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    Hire Big Data Developers To Stay Competitive with the Best Use of Your Data

    As the growth of digital technologies is increasing exponentially, companies are dealing with voluminous data collected from various sources. Due to this, companies are looking for an effective solution to store and manage this huge amount of data and use it for business value. Big Data offers numerous opportunities to find valuable insights that are rich sources to bring improvements and gain a competitive edge.

    However, to leverage these benefits, companies need to process the big data effectively to keep pace with the market shifts and stay ahead of the competition. With the increasing speed, complexity, and amount of data, traditional relational database management tools are becoming incapable of meeting the demanding data storage needs and comprehensive data analytics. And therefore, you need to hire Big Data Developers and Analysts who can turn tons of complex data into a user-focused business model that can assist you to visualize, analyze, and report data easily without depending on the IT department.

    Services Offered By Our Big Data Experts

    With the help of our Big Data engineers offer robust, customizable, and scalable big data services and solutions tailored to your business-specific needs.

    Data Analytics

    For data-driven companies, our experienced data analytics make sure to provide valuable insight from the data using advanced tools, in-house resources, and data science principles. We deliver cutting-edge big data solutions along with personalized data analytics consulting services to organizations to help them achieve the desired results.

    ETL Pipeline Development

    A professionally-built ETL tool can provide numerous benefits to businesses. Our expert team of Big Data developers has rich experience and expertise in building end-to-end ETL pipelines that perfectly fit organizations of any size. Regardless of the data size, our intelligent Big Data developers can provide a solution that matches your organization’s budget, needs, and environment.

    Big Data Analytics

    Data analytics can prove to be a “Gold mine” for businesses if done properly. Our competent Big Data Analytics team delivers robust, modern data analytics tools to organizations. We have delivered successful enterprise-level big data analytics solutions to numerous companies, which have even proved to be a “Gold mine” of data for them.

    Hadoop Development

    Leveraging the expertise, skills, and knowledge of our certified team of Hadoop developers, we have delivered diverse Hadoop solutions using various Big Data tools along with Hadoop. Our team is well-trained and experienced in delivering a wide range of solutions to various industries. Create fully customized Hadoop solutions as per your business requirements & stay ahead of the competition. 

    Business Intelligence

    Big Data helps you achieve business intelligence. Our Big Data specialists will guide you on using the right tools to their full potential and integrate them into your business strategies to achieve the desired results. Hire dedicated Big Data developers who can help you make smart decisions for your business Simply bring in business intelligence virtues to automate several operations and fasten up the internal process to ensure proficiency and consistency.

    Big Data Algorithm Development

    Making a small change in the Algorithm can significantly improve the overall performance of Big Data applications. Our well-trained team of Big Data developers is experienced in time and space-efficient Big Data algorithm development. Over the years, we have boosted the performance of Big Data applications by offering algorithm changes and modifications.

    Apache Spark Development

    Apache Spark is a modern Hadoop and our top-notch Apache Spark development team incessantly upgrades its skills to meet the industry standards. Our team delivers enterprise-level solutions leveraging the right Big Data tools. Our strong proficiency in Spark core components, Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Spark GraphX, SparkR, and Spark Mllib, etc. 

    Big Data Consulting

    Big Data consulting services become a necessity for choosing the right tools amongst various tools and technologies available. Our team of experienced Big Data consultants offers personalized services like selecting the right tools and technologies, architecture design, development methods, and deployment.

    Customized Big Data Solutions

    If you want to incorporate any specific requirements of big data into your system, then you may hire Big Data developers from us. We provide customized Big Data solutions tailored to your industry type and business operations. Leverage our knowledge and expertise to build custom Big Data solutions.

    Hire Big Data Developers Through Flexible Engagement Models

    We offer flexible engagement models to give you the freedom to hire Big Data developers according to their specific business requirements.

    Fixed Time Hiring Model

    When you choose this model, you hire Big Data developers for a specific number of hours per week or day depending on how demanding your project is. You will need to pay for those specific working hours.

    Dedicated Team Model

    We offer to hire a dedicated team of Big Data developers who will work solely on your project to meet your business-specific requirements. You will have to pay for the total time they have worked on your project or based on the milestone achieved.

    Milestone Model

    When you choose to hire Big Data developers based on this model, our developers set up numerous milestones along with the project. You can track these milestones and understand the progress of the project. Moreover, the Fee Structure of this model is based on the milestone achieved.

