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Cloud Optimization Strategy for a Leading Digital Bank

Project Highlights

Our client is a UAE based banking service provider known to offer an advanced trade finance solution. The solution includes different integrated and commercial on-premise and cloud-native applications. The client was looking to optimize cloud technology as per the market trends and reduce overall operational cost. Our cooperation with the client resulted into remarkable results.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Being a modern and innovative banking firm, they were facing challenges in their payment system design. The resources assigned were underutilized as per the cost involved. Our deep expertise and mature approach with cloud computing in banking assured our client we are the right fit. We shared our plan to implement a cloud optimization strategy for their digital banking solution.

Technology Solution

The assessment of existing cloud infrastructure by our team showed that they need refinement. The experts with deep expertise in cloud computing were the right fit for the job. After a thorough analysis of every parameter (IDE), we decided to remove them for seamless bank updates and lower operational costs.

We used the same strategy to optimize subscriptions for hardware and services. To sustain performance at the specific level and address possible spikes, we integrated Azure Autoscale. For performance metrics tracking Azure Monitor tool was implemented.

OrangeMantra experts also improved the overall cybersecurity of the client’s banking system to be compatible with all regulatory requirements. We added security features including Privileged Identity, Access Management, and Advanced Threat Protection. We also added a more advanced firewall layer.

Value Delivered

Having vast expertise in cloud computing, OrangeMantra cloud team implemented a cost-cutting strategy. Our client was able to manage business resources efficiently. Our initiatives helped client to reduce the total cost of cloud infrastructure management via 30%. The overall security of the banking system improved significantly with complete data transparency building better customer relations.

By optimizing overall banking infrastructure and implementing disaster recovery processes, we eliminated the possibility of any security incidents and enhanced the solution’s operational stability. Showing mature approach to software development and with innovation, OrangeMantra has become a key technology partner for the digital bank.

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