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Solutions Delivered by our Proficient SQL Developers

As a leading development company, OrangeMantra’s team of experienced SQL developers can offer the given SQL development services in a seamless manner

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Our SQL developers have relevant experience in designing databases across multiple DBMSs. Designs are known to eliminate data redundancy, lower data restructuring, ensure referential integrity, and boost performance.

If you are looking to build effective database applications that possess good performance, simply hire SQL experts from our agency. Our SQL experts promise not only secure and efficient database development but also a lower overall time to finish the project.

With our SQL optimization service, we help our clients get the most out of their SQL applications, enhance application use, reduce staff frustrations, increase client satisfaction, and support future business endeavors.

Once you hire SQL developers it is easy to avail of migrating services. We ensure a smooth migration in different circumstances including migrating to a new server, migrating to the latest version of SQL, and restoring databases from the backup.

Our SQL server developers are professionals in multiple database development projects that include a detailed SQL database design with naming conventions, generating a detailed database, and optimizing poorly performing queries.

Hire SQL experts from OrangeMantra, who possess solid expertise in Object Linking and Embedding databases. Our SQL developers implement OLE standards while sharing information between apps, which supports our client apps to communicate as well as retrieve data insights.

Our Clients Success Narrative

See how hiring dedicated SQL developers becomes a game-changer for our clients and how it transforms their entire business.

Increment in Payment Recovery for our healthcare client by building a Server-less technology

We have come across a client belonging to the healthcare industry. It is a leading name in providing revenue cycle management solutions. The company is primarily focused on collecting from insurers and payers, dues through their technology solutions. They approach OrangeMantra to gain a solution for their payment recovery business which can effortlessly communicate with their legacy system without hampering their core systems. They hire SQL developers from our side who provide them with a standalone application created on server-less technology to fulfill the needs of the clients by using third-party APIs. It resulted in a 5X increase in payment recovery and brought more transparency to patients.

System Advancement: Migration from Microsoft Access to SQL Server for our retail client

Our client is a leading retail company, particularly in electronic products worldwide. They grew into the top online retailer in such a short span with a marketplace featuring over the hundreds of thousands of products. The company attracts around 5 million visitors every year in which 67% of them are returning customers. As soon as the company grew, the company’s technology stack failed to cope and faced issues regarding operational growth and customers’ needs. It limits sales and decreases the level of customer experience. The existing MS Access seems outdated, can’t perform properly and the storage was growing rapidly and all this leads to the poor performance of the business. It’s no wonder that the client consulted OrangeMantra as we have a team of SQL experts to perform the migration from Microsoft Access to SQL Server.

Creation of a resume-building technology for Edtech Clients to boost their leads and increase their revenue

In this scenario, our client belongs to the Edtech industry and imparts the service to form resumes for different people for different purposes. Now, they are seeking that their data come up with great speed but execution has a problem as query solving approach needs some optimization. Thus, they are looking to gain a resume-building application with deep intuitive designs with the help of some latest technologies like HTML5, SAAS, PHP, MySQL, and JQuery. Our team develops a custom form that has advanced visuals that can save a lot of value on run-time.

Toolbox of our SQL Developer

Hire SQL Developers as they can propel your business by unlocking the hidden potential with their bag full of tools. Know what tools and technologies they can rely upon.

  • Languages

  • PythonESQL
  • JavaOraclize
  • HTMLMySQL Script
  • Technologies

  • LaravelDatabase Replication
  • React.jsRDBMS
  • DjangoDatabase Mirroring
  • AngularTriggers
  • Tools

  • GitDBeaver
  • JenkinsToad for Oracle
  • JIRAIBM Data Studio
  • JIRANavicat
  • Frameworks

  • MySQLSpring Data
  • MongoDBSlick
  • PostgreSQLRuby on Rails
  • SQLiteHibernate

Alternatives to Hire SQL Developers

We provide efficient alternative models for people through which they can hire SQL Developers India according to their business needs or requirements and budget. Go with any alternative, you find more suitable for yourself to ensure maximum project transparency.

full time modal

Dedicated Team Model

Go with this model to hire SQL developers if you want a dedicated in-house team for your project so that you can seek assistance any time when you feel the need for the same. Through this alternative, you can have a team of experienced SQL developers who only pay their full attention to your project. Leverage the benefits of having a team of developers to create a collaborative environment to deduce maximum efficiency and productivity.

