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Performance Analysis Dashboard Solution of a Leading Indonesian Bank

Project Highlights

Our client is a banking organization offering straightforward financial management services. Our client wanted to refine their process for lending personal loan and find the best option. But first, our client needed to select a partner with proven experience setting up dashboard solution. OrangeMantra met this criteria thanks to our expertise in complex solutions for the financial management domains. After deciding to work with OrangeMantra, our client also asked us to tackle other challenges – a lack of technical documentation and comprehensive dashboard.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

A large Indonesian bank wanted to improve customer engagement rate, streamline loan origination and internal communication to support automation. The company sought to have a secure dashboard application, which would enable employees to manage bank account holder finances.

Our client decided to develop its dashboard solution and replace its legacy approach. Due to our long standing relationship with the bank, it partnered with OrangeMantra to deliver a new platform and solution. The client needed a user-friendly and advanced dashboard application that would help their employees better manage loans through simple and intuitive interactions.

Technology Solution

Over the past few years, OrangeMantra’s banking technology experts, upgraded and replaced client legacy banking platform with a next-generation dashboard. We also integrated analytic and reporting automation into banking process management.

We made a number of recommendations to address issues with project management, architecture, customer service standards, loan origination methodology, and quality control. This implementation created personalized banking experiences enabling employees to organize, engage and manage all aspects of their daily jobs.

Value Delivered

The newly developed banking dashboard has successfully solved our client’s problems with performance, resulting in an easier-to-use application. The collaboration with OrangeMantra helped double the customer engagement rate. We continue to roll out new features and enhancements, including a personalized dashboard, enhanced security for loan origination and improved customer experience.

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