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Conversational AI & advanced NLP to Improve Customer Service & Operations

Conversational AI empowers your businesses to interact with customers in a revolutionary way. Intelligent chatbots and a virtual assistant can also help you reshare day-to-day business operations. We leverage the innovative features of the bot development platform Rasa to build intelligent tech solutions.
At OrangeMantra, we have a team of chatbot developers, AI experts, and data scientists to build efficient AI-powered solutions for clients.

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Important Benefits of Developing a Chatbot/ Virtual Assistant

Be it enhancing customer service quality or improving operational efficiency, chatbots can go a long way to help your business.

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Save time & effort

Chatbots can be a great time-saver, especially if you are in the service industry. For instance, if you use a chatbot on your website, it provides an automated and faster response to queries.

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Ensure customer satisfaction

Chatbots have been most widely used by the customer service department, changing the way the services are offered. Advanced chatbots can interact with customers in engaging ways, round the clock.

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Save labor costs

Deploying a chatbot/AI assistant as an alternative to a human employee can save to a great deal of money. With chatbots, you don’t have to deal with expensive factors like worker’s compensation, sick leave, medical benefits, etc.

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Reduce errors, improve service quality

Humans handling customer services and queries are prone to errors and biases. That is not the case with chatbots. Chatbots will always give accurate responses based on the questions asked.

Core Capabilities of the Rasa Framework

Rasa can flawlessly handle different kinds of contextual data and conversations. Its core capabilities enable developers to build error-free conversational bots.

Handle different user goals

It’s crucial for AI assistants to handle diverse kinds of user goals. These could include full conversations with diverse questions and responses or generalizing from previous conversations.

Manage disambiguation

Human languages are full of ambiguity. Chatbots, therefore, need to remove such uncertainty by asking specifically about their intent.

Extract contextual data

Virtual assistants should be able to deal with a possible change in the user’s mind. Such incidents could lead to a change of user goal and cam affect contextual data from user response.

Key Features of the Rasa Framework

Rasa is the most evolved machine learning framework for developing text- and voice-based AI assistants.

Natural Language Processing for Chatbots

Rasa NLU, an open-source language processing platform, enables chatbot developers to flawlessly classify, retrieve responses, and extract entities in chatbots.

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ML-driven Dialogue Management

The bot development framework is equipped with Rasa Core dialogue engine that allows bot developers to efficiently manage conversations. The framework uses a machine learning model to create effective dialogues.

Multiple Integrations & Channels

Developers can start real conversations with the chatbot immediately after creating a minimum viable AI assistant. Rasa enables developers to easily capture conversations and review them.

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Powered by a Rapidly-growing Community

The global community of Rasa developers is an incredibly diverse group of software engineers and AI enthusiasts. The community constantly upgrades the open-source framework with innovative features and codes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rasa is an open-source machine learning framework for building AI assistants and chatbots. Rasa is based on the Python programming language. It’s one of the most evolved frameworks for developing AI assistants.
The costs of building a conversational bot vary widely, depending on your requirements. Your industry and goals also matter. If you need a simple bot with basic features, costs are comparatively lower. OrangeMantra offers Rasa chatbot development at a competitive price.
There is no predefined development time for chatbots. It depends on what kind of conversational bot you want to build. Chatbots with less training data and basic capabilities take less time. Bots with higher volumes of training data take more time. OrangeMantra has a track record of developing bots within a shorter turnaround time.
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