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Shipment Distribution & Management Solution for a Rapidly-Growing eCommerce Logistics Company

Project Highlights

Our client is one of India’s leading eCommerce logistics providers. They are known to offer end-to-end tech-enabled logistics solutions to eCommerce brands. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, the company has experienced remarkable growth and expansion since in logistics operation. They were looking for a technology partner to digitize their mid-mile solution to meet ever-changing market demands. OrangeMantra collaborated with the client’s team to get proper insights about their requirements.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

Mid-mile logistics is a challenging and cost-consuming operation consisting of the transportation of shipments between two facilities. This movement usually takes place between a warehouse that stores products received and a local distribution center that ships the order to the end customer.

A product travels a long way until it reaches the distribution center. Therefore, it’s a challenge to ensure that order shipments are carried out as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The client was looking for solutions that optimize mid-mile logistics, using the latest IoT technology. They needed a solution for fleet management which involves tracking, scheduling deliveries, and determining the capabilities of truckers.

Technology Solution

To meet our client’s requirements, our Java team conducted regular meetings with client stakeholders. We worked to digitize their fleet and distribution center operation, adding new advancements, and features.

At OrangeMantra, we develop software that enhances the efficiency of the local distribution center. The digitization of logistics processes fosters stricter control over fleet traceability and order management. The real-time update feature was done at the backend when the order is received from the first mile. Additionally, it enabled the client to automate the order receipt and dispatch processes at the local distribution center.

Value Delivered

Our digital transformation in mid-mile operations helped the client to optimize warehouse management in different locations. One of the most complex tasks in the flow of goods is the organization of shipping routes. This challenge was addressed with the use of fleet management software. Automating the management and execution of the distribution center allows for efficient, error-free operations, which accelerates middle-mile delivery and strengthens the business’s market competitiveness.

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