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Revolutionizing Data Center Operations with Automation & Process Harmonization

The current business environment is full of challenges. The adoption of enterprise IT has become essential for businesses to overcome these challenges and stay in the race. The approach has changed as the focus has shifted from the optimization of the platform and applications layers to that of the entire IT Infrastructure investments and setup. The solution lies in data center consolidation, which is a strategy that uses virtualization and automation to reduce the operating expenses and minimize the planned and unplanned downtime. With data center consolidation, the IT architecture of the business becomes simpler and easier to manage, bringing extensive benefits for the organizations. Considering the huge pay-offs of this strategy, it becomes essential for businesses to adopt it at a rapid pace.

At OrangeMantra, we extend expert data center consolidation services that enable enterprises to unlock the unmatched opportunities and benefits of this innovative strategy. Our team has seasoned IT professionals who are capable of designing solutions that align with the current business requirements of the client as well as are scalable enough for their future plans. With these services, we help organizations to identify the under-utilized data center components and consolidate them to enable higher productivity and better asset utilization.

Data Center Consolidation Benefits

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Higher Efficiency

Avail significant enhancement in operational efficiency as the conventional physical infrastructure gets replaced with powerful futuristic hardware

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Reduced Operating Costs

Witness a consistent decline in operational costs as there are fewer servers to monitor and manage and the IT resources are optimized as well

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Simplified Environment

Minimize your management hassles with a simplified environment that consolidates multiple platforms and implements standards

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Improved Performance

Deliver high performance with the improved availability of applications and infrastructure across data centers

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Stronger Security

Enhance the security of your business data centers with improved SLAs, disaster recovery, and uptime guarantee

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Energy Efficiency

Leverage improved energy efficiency as you eliminate inefficient data centers and replace them with new, sustainable infrastructure

Our Data Center Consolidation Services

How It Works

We understand the client requirements in terms of target servers and storage, business objectives, and expected ROI. Then we assess the feasibility of data center consolidation solution to predict the timelines and outcome.
We analyze the existing IT assets including the applications, servers, network security, operating systems, storage, and IT infrastructure, etc to ideate and optimal strategy for the business.
Design & Architecture
Based on the client’s requirements and expectations and the current IT setup of the business, we come up with an architecture that includes the key elements such as storage, server, network, and security at the client site.
Once the data center consolidation solution is implemented, we provide enterprise management optimization as well as monitor and manage the infrastructure and security of the client’s data centers.

Our Hiring Process

The Key Differentiators

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Professional Services

Join hands with expert IT professionals with extensive skills and proficiency in transformational technologies

Rich Experience

Avail the unmatched experience of a team that has successfully executed a large number of data center consolidation projects

Turnkey Assets

Get accelerated benefits from custom-made solutions that are built with turnkey assets that we already have

Flexible Models

Experience the advantage of flexible models that can be scaled according to the unique requirements of your business

Frequently Asked Questions

Datacenter transformation is the process of enhancing the IT infrastructure of an enterprise or organization. It improves the infrastructure’s capabilities, performance, and efficiency. This process may include data center migration, large-scale changes to hardware, and business process automation, among other things.
Datacenter management several strategic steps. First, monitor and visualize the details and activities across all systems and locations. Then analyze how to utilize the data center more. Datacenter transformation is a great way of enhancing efficiency.
Data centers are simply centralized locations where computing and networking equipment is concentrated for the purpose of collecting, storing, processing, distributing, or allowing access to large amounts of data. The cost of transforming a data center depends on the size of your data center, its operations, and the kind of services it provides, among other things.
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