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Unleash the Power of Personalized User Experiences with IBeacon App Development

As proximity marketing becomes a key aspect of the modern mobile marketing approach, the role of tiny beacons becomes a big one. iBeacon apps are, therefore, gaining precedence for businesses that want to deliver enhanced user experiences, enable interactivity, and facilitate communication using this path-breaking technology.

We, at Orange Mantra provide Enterprise-grade mobile engagement solutions through iBeacon App development for small, medium or large enterprises across the globe. We help you deliver personalized in-store shopping experience with contextual and meaningful communication, ads on their mobile devices. With extensive knowledge about the contemporary technologies and futuristic mindset, we deliver scalable and custom iBeacon Application Development solutions for iOS and Android at competitive pricing.

Ibeacon Application Development

How Can Beacon Apps Empower Your Business?

Beacon mobile apps are based on location-based technology and help businesses in marketing their brands and delivering an interactive customer experiences. Some of the ways they can be used are :-

New Product Ibeacon

Informing Nearby About New Launches, Discounts and Offers

Ibeacon Greeting

Greeting In-Store Users at the Door

Ibeacon Content

Providing Informative Content

 Rewarding Customers

Rewarding Customers with Loyalty Points

IBeacon App Development Services

We specialize in creating a wide array of beacon-based mobile apps and also offer a full range of ancillary services.

Custom iBeacon Application Development

iBeacon Enterprise App Development

iBeacon Small Business App Development

iBeacon App for Mobile Payments

Utility App Development

Social Network Application

Discover the Unmatched Potential of IBeacon Apps

Leverage iBeacons to improve user engagement and interactions for taking your business to the next level.

Why Choose Us As Your IBeacon App Development Partner

Domain Expertise

Our developers are specialists in developing strategic apps in order to avail the best solution.

Maximum footfall

We help you target the right customers with powerful analytics earning the maximum footfall.

Flexible and Scalable model

Our flexible development gives you the required scalability for adding features.

Business segments

We cater iBeacon App development for various business segments like Travel, Hospitality, commerce, and, etc

Best-in-class solution

Our solutions offers you with the opportunity to serve your customers better and earn more profit.

Seamless communication

We work for long-term relationship and provide seamless communication and services through the project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A beacon is a tiny wireless device which employs proximity technology to detect the human presence nearby and sends messages to the users having connected devices. On recognizing a connected app, the beacon broadcasts signals with the help of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). These signals are received by mobile devices located nearby and they perform pre-set actions to offer personalized user experience.
Essentially, iBeacons broadcast BLE signals in a specific zone and these signals are received and interpreted by apps in the devices located nearby. The pre-set action is eventually facilitated by the mobile app to deliver an interactive user experience.
Yes, iBeacons can work without a mobile app. The best instance is Google Eddystone beacons which transmit URLs that can be scanned passively by almost 92% of the Android devices available in the marketplace.
Yes, this is absolutely possible. This is because mobile apps do not connect with beacons. Rather, they just receive the signals transmitted by beacons and perform certain pre-set actions.
Since iBeacons use Bluetooth technology for connectivity, they can run without internet. You can have offline availability included in the iBeacon app if required.