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IoT & Embedded Solutions

The growing popularity of connected vehicles has ushered the era of IoT for the automotive sector. Leading brands and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), therefore, are leveraging this technology to acquire data from sensors and improve the in-vehicle experience for connected vehicles. They visualize vehicle IoT technologies as significant business opportunities and look for solutions that enable them to harness these opportunities. OrangeMantra understands the complexity of this powerful technology and knows how to use it for empowering the automotive ecosystem. Our expertise extends to embedded solutions that offer connectivity across various touch points. Brands can use them to consume a scalable data range and keep their firmware constantly updated over-the-air.

What Makes Us Stand Apart

Connecting diverse data points

Our expertise in cloud-based development enables us to connect the entire data touchpoints within high-performance environments.

Saving energy and lowering costs

With our rich experience with OTA updates, we are capable of collecting and quickly analyzing data with minimal time, cost, and efforts.

Following the latest IoT trends

As our experts constantly develop their skills and follow the latest trends, they can create successful products and marketable solutions.

Technologies We Leverage

IoT & Embedded Solutions Design Smarter Vehicles For Automotive Brands

Empower Your Brand With IoT Value

As consumers demand increased connectivity, the automotive industry needs to gear up for the IoT revolution. IoT connectivity empowers automotive brands to expand their offerings and enhance the experiences of drivers. With the help of connected cars, it becomes possible to find the gaps in vehicles’ performance and improve them at all levels. IoT-powered vehicles leverage telematics technology to deliver value-added services to consumers. Besides collecting traffic updates and enabling real-time navigation, connected vehicles also provide innovative infotainment solutions for the drivers.

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions

Enhance Driving Safety With IoT

Automotive IoT reinvents the concept of safety for autonomous vehicles as it offers cutting-edge solutions that are capable of reducing risks on the road to a considerable extent. It combines cloud-based applications with multiple onboard sensors to run driverless cars without the risk of road accidents and casualties. The accuracy of connected vehicles greatly depends on the effective use of map updates and real-time routing information. This is made possible by IoT-powered applications which serve as a bridge for facilitating seamless communication between connected vehicles and infrastructure.

Leverage Predictive Maintenance

Being able to predict the future maintenance requirements of vehicles makes brands and OEMs stand apart. The IoT-enabled connected vehicles offer valuable insights into the performance and driving behavior to accurately predict the maintenance requirements and prevent crashes and incidents in the long run. With IoT for automotive, it becomes possible to gather data from electronic control units, data transmitters, and hardware modules. Continuous tracking enables the transmission of diagnostic data to the automakers about the requisite system updates and vehicle maintenance needs.

Why Opt OrangeMantra for Blockchain Technology Solutions

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