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To make e-commerce websites more effective, Orange Mantra has come up with its own CMS in CodeIgniter. It has been named as ‘SpeedX.’ USP of this CMS is that, it can be fully customized and can be scaled up to large extent to meet with the varied requirements of clients.

With the help of SpeedX clients can improve performance, functionality and speed of the site, which in turn offer users a good experience and bring them back to their website. This is a completely bug free platform, which helps developer in clean coding and proper commenting.

SpeedX enables experts at Orange Mantra to create Static Block and callable in templates or static pages. This also makes it easy to scale the entity like products, their categories and static pages by adding custom attributes.

With SpeedX, clients can post the new products on their Facebook pages and update their customers about the same. This platform is equally beneficial for both clients and the developers.

Some of its features include:

  • High Degree of Customizability
  • Support for Additional Plugins
  • Static Page Creation
  • Static Block and Callable in Templates or Static Pages
  • Scale entity like Products, Static Pages, and Categories by adding Custom Attributes
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Mail-chimp Integrated Plugin for Newsletters
  • Google Maps API Implemented
  • File Encryption to Prevent Hacking

The developers at Orange Mantra offer highly-effective and bug-free websites using SpeedX. Our clients get SEO-friendly websites with clean and optimized coding, proper commenting, outstanding speed and high performance.

SpeedX is a great solution to help boost the functionality of your eCommerce website. Contact Orange Mantra today to know more about SpeedX CMS and to figure out how it can help you with your website.

Client’s Testimonials

“OrangeManta has always been very helpful and quick in response to our requests. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable partner to help you build your website or online store.”

- Arthur

Working with OrangeMantra has been a great experience. We were struggling with a niche staffing requirement and finding the right person to fill the position was a big challenge. Thanks to OrangeMantra’s persistence, we were finally able to get a perfect match.

I am really happy with their services. Their recruiter was interested in understanding my requirements because she wanted to give me just the right resource. The best thing is that being an IT company themselves, they are good at understanding Great communication, no wastage of time and money!

I approached OrangeMantra for managed staffing last year and I was thoroughly impressed. The quality of candidates they connected with me was exceptional. The recruiter team deserves to be commended for their follow-up communication. I would definitely recommend OrangeMantra to everyone.