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Learning Chatbot for Streamlined Product Training

Project Highlights

Our client a leading car parts manufacturer was looking to build an advanced product training for sales representatives. They needed a learning chatbot to train their sales representatives on product features and benefits. Powered by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the chatbot is a real savior when it comes to training purposes. OrangeMantra helped with the development of chatbot as it is highly interactive and contains easily digestible data.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The virtual teaching chatbot was only an idea, our client has no technical knowledge and team to actually build a bot. They needed a reliable technology partner who could undertake the idea, design, and product development. OrangeMantra has a strong portfolio of eLearning solutions and team of experienced AI/ML developers. With so many real benefits, OrangeMantra earned the client’s trust as a reputed software development services provider.

Technology Solution

After analyzing the problem statement, the OrangeMantra team worked through the learning chatbot architecture. Powered by AI, the chatbot understands questions and share immediate responses. Answers are available in the form of a video, a photograph, or even slides. This helped sales team to learn about the product without flipping catalogs.

The self-learning AI bot performs conversations as well. We designed the bot as a multilingual tool. To make user interactions simple, we integrated messengers as well. The training materials are encrypted for safety from unauthorized access.

Value Delivered

OrangeMantra delivered a unique chatbot by incorporating AI/ML expertise and strong software development skills. It helped our client provide in-depth product training for their sales teams resulting into a positive long-term business growth.

Excellent knowledge of the product helps a salesperson to quickly respond to customers queries to encourage them for buying. It also makes customers valued and feel they’re dealing with company reliable representatives.

Memorizing each and every detail of the product requires time and effort, and that’s where the learning chatbot helped. By presenting learning materials unconventionally, the bot makes the training part interesting and engaging for sales team. As a result, the details about the product they acquire is complete.

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