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Explore our impactful journey showcasing our strategic partnerships with a diverse client base spanning various industries. We’ve received recognition through prestigious awards for our achievements in numerous successful projects.

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Harness the Power of AWS Cloud Computing Solutions

Is there a new cloud-based service you intend to develop? Alternatively, are you interested in migrating your current IT setup to the cloud? Being a reputable supplier of AWS cloud computing services, we give extensive knowledge and advice on creating and managing AWS clouds.

To reach their goals, enterprises must move faster, reduce IT expenses, and scale up their applications. Because cloud computing offers pay-as-you-go on-demand computer resources, it's the perfect choice for progressive organizations. An extensive range of worldwide computing, storage, database, analytics, application, and deployment services are provided by top cloud service provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). It makes it possible for companies to easily and affordably migrate their apps to the cloud. They can reduce capital costs for the computer infrastructure by using AWS because they just have to pay for what they use. For this reason, an increasing number of businesses are looking to use AWS cloud service solutions in order to obtain a competitive edge.

AWS Cloud Computing Solutions

Our Range of AWS Cloud Computing Services

As one of the leading AWS cloud computing services in India, we drive innovation, optimize value, protect your cloud investments, and facilitate modernization with our extensive services.

AWS Consulting

AWS Consulting

Evaluation of the current architecture and development of a thorough plan for the transformation of AWS. Being an AWS cloud consulting company, we prioritize achieving business goals through growth.

AWS Integration

AWS Integration

With AWS integration services, AWS Cloud is integrated using the existing on-premise resources to enable the adoption of the hybrid cloud model for accelerating business growth and reducing costs.

AWS Implementation

AWS Implementation

Deployment of the business applications on Amazon cloud, after a thorough AWS infrastructure and application architecture have been implemented.

Managed AWS Cloud Services

Managed AWS Cloud Services

To ensure a seamless transition to the AWS cloud, performance optimization and the re-engineering of IT infrastructure, apps, and databases are necessary.

AWS Cloud Migration

AWS Cloud Migration

Formulation of an optimal AWS migration strategy which is then put into action to migrate existing business applications and data to the Amazon cloud environment.

Data Warehouse on AWS

Data Warehouse on AWS

Creating a data warehouse for the company, putting it on Amazon Redshift, and keeping it running around-the-clock in compliance with the terms and conditions that have been agreed upon.

Transformative Journeys with Our AWS Cloud Solutions

Dive into the stories of success to discover how businesses of all sizes, big and small, achieved remarkable milestones with our AWS cloud service solutions. Evaluate how we revolutionized their operations to reach new heights.

Our Cutting-Edge Tools, Technologies and technical proficiency in AWS Cloud Computing

Harnessing the power of advanced tools and technologies alongside our technical expertise, we ensure optimal performance driving innovation as your AWS cloud solutions company.

  • Developer Tools

  • Technology AWS Application Composer
  • Technology AWS Cloud9
  • Technology AWS CloudShell
  • Technology AWS CodeArtifact
  • Storage

  • Technology Amazon Elastic Block Store
  • Technology Amazon Elastic File System
  • Technology Amazon FSx for Lustre
  • Technology Amazon FSx for OpenZFS
  • Security & Compliance

  • Technology Amazon Cognito
  • Technology Amazon Detective
  • Technology Amazon GuardDuty
  • Technology Amazon Inspector
  • ML & AI

  • Technology Amazon Bedrock
  • Technology Amazon CodeGuru
  • Technology Amazon CodeWhisperer
  • Technology Amazon DevOps Guru

Unlock Excellence with AWS Cloud Computing Solutions

Experience the unparalleled advantages of AWS Cloud computing services. Elevate your business with improved efficiency, security, and innovation. Grow in the digital landscape with cost-effective solutions.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Extremely easy to use and you can quickly and securely host your applications on AWS cloud.



Enables you to select the OS, language, platform, database, and other services you need.



Pay only for the computing power and resources you use, with no up-front commitments.



Avail the advantage of a scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure.



Scalable services which can be scaled up or down based on the current demand and requirement.



Utilizes an end-to-end approach to secure infrastructure with physical, operational, and software measures.

Our Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

We are a profoundly knowledgeable and experienced AWS Cloud solutions company that has worked with global clients from various industries.

Our Methodical AWS Cloud Development Process

Discover the streamlined excellence of our proven development process. The phases of development are meticulously designed to bring your vision to life using AWS cloud computing with efficiency, and precision resulting in transformation.

  • Identification


    We start by identifying the client’s business requirements and pinpoint their objectives. The phase is about understanding the needs in order to tailor solutions that align strategically with the client’s goals.

  • Specifications


    Define goals clearly and specify the details related to features and functionalities that need to be added to your AWS project. This ensures a streamlined development process leaving no scope for any sort of misunderstanding

  • Designing


    Our experts craft a robust blueprint for the project. They map out the architecture keeping user experience in mind. They ensure it is scalable, secure, and optimal performance of your AWS cloud solution.

  •  QA and Deployment


    With AWS integration services, skilled developers give shape to your vision. They bring it to life by preparing a functional code and implementing the solution with precision and efficiency, in accordance with the industry standards.

  • Deployment


    Seamlessly deploy the developed project to live operations. Rigorous testing is done to ensure the smooth and efficient launch of the solution. The goal here is to minimize the downtime and maximize the user experience.

  • Maintenance


    Our commitment doesn’t end with deployment. It is continued with constant monitoring, updating, and support. We ensure the continued success of your cloud solution through ongoing AWS cloud maintenance and support.

Choose Excellence, Choose OrangeMantra: Your Partner in Transformative AWS Cloud Computing Solutions

Embark on a journey of innovation and growth with OrangeMantra. Choose us as your reliable AWS Cloud computing services in India for expertise, commitment, and tailored cloud solutions that evolve your business.

Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your AWS Cloud Computing Services Provider?

Choose OrangeMantra for unmatched expertise, commitment to innovation, and excellence with a proven track record. We are the trusted partner for your success in the digital world.

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Frequently Asked Question

Our post-deployment support includes continuous monitoring, updates, and expert assistance. We ensure the ongoing success, security, and optimal performance of your AWS cloud solution.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading cloud computing platforms for enterprises. It provides companies with reliable servers, networking, storage, remote computing, mobile development, email, and security.

The AWS Free Tier empowers customers to explore and try out AWS cloud services free of cost up to a particular limit for each service. Services with short-term trails can be used free of charge for a specified duration or up to a one-time limit based on whatever server you select.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is an extensive, advancing distributed computing platform given by Amazon that incorporates a combination of infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) contributions.

Using AMS or AWS Managed Services, you can operate your AWS infrastructure efficiently and securely. AMS offers a robust operating model for your complete AWS fleet using detective guardrails, security, monitoring, and best practices for incident management for traditional as well as modernized workloads.

Enterprises are investing in Amazon cloud services to become more innovative, agile, efficient, and productive. Amazon cloud computing offers accelerated digital innovation, high-end functionality, a highly secure computing environment, and operational agility. If you want to leverage the benefits of AWS, you can consult with our AWS experts today.

Transform your business with OrangeMantra's AWS excellence!