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Design & Developed Next-Gen Software Solutions for Charge Point Operators

Project Highlights

The EV market is booming and the optimisation of processes between service providers (CPOs) and service seekers (EV owners) is a key focal point of the market. Our client is a major player in the US and EU EV charging industry. They required a charge-point software management system, which included charger diagnostics, maintenance, price, and software updates. This communication was to be done over OCPP with their in-house backend and also with the ChargePoint Open Network, one of the largest charging networks in the US, with interoperability between operators and fleets. Both AC and DC charging were to be supported.

A mobile application and a web portal were developed, and a database of chargers was set up that were communicating via OCPP 2.0 with our network and also the ChargePoint network. Pricing was set and analytics were generated based on the data obtained. We rolled the implementation in phases, starting with a network in California, and then progressing onto other regions, including those in EU.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Managing different charging point operators is complex, with several parameters that require consideration – including uptime, energy management, virtual queues, price-to-park vs. Price-to-charge etc. CPOs can’t afford to have electric vehicle (EV) owners get to a charging station only to discover that charger is inaccessible, or that the charging experience is substandard. All these factors were taken into consideration, and a robust, secure and scalable system was developed.

Technology Solution

We worked closely with the client and built an end-to-end CPO/Client platform. The end-to-end solution includes 24/7 real-time monitoring and management of charge point operators, including live-streaming data from a network of over 2000 chargers, along with dynamic scalability.

Value Delivered

Our team worked with the client’s inhouse team of engineers (especially on the hardware side, our focus-domain was software) and product owners, and offered an implementation plan for the further value-added transformation of the CPO backend process. The client was satisfied with the solution to accelerate their market leadership by growing their charging infrastructure. In addition, they delivered an exceptional charging experience, while optimizing operations, reducing TCO, speeding time-to-market, and improving revenues.

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