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Implementing Natural Language Processing to Automate Data Mining

The Story

Our client, Drimco is a Munich-based enterprise known for its innovative AI-SaaS product to understand client requirements. They focus on optimizing business processes powered by AI and NLP technologies. The company wanted us to build a NLP-based solution to perform data extraction from large chunk of data. Our core team includes experienced researchers, consultants, and developers on a mission to revolutionize data mining processes.

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The client’s real challenge was to manage a lot of information from different resources including documents, social media posts, messages, chat’s conversation, and website info. They were facing difficulty to get proper insights from these large chunks of data that can support business activities. They need a robust, adaptable and secure data extraction solution. They wanted to make their search richer, faster, better and easy. They partnered with OrangeMantra for implementing a next-gen data extraction solution. NLP applications is the perfect savior that can help in document management and making smart business decision.


We created a scalable data extraction solution that could collect, and manage information effectively. We performed parallel processing of data to maximize data processing throughput. The NLP solution was able to quickly assign scores and rank the information according to the priority. Data cleanup feature was added to remove unrelated information from the raw data.


With NLP solution, the client was able to better organize the data flow, automate the tasks, scale up data gathering, data processing operation and make better decision on the gathered data. Some of the key outcomes are automating data analysis, optimize operational efficiency, and generating more leads from the processed data.

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