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Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer to Meet Unique Business Needs

Our range of end-to-end Microsoft Dynamics 365 services helps organizations transform their existing business operations. OrangeMantra brings 12+ years of experience working with Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, and other Dynamics 365 modules to meet specific customer engagement objectives, revenue, and growth targets.

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Our certified team of Microsoft Dynamics developers provides customized, data-driven CRM solutions. With easy to use, flexible, and scalable tools to manage manual business operations, OrangeMantra drives your business value.

OrangeMantra provides a wide range of services for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, catering to various aspects of your business. Our ERP integration solution ensures interoperability between multiple business processes, eliminates data silos and enhances collaboration.

Our skilled Microsoft Dynamics 365 gurus offer consulting services to help your company achieve operational excellence and create exceptional customer experiences. We specialize in customizing existing solutions to unlock new opportunities to boost ROI.

OrangeMantra delivers end-to-end, comprehensive, and qualitative Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation solutions. Our rich Dynamics 365 implementation enhances business productivity by providing a unified, consistent user experience.

Our custom Dynamics 365 App Development services empower businesses to leverage Microsoft offerings in a way that directly contributes to their operational efficiency, competitiveness, and overall success.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 data migration offers numerous advantages, from improved data quality to enhanced productivity and decision-making. As organizations continue to embrace digital transformation, seamless migration to Dynamics 365 becomes cornerstone to achieving operational excellence.

Client Success Stories Who Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer

Discover the various success stories where our certified Microsoft Dynamics experts transformed our client's businesses, igniting efficiency and nurturing connections.

On-time feature launch and high performance eCommerce platform

A rapidly growing startup hired a team of MEAN stack developers from OrangeMantra to enhance their e-commerce platform. Our staff augmentation model facilitates seamless integration of our team with their in-house developers. The collaboration brought a fresh perspective and accelerated the development process. This resulted in the timely launch of new features and improved eCommerce platform performance.

Cost-Effective Scaling to Manage Increased Workload

An established enterprise was struggling with scalability due to a surge in project demand. They also did not want to go full-scale with hiring employees full-time. OrangeMantra quickly came to the rescue. We scaled their development team with our MEAN stack experts. This cost-effective approach allowed our client to manage the increased workload with ease and deliver projects on time, thereby successfully maintaining their competitive edge in the market.

Rapid Prototyping for a Startup

One of our new clients, a tech startup, needed to develop a prototype to showcase their ground-breaking and rope in investors. They reached out to OrangMantra for their expertise in MEAN stack development. We augmented their team and worked closely to expedite the prototype of the application. The outcome was a functional prototype that impeccably brought their concept to reality.

Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer India Using Cutting-Edge Tech Stack

Discover the various platforms and tools that ignite the triumph of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts. We use the best teams, tools, and technologies to streamline business operations.

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Our Ultra-Flexible Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer Hiring Models

Explore our flexible hiring models that seamlessly cater to your project requirements. We guarantee flawless project delivery while assisting you in finding the perfect model for all your distinct project requirements.

Full-Time Engagement

Full-Time Engagement

Looking to hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer on a full-time basis? This engagement model suits long-term projects, ensuring a stable workforce without the fluctuations associated with temporary/freelance arrangements.

Hourly Basis

Hourly Basis

Hiring Microsoft developers by the hour provides clients with a granular level of control over project costs. Prioritize tasks based on your business needs and allocate resources strategically, optimizing the project's overall efficiency.

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Boost your in-house efficiency by adding our certified Microsoft 365 experts to your existing team. This model effectively meets the changing needs of your project while increasing your current capabilities.

Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Programmer in Your Industry

Our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics development has brought transformative changes across industries, including -

Have a Business Idea? Not Sure Where to Begin? Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer Today

Client Speaks - Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Programmer from OrangeMantra

At OrangeMantra, we take pride in delivering adaptable solutions to all our cherished clients. Here’s what they have to say about our Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation and consultation expertise.

Why Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Programmer from OrangeMantra?

By hiring Dynamics 365 developers from us, OrangeMantra can assist you in implementing intelligent quality control techniques and meeting specific customer engagement objectives, revenue, and growth targets. Here’s why you should hire from us:

  • whychooseus100+ dedicated professionals
  • whychooseusAdvanced tech stack
  • whychooseusAgile methodologies
  • whychooseusClient satisfaction guaranteed
  • whychooseusDedicated 24x7 project support
  • whychooseus No contractual lock-ins
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Years of Experience

Meet Our Vibrant Minds

Looking for the ideal match for your project? Explore professionals with unique expertise and a proven track record of project success.

Ankit Thakur Lead Specialist Power Platform Dynamics 365

Experience: 10+ years

MS Dynamics ERP MS Dynamics 365 CE Dynamics NAV

Sheetal Singh Sr. MS D365 Consultant

Experience: 8+ years

MS Dynamics AX MS Dynamics GP Microsoft PowerApps

Chirag Pandit MS Power Platform / .Net Specialist

Experience: 6+ years

MS Dynamics NAV MS Dynamics SL PowerBI

Aman Sharma D365 CRM Implementation Specialist

Experience: 5+ years

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 D365 Customer Engagement Core

Hiring Process for Microsoft 365 Developers

We have reinvigorated our hiring process to be more efficient. Hence, you can easily engage highly skilled Microsoft Dynamics developers who perfectly meet your project requirements. Here's how we guarantee to find the ideal match for you.

  • Understanding Your Requirements

    Understanding Your Requirements

    To start off, we make sure we fully understand what your project requires, your business goals, and the specific technical aspects that are necessary. This involves having in-depth conversations and conducting thorough analysis to determine the precise skills and expertise needed.

  • Talent Pool Evaluation

    Talent Pool Evaluation

    We boast a vast talent pool of certified Microsoft developers with diverse experiences and proficiencies. We carefully assess our pool of candidates to select those whose skills and experience level perfectly aligns with your project requirements.

  • Project Technical Feasibility

    Technical Proficiency Assessments

    Shortlisted candidates go through comprehensive technical evaluations and interviews led by our seasoned professionals. We make sure that their technical skills, problem-solving capabilities, and understanding of Microsoft tools and modules fit your project like a glove.

  • Choose Hiring Model

    Compatibility and Cultural Fit

    We also consider the candidate’s compatibility with OrangeMantra’s core values, work ethic, and workplace environment when onboarding a Microsoft Dynamics developer.

  •  Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    Client Collaboration and Selection

    We take clients’ feedback on board during the recruitment process when presenting them with a curated list of suitable candidates. This helps ensure that the selected professionals match their unique vision and requirements.

  •  Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    Seamless Onboarding

    Once the ideal candidate is chosen, we facilitate a seamless onboarding process. This includes orientation, familiarization with project specifics, and integrating them seamlessly into your team.

Frequently Asked Question

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer creates and customizes software and apps for their employer or clients. In this realm, your core focus lies on assessing the operational and IT needs of a company or organization. Developers also create extensions for use with existing applications.

C/AL (Client/server Application Language) was the programming language used within C/SIDE the Client/Server Integrated Development Environment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Formerly known as Navision Attain) and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central up until (and including) version 14.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software package developed by Microsoft, focusing on enhancing customer relationships for any organization. It is one of the leading industry-standard CRM software available in the market.

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