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Redefining Customer Convenience with One App for Many Solutions

Project Highlights

With over 30% market share, Hero MotoCorp has remained a top automotive brand in India—for many decades! As the automotive industry shifts increasingly towards digital, the motorcycle company wanted to redefine customer experiences. And in an era of convenience and speed, a master app for all its digital services emerged as a need of the hour. The vision was to create a platform similar to a super-app for all its customer-facing solutions.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

For decision-makers at Hero, agreeing on the idea of the One App was the easy part. Key challenges emerged at the next step: figuring out the tech stack. Since they needed to combine existing digital solutions on one platform, the technology requirements were specific. Different development requirements for Android and iOS further complicated the problem.

Technology Solution

Our business analysts, solution architects, and developers teamed up to find out the most suitable tech stack. The goal was to use tools and technologies that create the most intuitive user experiences. After all, the idea of the One App was conceived around customer convenience. We built an app that bundles an array of solutions. From Hero’s eCommerce store and used-vehicle marketplace to a motorcycle navigation app and customer service, the master app is a one-stop shop for many solutions.

Value Delivered

With the launch of the Hero One App both on iOS and Android, the company saw a visible surge in digital engagement. With one platform for all the services, customers were more frequently using Hero’s digital solutions. Besides, newer platforms like the Wheel of Trust (for used vehicles) became more popular. It further added to the company’s digital-driven customer engagement.

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