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Custom E-commerce Solution for Selling TVS Merchandise and Accessories


TVS Motor Company is a reputed two-wheeler manufacturer brand in India, known for its Sustainable Mobility. They focus on serving customers need with internationally aspirational products of the highest quality through innovative and sustainable processes. They have even received the prestigious Deming Prize. The company has grown by leaps and was looking for an intuitive and scalable eCommerce solution for business expansion. They wanted to expand their online presence, reach a broader audience, and increase sales of their merchandise. They partnered with OrangeMantra to build an immersive and easy to navigate online platform.


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Our Process

Despite high skill and knowledge requirements, we set up an experienced Shopify development team within a few days of requirement gathering. Our track record in Shopify development gave us an upper hand. Our team, has built hundreds of enterprise-grade eCommerce platforms for automobile companies.

We worked to create a design that reflects their brand and meets their needs. Using Shopify, we were able to build a site that is capable of housing thousands of bike accessories and merchandise. The website not only consisted of a beautiful layout but also in-demand technical features to boost the usability, ROI. The Shopify developer created a custom theme for TVS branding, including a responsive layout, advanced filtering, and a secure checkout process. This customization helped in improving the store’s aesthetics and functionality.


Our team connected with the client to understand business needs and their eCommerce project goals. Identify relevant technology for the development work and latest trends.


Design the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) bringing personalized features to engage prospects. Focused on the visual elements for fast paced navigation.


Flawless Shopify code creation for the eCommerce platform development based on the business needs. Implemented international standards with Agile technique.


Deployed the eCommerce platform with proper care by keeping a check on the performance and security. Ensured real-time support when come across any website performance troubles.

The Problem

Being a legacy brand, TVS has seen immense growth in the last few years. But they were yet to have a strong digital presence when it comes to selling bike accessories, merchandise. Top of their mind was ensuring the website should sync with the original, high-quality nature of their products. To keep up with the rapidly transforming automotive market, our client decided to have an eCommerce website and expand their service portfolio. TVS needed end-to-end web solutions right from the scratch, i.e., to design a Shopify eCommerce website, create its back-end with database integration and ultimately improve its online presence. Moreover, ensure the safety of customer data and providing multiple payment options was also a challenge.

Our Role

  • Conceptualization
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment

Project Challenges

1. User Experience

Providing an immersive and personalized user experience, comparable to the in-person showroom experience, was significant for customer satisfaction.

2. Complex Product Showcase

Showcasing alluring automobile features, specifications, and customization features presented a major challenge due to the products complexity.


Our eCommerce solution helped TVS meet their digital transformation goals in record time. We built a eCommerce solution highly adaptable to their business model and suitable for their network. Our technical expertise enabled us to deploy the solution per the planned timeline. Within the first quarter of launching the Shopify store, TVS experienced a significant increase in online sales, exceeding their projections by 25%. The custom-designed Shopify store and user-friendly interface helped to grow the average time spent on the site. The automated inventory management resulted into reduced errors and a surge in overall operational efficiency. Enhanced security encouraged customers to buy more resulting into a 35% increase in successful transactions.

Personalized Customer Experience

The customization tools and virtual experiences resulted into personalized experience, encouraging customers to buy more.

Secure Transactions

The latest security features instilled confidence in customers, helping TVS to experience a major surge in online transactions for high-value purchases.

Improved Brand Loyalty

The online platform, provided with 24/7 customer support, contributed to substantial increase in customer satisfaction, raising brand loyalty.

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