News and Insights

  • The wait is finally going to end as IKEA will be launching its first brand store in India on the 9th of August

    IKEA, the Swedish home-decor brand that embraces the concept of making homes beautiful and comfortable, is all set to break…

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  • OrangeMantra celebrates the journey of India’s largest fashion house

    OrangeMantra is proud to be associated with the brand that has redefined the Indian fashion industry. As the e-commerce…

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  • OrangeMantra Named Amongst Top B2B Agencies in India 2018 By Clutch

    At OrangeMantra, we are pleased to share yet another achievement and an important milestone in our journey of 17+ years…

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  • Top 7 Ecommerce Platforms That Are Making It Big In 2018

    The e-commerce trend rocked the business scenario decades ago and is still going strong. There are millions of sellers…

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  • Magento Website Development Costing: Know What To Expect

    An online store is the foundation of an e-commerce business because it establishes a presence where they can showcase their…

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  • 5 CX Predictions To Drive Success For Magento E-Commerce Stores In 2018

    E-commerce is a business domain that has evolved at a rapid pace. The competition is high and the parameters that drive success…

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Mobile Apps

  • 6 Best Programming Languages Used For Mobile App Development

    As mobile apps become the lifeline of businesses today, developers are constantly making efforts to improve their functionalities…

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  • How Mobile Apps Give A Winning Advantage To E-Commerce Portals

    Smartphone devices are no longer confined to communication but offer an unending array of services and advantages to the…

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  • What Makes The Web Better Than Native For Data-Intensive Apps

    The past decade has definitely been dominated by the smartphone, with more and more businesses investing in mobile application…

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  • 5 Enterprise Mobility Trends That Are Ruling The Business Space

    Mobility is perhaps the most positive technology that enterprises have come across in the recent decades. Mobile applications…

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  • Industries That Are Experiencing The Amazing Impact Of AR

    Augmented Reality is truly a disruptive technology as it is changing the way the human race interacts with the world around.…

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  • Plan your Enterprise Solutions as per the Trending Technology

    The exploration and use of multiple applications and upgrade of technology are highly essential for today’s businesses.…

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New Tech

  • 7 Industries That Are Witnessing The Impact Of Voice Technology

    Voice recognition has surfaced as the tech trend of the decade, with voice-based digital assistants becoming part of homes…

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  • 5 Tech Trends That Are Transforming Software Development In 2018

    The software development domain is a dynamic one, with trends coming and going at a deafening pace. Every passing day brings…

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  • Blockchain and Big Data: The Potent Combo That Drives Business Growth

    The past few years have been eventful for businesses as disruptive technologies have ushered revolutionary changes for…

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Web Framework

  • Java For Enterprises: Versatility, Innovation, And Performance

    The two-decade-long journey of Java has been an eventful one, as it started merely as a programming language and today stands…

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  • 10 Java Features That Make It Stand Apart

    Java is one of the most widely used computer languages across the globe and it has held a distinctive position for years now.…

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  • What Makes ReactJS The Favorite Platform For Big Business Brands

    The digital revolution has transformed the business scenario today and most of the enterprises look to adopt specialized…

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  • How User Experience Has Become The Mainstay Of Digital Marketing

    The user experience is an indispensable element of the digital landscape today. It greatly influences the time that a user…

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  • Why Every Business Needs To Invest In A Solid SEO Strategy

    As the internet becomes an indispensable part of the business, there is a need to build a robust online presence with the…

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  • Top 7 Disruptive Digital Marketing Trends Of The Future

    The past few years have belonged to disruptive technologies, with businesses embracing innovation to walk on the digital…

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