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Intuitive Web Solution Design & Digital Marketing for a Sustainability-focused EV Brand


Our client, is a leading EV manufacturer of Africa, becoming an innovation leader in sustainable vehicle designing, and smart battery designing with their exceptional engineering solutions. They are known to introduce world-class electric three-wheelers and two-wheelers to revolutionize and bring a new perspective to the auto-rickshaw, and personal transport. They partnered with OrangeMantra to design a website that sets them apart in their competitive environment. We were also asked to use a CMS which enables our client to easily manage the content of the website with ease. Their vision from this website is to create an informational platform that allows their customers to visit and learn about their products, connect with them locally.




Digital Marketing, EV & Fleet Management

Our Process

Initially, we conducted several meetings with stakeholders to understand client business requirements and offered a WP theme based on their brand’s image. OrangeMantra’s team is a great fit for client needs. As a comprehensive website design service provider, our team includes experts in marketing strategy, graphic design, and Search Engine Optimization.

We designed their website to make it mobile responsive, multi-lingual, and focused on customer engagement and user experience. We implemented an advanced SEO strategy that combines the latest practices and algorithms. In addition to our digital solutions, we worked on their content strategy to support their sales team to engage investors from across the globe.

Requirement Analysis

The team conducted a comprehensive analysis of the client’s business goals, target audience, and competitive landscape.

Website Design

Build wireframes and design prototypes for the client new website, ensuring a modern, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive interface.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Crafted digital marketing strategy aligned with the client’s business goals. Performed keyword research and competitor analysis to bring brand visibility.

Continuous Improvement

Conducted feedback session for continuous improvement. Regularly assess website performance, and digital marketing metrics to stay ahead of competitors.

The Problem

As a rapidly growing company, the client needed a unified wayfinding solution to engage investors. They needed a user-friendly website to easily manage all the content in terms of products for sale. For a new product launch, their website was not up to the mark. There was no online traffic and promoting their EV products with legacy manuals. We transformed the whole process by adding more informative content including client history, their EV products, and services. The website is more focused on providing information on how the client works towards sustainability, green mobility, and gender equality.

Our Role

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Continuous Improvement

Project Challenges

1.Limited Resources

The client was facing limited in-house technical resources to manage the website and digital marketing efforts.

2.Technical Complexity

Implementing next-gen features, ensuring mobile responsiveness, and optimizing for SEO was complex needing technical expertise.


Client is proud to partner with OrangeMantra as they continue to update their website and marketing materials. They are very happy with their website’s design and functionality. They are better able to make customizations to their site and the website performs better. They are better able to engage EV vehicle buyer and investors. They are also thrilled with their content materials and continue to partner with us to create new deliverables meeting brand standards. OrangeMantra is proud to serve client as an augment to their team.

1.Increased Website Traffic

The newly designed website and SEO efforts led to a significant surge in organic and referral traffic, exposing the brand to a wider audience.

2.Enhanced User Engagement

The modern website design and user-friendly interface achieved higher engagement, longer session, and increased conversion rates.

3.Brand Recognition

Digital marketing initiatives led to improved brand visibility, with the client’s EV bikes gaining recognition in the market.

Our clients absolutely love us