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Digitally Transforming PVR’s CX Management

The Story

Our client, PVR, is one of India’s pioneer and preferred retail entertainment companies. They required a digital makeover aimed at redefining its presence across metro cities. PVR needed an effective push to redesign its digital experience for the clients. Therefore, joined hands with OrangeMantra to build a personalized platform to increase its user base and integrate result-oriented strategies.

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PVR wanted to renew its state-of-the-art cinema exhibition experience for the users. With lack of a robust platform, they were unable to accommodate high traffic at any given point. Besides, apart from that user were facing troubles during ticket booking, accessing promotion offers from mobile platform.


Our experienced developers implemented the Java technology to redefine the existing mobile and web app for PVR. Initially, we aimed at finding issues and fixing them immediately through our next-gen technology stack. We break down their business complexity into insightful data, which helped us design the solution as needed. With this came the need for deploying complex business solutions, the highest levels of security, and 24×7 technical support that our team successfully deployed to the client.


OrangeMantra’s strategic business transformation services helped PVR enrich its existing client base and retain new clients. The ongoing security support ensured no server downtime even when the load is multi-fold with the release of new movies across India. Our decades of expertise and experience were successfully translated to offer a brand-new identity to PVR’s business.

In addition, a seamless, unified platform for movie-goers and theater owners was deployed. Online ticket sales were visibly higher within a few months. The conversion rate rose significantly on both platforms. The solutions also streamlined booking processes for theater owners.