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Seamless Connectivity Ensuring Cyber Security

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While vehicle connectivity and automated driving spell new opportunities for the automotive industry, they also bring major concerns related to automotive cyber security. Vehicles connected to a mobile or cloud platform are particularly at risk. Automotive cyber security testing, thus, becomes critical to detecting the vulnerability of systems and safeguarding vehicles from unauthorized access to advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or steering controls via mobile apps, over-the-air updates, and infotainment systems. OrangeMantra understands the significance of predicting and disclosing the scenarios of cyber threats. We also perform stringent automotive security audits to ensure software quality and discover the weak links within the connected cloud–car–mobile ecosystem.

V2X Connectivity

In-car data

Detecting the insecure in-car data transmission channels and securing them as well

ADAS Controls

TCP/IP and Ethernet

Analyzing the in-vehicle network connections and ensuring that they are secure


TCP over USB

Strengthening the vehicle security with the prevention of remote attacks via network services

HD Map Components


Checking for cellular networks and potential threats for additional protection for the vehicle.


Infotainment systems

Detecting the possible DoS attacks that may happen via the in-vehicle media systems.


Third-party services

Testing third-party services such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink.

Our Key Differentiators

Substantial testing experience

Substantial testing experience

Our experts practice proven testing approaches for every project we undertake, while ensuring that software quality assurance is the top priority.

Focus on secure SDLC

Focus on secure SDLC

The focus of our automotive cyber security experts is entirely on the system architecture and we keep a close eye on it throughout the development cycle.

Stringent penetration testing

Stringent penetration testing

We perform stringent penetration testing on the mission-critical car software on prototypes or real vehicles to uncover every possible threat and angle of attack.

A holistic approach

A holistic approach

Once we detect a security issue or breach, we demonstrate how it can be addressed and beyond that, take the responsibility for fixing it as well.

Technologies We Leverage

  • python
  • Navigation Data Standard
  • IDA Pro
  • Google Test
  • wireshark
  • Kali Linux

Security & Privacy
Empowering The Nex-Gen Vehicles

Prevent remote car hacking

Prevent remote car hacking

In the era of self-driving cars, locking the vehicle is not a sufficient security measure anymore. The system architecture of autonomous vehicles becomes vulnerable because they connect to the internet, mobile, and cloud platforms. The best approach to protect them from cybercrime and malicious activity is by developing secure automotive software. These software solutions need to go through stringent cyber security testing for assessing risks and vulnerabilities and protecting the vehicles against them. The overall objective is to ensure that they deliver safer driving experiences

Resolve CAN bus vulnerabilities

Electronic control units (ECUs) are an essential part of next-gen vehicles. While these can be more than a hundred in number, it is critical to have secure connections among them. These connections are handled by a system called Controlled Area Network (CAN) bus. Since this system lies at the core of a connected vehicle, it becomes an easy target for malicious attacks. The encryption of the CAN bus protocol is the solution for protecting the transmitted data. At the same time, embedded security systems are to be installed in ECUs to block malicious attacks before they affect the vehicle.

Resolve CAN bus vulnerabilities
Protect infotainment systems

Protect infotainment systems

The expansion of connected services leads to an increase in the number of touchpoints vulnerable to cyber attacks. High-tech in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems, therefore, can escalate the risk of cybercrime. Brands need to come up with security solutions that focus on authentication mechanisms, access control permissions, and virus scans to shield the sensitive vehicle data and on-board IVI systems. Additionally, they need to ensure that data is not compromised while being processed. Defining insecure data transmission channels and preventing unauthorized changes to autonomous systems become the pillars of the vehicle security strategy.

Automotive Brands We Have Served

  • Hero
  • magneti marelli
  • Pitzo
  • Ashoklayland
  • coverking

Let’s help secure vehicles against attacks and vulnerabilities.