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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – An Ideal Solution for Magento Merchants

Earlier, one of the biggest challenges for the Magento community was the speed of the Magento websites. This is crucial as websites need three things to generate sales – quick and easy product search functionality, speedy app navigation, and a fast checkout process. A slow website can significantly reduce the number of sales. Progressive Web Apps technology makes it easier for Magento merchants to deliver a fast, reliable, and highly-engaging mobile customer experience that dramatically improves conversions and user retention. Progressive Web Apps technology combines the best technical solutions applied in mobile and web applications to create outstanding mobile web experience. PWAs are installed on mobile devices like a web app and can be easily accessed from the home screen.

We, at Orange Mantra, offer Magento merchants everything they need to succeed so that they can deliver excellent mobile web experience to customers. With us, you get PWA e-commerce websites in 15 Days so that you get started as early as possible.

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Salient Features of Progressive Web Applications

To acquire more customers and generate revenue from your Magento store, you need to ensure that your e-commerce website is fast-loading, responsive, engaging, and most importantly secure. Progressive web applications offer reliability, superior user engagement, easy installation and update, and a mobile-first approach. They run flawlessly regardless of the operating system and browser and are independent of app stores. Here are a few key features that make PWAs stand out of the crowd.



A proper Progressive Web App works flawlessly on multiple devices regardless of the browser



PWAs are optimized to fit into screen size and resolution of any type of devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

Internet Connectivity-independent

Internet Connectivity-independent

A PWA can work offline or in areas where there is a slow Internet connection.



A proper Progressive Web App works flawlessly on multiple devices regardless of the browser



PWAs are optimized to fit into screen size and resolution of any type of devices such as desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet.

Always Fresh

Always Fresh

Users always use the latest app version and so no updates required

Quick Installation

Quick Installation

With PWAs, forget about the daunting task of downloading and installing an application. Simply add the PWA to the home screen of your device and start using it.



A PWA can automatically send timely and relevant push notifications to help people connect with their favorite brands.

App-like Look

App-like Look and Feel

PWAs act like a native app on mobile with familiar app navigation and interactions.

Why Should You Go with Progressive Web App for Your Magento Store?


  • Increase in Conversion Rates by 50%
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • No App Publishing or Approval Process
  • Fast Updates
  • Save money, time, and frustration


  • No Downloads Required
  • Saves Storage Space
  • Offline Accessibility
  • Compatible with All Devices and Browsers
  • Delivers Consistent and App-like Web Experience

PWA Magento E-commerce Development in 15 Days Guaranteed

At Orange Mantra, we guarantee PWA Magento e-commerce development within 15 Days. Our confidence in delivering PWA Magento Stores relies on our proficient team of Magento PWA developers who are technically well-versed in the PWA technology and can provide tailored solutions to Magento e-commerce businesses. Our dedicated team of Magento PWA developers goes the extra mile to deliver solutions within 15 days to help you embark on your e-commerce business journey without any hassle. Here’s what you can enjoy with our PWA Magento e-commerce development services.

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Progressive Web Apps with Major Mobile App Features

No matter what is your industry type, our creative heads are with you at each step of web layout design to create a perfect website that reflects your brand while taking you a few notches higher

  • White Label Solution White Label Solution
  • Featured Product Listing Featured Product Listing
  • Easy Customization Easy Customization
  • Reliable & Engaging Reliable & Engaging
  • Multi-device Compatibility Multi-device Compatibility
  • Lightweight Lightweight
  • Email & Social Login Email & Social Login
  • Multi-lingual & Currency Support Multi-lingual & Currency Support
  • Automotive All Payment & Shipping Method Support
  • Offline Mode Offline Mode
  • One-Page Checkout One-Page Checkout
  • Automotive Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Live Synchronization Live Synchronization
                    Order Tracking Order Tracking

Fully Customizable Home Screen Interface

White Label PWA

Our Magento 2 PWA solution gives you the liberty to fully customize your app for your business by setting your brand logo, font, app icon and name, splash screen, desired color themes, and a lot more. With us, you will get a PWA web app built with Magento 2 extension that is completely based on your business domain, products, and services being provided.

Flexible & Dynamic Home Screen

Our PWA Magento e-commerce development services enable us to bring your imagination to life within 15 days. We create feature-rich visual homepage design that is flexible and dynamic. Our PWA supports HTML5-based multiple homepage layouts and keeps any one of the screens active at a given time

Best Seller/ Featured/New Arrival Listing

Instead of displaying products and categories using sliders and banners, you can also showcase products on the homepage of Magento 2 Progressive Web App. You can choose among Best Seller, Special Offers, New Arrivals, and more. Our Magento 2 PWA enables you to add desired graphics and redirects on your banners and sliders. Showcasing such products and banners strategically helps you entice and engage more customers and convert to sales.

Easy Installation & Customization

Installing our Magento 2 PWA is as easy as adding an app to the home screen of your device, without requiring users to visit any third-party app store for downloading and installing. Our Magento 2 PWA being a secure tool allows admins to customize their Magento web app without coding.

Complete Web Application Benefits

Skilled and experienced developers

Fast, Reliable & Engaging

Magento 2 PWA is faster because of its progressive loading mechanism. Moreover, it allows users to browse products even in offline mode and areas with slow internet connectivity. With features like unlimited push notifications makes your Magento 2 PWA more engaging than others.

Robust solutions at competitive pricing

App Store Independent

Progressive Web Apps for Magento 2 need not be submitted or published on any of the App stores such as Google Play & Apple App Store. Magento 2 PWA will be added to the home screen of users’ mobile devices and can be accessed with one click. You won’t have to spend days waiting for your app’s approval and publishing process.

Best practices with a proven methodology

Multi-device Compatibility

A single Magento 2 Progressive Web App can run faultlessly on every mobile device regardless of the operating system used. Hence, your Magento 2 web mobile app is accessible to any group of mobile audience.

Successful track record


Magento 2 web app is extremely lightweight compared to other native or hybrid apps. This makes your Magento PWA consume less storage space on users’ devices. This is one major advantage that prevents Magento 2 Progressive Web Applications from crashing, thereby delivering a better user experience.

Simple, Responsive & User-friendly Interface

Quick Email & Social Login

With Magento 2 PWA users can easily signup or login using Facebook or Google accounts. This quick and hassle-free onboarding ensures enhanced user experience and saves time for more browsing and purchase

Quick Email & Social Login
Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency

Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support

Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps supports multiple languages such as French, German, etc. including Right-To-Left (RTL) languages such as Urdu, Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, etc. moreover, with multiple currency support, Magento PWA allows users to choose currency based on their region or preferences.

Smooth Layered Navigation

Smooth and easy navigation enables users to easily browse through your Magento 2 web app. By providing appropriate product category and subcategory, sorting, and filtering options, you save a lot of time and effort of your app users in searching for the right products.

Smooth Layered Navigation
Faster Loading Speed

Faster Loading Speed

As Magento 2 PWA is lightweight and employs a fast loading mechanism, it can load faster than the native apps. This delivers an excellent user experience to your app users and helps you keep your services at par.

Delightful Shopping Experience with Magento 2 Progressive Web Apps

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What Set Us Apart?

  • 01. PWA Magento E-commerce Development in 15 Days
  • 02. 100% Open-source
  • 03. Dedicated Team of Magento PWA Developers
  • 04. 30-days Money-back Guarantee
  • 05. Extended Support & Maintenance
  • 06. Highly Secure & Stable PWA Solutions
  • 07. 100% Customizable & Fully-tested Solutions
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