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ORM Services for a Leading Gold IRA Dealer in USA

Project Highlights

It came to light that an unfavorable online review on a reputed consumer review site was ranking in second position of Google’s results pages. The client, a reputed name in Gold IRA industry, was keen to move the negative review to 3rd page of search engine or lower so it would not appear on the front page. The client wanted all page one results to be managed by themselves or to portray the brand in a positive mindset. The company has partnered with OrangeMantra to create an ORM (Online Reputation Strategy) to accelerate positive reviews and eliminate negative reviews from the search results.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The negative review about the client was quite established and ticked all the boxes to rank on the first page of Google’s search results. As is the case with most negative review regarding a brand, be it in search results or social media, these are likely to draw public’s opinion.

It was damaging their reputation and in turn preventing them from acquiring new prospects. Initially, they consulted a company to address their online reputation but their services failed. As a result, client was still stuck with their negative review.

Technology Solution

To overcome the challenges, we focused on a multifaceted approach, which not only helped push the negative review down in search, but also ensured the first page is populated with positive reviews. This also helped our client prospects to access transparent and unbiased information when searching for keywords related to our client.

For this purpose we implemented a mix of digital strategies:

1. Optimized client’s website properties to rank for the target keywords.

2. Created new and unique landing pages to climb up on the first page of Google Search results.

3. Implemented PPC to push down organic results by a few positions for the campaign duration.

4. Smartly interlinked the client’s website content with neutral, third party editorial content.

5. Posted PR placements in industry specialist media outlets and encouraged positive comments.

6. Used a blend of AI enabled and manual link-building to have higher visibility in the searches.

7. Created and Promoted YouTube Videos to Maximize SEO

Value Delivered

OrangeMantra successfully and tactically pushed the negative review beyond the 3rd page of Google’s search results. As a result, visibility for the negative reviews dropped by 85%. The campaign lasted for a few months and achieved the objectives we set in the beginning. The positive impact was clear, with SERPs being populated by positive content upon performing a branded search.

The ORM team continues to monitor client online accounts which helps stabilize their online reputation. We even optimized their website through powerful SEO implementation and keyword ranking to maintain #1 position on Google.

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