suited to the particular requirements of your online site. The distinct features of your application are taken into consideration throughout the design phase, guaranteeing a targeted and effective testing procedure that supports your business goals.

  • Dеvеlopmеnt


    Our knowledgeable security experts carry out the penetration testing techniques after creating a strategy. We mimic actual cyberattacks, finding and taking advantage of weaknesses to gauge how resilient your web application is. Ethical hacking guidelines and industry best practices are followed with accuracy throughout this phase.

  • Maintenance & Support


    We give thorough reports outlining our findings, along with a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and suggested repair actions, when the penetration testing is finished. During our deployment phase, we work with your team to put the appropriate security measures in place, protecting your web application from possible attacks.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Upkeep and Assistance

    Our dedication to the security of your web application doesn't stop at the testing phase. To keep your digital assets secure from new threats, we provide continuous support and maintenance services. To maintain a strong security posture, our professionals are accessible to handle any issues, provide advice on security best practices, and help with timely upgrades.

We Prioritize the Security of Your Online Applications and Provide Thorough Penetration Testing with a Team-based Approach. Join Together with us to Strengthen Your Online Presence

See How OrangeMantra Makes Web Applications Better

OrangeMantra is a reliable partner for strong security when it comes to protecting your online apps. OrangeMantra's WAPT services are a strategic investment in your digital resilience for the following reasons.

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Frequently Asked Question

To find vulnerabilities, flaws, and possible entry points that hostile actors may exploit, web application penetration testing, or WAPT, is a security assessment procedure that simulates cyberattacks on an online application.

For your web applications to be secure, WAPT is essential. It assists in locating and addressing vulnerabilities before hackers can take advantage of them, protecting sensitive information, and upholding user confidence.

The frequency of WAPT is contingent upon several variables, including modifications made to your online application, legal mandates, and the dynamic nature of cyber threats. It is advised to conduct regular evaluations, particularly after major upgrades.

Numerous vulnerabilities may be found with WAPT, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site request forgery (CSRF), security misconfigurations, and authentication problems, among others.

All sizes of companies may benefit from WAPT. Cyber dangers are not company-size-specific; any online application, no matter how big or little, may become a target. WAPT services in India that are specifically tailored to your company's requirements are available.

Select OrangeMantra as Your WAPT Services Provider to Enhance Your Online Visibility with an Exceptional Security Partner