part time

Staff Augmentation

If you are a company that feels the need for the expertise of SQL on a contractual basis, the Staff Augmentation model is designed for you. This model permits you to hire a developer in your team and let them work on your ongoing project. It saves you from falling into the hassle of the hiring process as other company does this and they work for you but on the payroll of the company who hired them. Furthermore, staff augmentation allows you to cut down the number of employees to maintain your budget according to your requirements.

full time modal

Hourly/Part-Time Mode

Looking to hire SQL Developers for an hour or to solve an issue that you are having in your running project, this model is apt for you. Hourly or part-time model is a cost-effective solution for businesses that only need the developers for some time to make their business flow without any disruption. It permits you to leverage the expertise of the developer at the moment when you need it.

Hire SQL Developers for Your Industry

Knock on our door to hire SQL programmers from our side as our expertise doesn’t remain limited to some industries. We deliver customized solutions to cater to your needs without about your business domain.

Want to develop a safe database application at a fast rate? OrangeMantra is the ideal partner for you to hire SQL developers

Word of Mouth of Our Clients

Highlighted here are the words of our customers who have already taken our service and experienced the expertise of our SQL developers.

Know Why You Should Hire SQL Developers From OrangeMantra?

OrangeMantra provides timely & trusted SQL Server database development services. Hire SQL developers who are always curious to tackle complex projects. As a leading development company, we make sure innovative and customized services are offered to clients.

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  • whychooseusPositive Feedback
  • whychooseusHigh Team Strength
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A Glimpse of Our Team

Karan Taneja SQL Developer

Experience: 9+ years

T-SQL ESQL DBeaver Navicat Slick

Shubhi Sharma SQL Developer

Experience: 7+ Year

Magento & PHP Oraclize RDBMS Database Replication SSMS

Himani Trivedi SQL Developer

Experience: 11+ years

MySQL Script Hibernate Ruby on Rails ESQL

Tarun Baweja SQL Developer

Experience: 4+ years

Spring Data IBM Data Studio T-SQL Database Mirroring

Our Step-by-Step Procedure to Hire SQL Developers

OrangeMantra team has a dedicated team of professionals committed to building a secure, and smooth database with 100% satisfaction. Hire SQL developers without any hassle by following our streamlined process.

  • Discuss Project Requirements


    Firstly, clients can reach out to our business analysts over any communication channel of their choice including Skype, & E-mail.

  • Project Technical Feasibility

    Project Discussion

    Now, we proceed to have a discussion and ask the client to share their database application requirements with our team. This will move the development work in the right direction.

  • Choose Hiring Model


    A proposal is shared with the client having all the essential details to finish the job, as well as the cost of the development.

  •  Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    Hire Developer

    The client can hire SQL developers as per their business requirements. Our developer shares the progress report regularly to keep the client updated.

  •  Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    Project Deployment

    Once the project is completed, our team deploys it over the client server. We have server professionals for the proper deployment work.

  •  Continuous Improvement and Evaluation

    Post-deployment Support

    After the deployment, our team remains with the client to provide them with continuous support and maintenance service.

Hire SQL Developers to Attain Innovative solutions for your Business Requirements

Without any worry, hire SQL developers from OrangeMantra to become a data-driven company to elevate your outcomes like leads and revenue.

Frequently Asked Question

If you are looking for faster delivery of projects at low investment, it is wise to hire SQL developers who work solely on your projects.

After properly considering the project requirements, we will assign experienced SQL experts for your project. If you prefer, you can hire dedicated SQL programmers after scheduling interviews and choose based on your choice.

The estimated cost of SQL developers varies based on several factors, including the number of years of experience, skillset, and project demand.

Yes, when you hire SQL developers from Clarion, we do sign all the legal forms and documents, including NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to protect your information and data.

OrangeMantra is a reputed company from where you can hire SQL developers who all have decades of experience working in companies and startups. Most of the users that we have are mainly marketers, technical experts, sales professionals, etc.

Finding a reliable company to hire dedicated SQL developers? Look no further as we are here. Reach out to us today to start up with your project.