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Services Offered By Our Big Data Experts

With the help of our Big Data engineers offer robust, customizable, and scalable big data services and solutions tailored to your business-specific needs.

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For data-driven companies, our experienced data analytics make sure to provide valuable insight from the data using advanced tools, in-house resources, and data science principles. We deliver cutting-edge big data solutions along with personalized data analytics consulting services to organizations to help them achieve the desired results.

A professionally built ETL tool can provide numerous benefits to businesses. Our expert team of Big Data developers has rich experience and expertise in building end-to-end ETL pipelines that perfectly fit organizations of any size. Regardless of the data size, our intelligent Big Data developers can provide a solution that matches your organization’s budget, needs, and environment.

Data analytics can prove to be a “Gold mine” for businesses if done properly. Our competent Big Data Analytics team delivers robust, modern data analytics tools to organizations. We have delivered successful enterprise-level big data analytics solutions to numerous companies, which have even proved to be a “Gold mine” of data for them.

Leveraging the expertise, skills, and knowledge of our certified team of Hadoop developers, we have delivered diverse Hadoop solutions using various Big Data tools along with Hadoop. Our team is well-trained and experienced in delivering a wide range of solutions to various industries. Create fully customized Hadoop solutions as per your business requirements & stay ahead of the competition.

Big Data helps you achieve business intelligence. Our Big Data specialists will guide you on using the right tools to their full potential and integrate them into your business strategies to achieve the desired results. Hire dedicated Big Data developers who can help you make smart decisions for your business Simply bring in business intelligence virtues to automate several operations and fasten up the internal process to ensure proficiency and consistency.

Making a small change in the Algorithm can significantly improve the overall performance of Big Data applications. Our well-trained team of Big Data developers is experienced in time and space-efficient Big Data algorithm development. Over the years, we have boosted the performance of Big Data applications by offering algorithm changes and modifications.

Our Success Stories

Implementing Natural Language Processing to Automate Data Mining

Our client, Drimco is a Munich-based enterprise known for its innovative AI-SaaS product to understand client requirements. They focus on optimizing business processes powered by AI and NLP technologies. The company wanted us to build an NLP-based solution to perform data extraction from large chunks of data. Our core team includes experienced researchers, consultants, and developers on a mission to revolutionize data mining processes.

The client’s real challenge was to manage a lot of information from different resources including documents, social media posts, messages, chat’s conversations, and website info. They were facing difficulty in getting proper insights from these large chunks of data that can support business activities. They need a robust, adaptable and secure data extraction solution. We created a scalable data extraction solution that could collect, and manage information effectively. We performed parallel processing of data to maximize data processing throughput. The NLP solution was able to quickly assign scores and rank the information according to priority.


Sales Prediction & Revenue Generation with Artificial Intelligence

Our client is a manufacturer well-known for their affordable, personalized, and durable car spare parts. They have a strong presence in UK manufacturing hub. However, the sales number were reducing at an exponential rate due to the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, the high volume of data collection proved a severe challenge to predict the sales number.

Sales and revenue forecasting is not simple job and needs to focus on imitating trends. Analyzing a large volume of data comprising customer behavior patterns, preferences, and future trends and drawing final conclusions. OrangeMantra team built and implemented an AI prediction model based on historical data, market behavior factors, and other 3rd party data. The model predicts demand and next calculates the optimal prices for the sellers. The solution automatically forecasts monthly and weekly sales, based on the demand and supply analysis, an optimal price is chosen.


Traffic Management Platform Powered by AI Video Analytics

Our client, a state government agency was looking to deploy an AI-based video analytics solution that could help improve traffic management and reduce road accidents and fatalities caused by reckless driving. They were already using a platform that derive traffic insights from video data collected across the road infrastructure. Providing road intelligence at a large scale for safe driving and efficient movement needs real-time data access and accuracy. This is possible with the availability of advanced traffic management solutions like AI video analytics.

The volume of traffic is constantly growing, contributing to traffic jams and accidents. Among the biggest problems that our client faces are road users’ lack of real-time road and traffic awareness. Our client had the long-term vision of improving their traffic management platform to streamline vehicle movement in the city. OrangeMantra brought this vision to life as a technological partner. We started with the analysis of the client’s existing data collected for traffic movement. Our AI team checked video quality, verification processes, and format compatibility.


Dynamic Tech Stack Our Big Data Experts Use

Discover the tools that fuel the success of our machine learning engineers. Hire big data programmers who offer strong technological stack and guarantees definite solutions. With these cutting-edge tools, we bring creativity and effectiveness to every project we work on.

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Hire Big Data Developers Through Flexible Engagement Models

We offer flexible engagement models to give you the freedom to hire dedicated big data developers according to their specific business requirements.


Hourly Hiring Model

When you choose this model, you hire Big Data developers for a specific number of hours per week or day depending on the importance of the project. You will need to pay for those specific working hours.


Dedicated Team Model

We offer to hire a dedicated team of Big Data developers who will work solely on your project to meet your business-specific requirements. You will have to pay for the total time they have worked on your project or based on the milestone achieved.


Staff Augmentation

Meet the short-term requirement of implementing the virtues of Big Data technology with the help of experts hired on a contract basis. The staff augmentation hiring model helps you bridge the current skill gap and engage a Big Data developer on a short-term and cost-effective basis.

Industries We Serve

As a thriving IoT app development company, we cater to business clients from various industries with our reliable data architecture service offerings. Some of the top industries that we work with include:

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Leveraging Success Stories for Big Data Development Services

Big Data development services stand as pillars of modern enterprises’ growth and efficiency. These services, fueled by the aggregation and analysis of vast volumes of data, have revolutionized industries across the globe. Yet, behind every successful implementation lies a story of collaboration, expertise, and tangible results.

Why Hire Big Data Developers from Orange Mantra?

Handling massive data efficiently requires the use of best practices and strategies so that no data is lost. To effectively manage your Big Data using the best practices and strategy, you can hire Big Data developers from Orange Mantra who are never going to disappoint you. With our focus on quality of work, timely delivery, and reasonable pricing, we have become the premier choice of our global clients.

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Frequently Asked Question

Big Data development services encompass the processes, tools, and expertise required to manage, analyze, and derive insights from large volumes of data. These services are vital for businesses looking to unlock the potential of their data, enabling them to make informed decisions, gain competitive advantages, and drive innovation.

Big Data development often involves a diverse array of technologies, including but not limited to Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Apache Hive, Apache Flink, and NoSQL databases like Apache Cassandra and MongoDB. These technologies provide the foundation for storing, processing, and analyzing massive datasets efficiently.

Big Data development services offer numerous benefits for businesses, including improved decision-making through data-driven insights, enhanced operational efficiency through process optimization, personalized customer experiences through targeted marketing and recommendations, and the ability to identify and capitalize on new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Implementing Big Data solutions can pose various challenges, such as data integration and quality issues, scalability and performance concerns, security and privacy considerations, and the need for skilled personnel with expertise in Big Data technologies. However, with careful planning, strategic execution, and the right partners, these challenges can be overcome.

Assessing readiness for Big Data development services involves evaluating factors such as the volume, variety, and velocity of your data, the maturity of your data infrastructure and analytics capabilities, the alignment of Big Data objectives with business goals, and the availability of resources and expertise to support Big Data initiatives.

When choosing a Big Data development service provider, consider factors such as their experience and expertise in Big Data technologies, their track record of successful implementations, their ability to understand and address your specific business needs, their commitment to collaboration and partnership, and their capacity to provide ongoing support and maintenance.

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