    Staff Augmentation

    Meet the short-term requirement of implementing the virtues of Big Data technology with the help of experts hired on a contract basis. The staff augmentation hiring model helps you bridge the current skill gap and engage a Big Data developer on a short-term and cost-effective basis.

    Follow A Simple Process to Hire Big Data Developers

    • Define your project requirements
    • Select an ideal candidate for screening
    • Start taking the candidate’s interviews
    • Finalize a Magento resource & assign tasks

    Hire Big Data Developers in India



    Python Developers

    7 Years Experience
    Full-time Availability
    5+ projects

    A professional big data expert with an industrial experience of more than four years. He is highly responsible for creating and maintaining a vast database system. The developer is having relevant experience with major platforms like Apache Cassandra, Hbase, Presto, etc.

    star Expert in
    Django Pyramid Bottle
    Also Skilled in Apache Hadoop Zoho


    Python Developers

    10 Years Experience
    Full-time Availability
    15+ projects

    With almost 10 years of successful industry experience and working extensively as a data engineer, architect, and analytics professional. As a senior technical professional that performs the task of managing data storage and delivery to ensure business success. 

    star Expert in
    Tornado Flask web2py
    Also Skilled in Cassandra Stats IQ CouchDB


    Python Developers

    15 Years Experience
    Full-time Availability
    35+ projects

    With over ten years of IT experience and hands-on expertise in implementing J2EE, Big Data technologies, and other sets of technical skills. In terms of hardcore technical skills, the developer is having major expertise in Hbase, Cassandra, Oozie, Hive, Sqoop, etc.

    star Expert in
    SciPy Pandas IPython
    Also Skilled in Atlas.ti HPCC HPCC

    Why Hire Big Data Developers from Orange Mantra?

    Handling massive data efficiently requires the use of best practices and strategies so that no data is lost. To effectively manage your Big Data using the best practices and strategy, you can hire Big Data developers from Orange Mantra who are never going to disappoint you. With our focus on quality of work, timely delivery, and reasonable pricing, we have become the premier choice of our global clients. Here’s why our clients love us:

    • Certified Big Data Developers
    • 100% Confidentiality Assured
    • Flexible Hiring Models
    • Detailed Reporting
    • 24×7 Technical Support
    • Flexible Working Hours
    • 100% Client Satisfaction
    • Zero Billing Guarantee
    • Complete Integrity & Transparency
    • Get Quick Results
    • Timely Project Delivery

    Industries We Serve

    As a thriving IoT app development company, we cater to business clients from various industries with our reliable data architecture service offerings. Some of the top industries that we work with include:

    Our Technical Expertise

    Why Should You Hire Big Data Developers From Us?

    Hire an expert to filter and make useful insights into a huge chunk of your enterprise-level data. We help you engage a big data developer from us owing to satisfactory reasons.


    Professional Team of Development Experts

    Implement the full stack big data technology to your enterprise-level platform & make use of data for growing purposes. Rely on the expert developers having end-to-end practical knowledge of big data technology & catering to diverse industries.


    Reliable Project

    Keep a close watch on your big data development project with the help of feature-rich project management tools that we implement. You will get a complete overview of the work process on the dashboard and even provide your input.


    Transparent Work

    Experience optimum level of work transparency. During the different stages of big data development, we keep you in the loop and provide end-to-end information to ensure speedy deployment.



    Hire big data experts from us through different engagement models and that too within a limited budget. Here, we provide you with unmatched technical capabilities of developers cost-effectively and efficiently.

    Our Portfolio


    Hire Devloper

    We at OrangeMantra have a rich spectrum of a portfolio that justifies the fact that we are a leading Hybrid mobile app development company that ensures enterprise success.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is beneficial for companies to hire a big data expert to filter and analyze a wide range of accumulated data collected from different points. Companies that collect a diverse set of data need to have an expert to efficiently manage information and gather useful insights from the same.
    A professional big data developer must be proficient enough to knowledge must-have skills in SQL technologies, Python, Java, Hadoop technologies, data mining tools, data processing framework, Machine Learning(ML) algorithms, and more.
    It depends on your business requirement and the range of data you have collected from different sources. Accordingly, our developers will provide you with a strategic timeline to develop the solution.
    A big data developer is a professional who analyses and makes useful information out of huge data sets. On the other side, a big data architect is a senior technical professional that performs the task of managing data storage.
    Yes, it is essential on the part of an experienced big data developer to be familiar with the coding task. An experienced professional must be having the relevant skills and knowledge of Java, SQL, or any other scripting language to provide end-to-end technical support.
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