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About LogBook

TimeSheet filling is no more a boring, time killing or complicated process. It’s just “Simple Clicks to Fill “. It is experimented, time tested and renewed as per the practical needs.

Manage Team Performance

A Simple And Direct Strategy to Utilise Human Resources

It’s a win-win situation for both the Employees and the Employer. The employer may manage their employees in a structured manner. A real-time synopsis of the work details helps the management and the employees as well to analyse, make marked changes in the administration/assignment way, enhance productivity and stay ahead in the global market scenario.


Manage Project Performance

The Project Management Metrics & Measures Simplified

It creates an easy situation to monitor projects. It enables one to assess the status of the ongoing project schedule, cost, profitability, and foresee/nail down potential risks (if any). It helps to keep a continuous check on quality and productivity of the team. It helps in building predictability and improve organization’s decision.


Screen Capturing Module

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Screen Capturing Module

It is a digital package for the corporate organizations specifically designed to manage and maximize the employee performance with a focus on policies, systems and collaboration.

Solve the professional, communication or the geographic gaps through Enterprise social network.

Tap your employee ideas, connect with your customers, partners or the vendors.

mobile cms

How this LogBook helps

It is A Migration From Unmanaged Management To Strategic Virtualization Management.

Implement accurate and objective time keeping

Accurate time keeping against the objectives facilitate retrieval of precise reports which enables to make informed decisions. It’s an added value for the decision makers.

E-commerce CMS

Save costs to the company

Electronic notification of time and attendance data eliminates maintenance cost, time and labor costs of manual time clocks. Tracking time or the expenses for payroll, project management, billing or other related purposes are made easy.

E-commerce CMS

Customized Job estimation model

It makes the company to stay on budget, create accurate estimates, and predict profits. It helps to compare/tighten the estimates with actuals, improve forecasting and thus run an efficient team.

E-commerce CMS

Match the Human Resources The Way You Manage Projects

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