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Fine Tune Your Magento Store for Amplified Results

Avail a comprehensive audit for the technical aspects, SEO, and user experience that your Magento store delivers. Identify the flaws and find out the scope for improvement to empower your e-store in every way you can. We offer reliable Magento audit services for actionable guidance on key improvements based on in-depth research, market knowledge, and a desire to deliver unmatched eCommerce experiences. Our Magento experts provide rich insights and suggestions in the form of easily understandable reports that can be used to create tangible plans for improvement.

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Comprehensive Magento Audits to Keep Your Store On Top

Whether you are looking to make improvements in your Magento store or simply want to retain its usability, periodic audits make an essential part of its running and maintenance. The primary purpose of audits is to determine the current status of your site and identify ways to improve the areas where it is lacking.

Whether you want to make performance improvements, strengthen the site’s security, consider an upgrade, or evaluate the existing architecture of the store, a Magento audit is the best place to start. At OrangeMantra, our Magento audit extends beyond a quick code test but encompasses a complete review of the entire aspects of the store including the server and analytics.

Once the audit is completed, we also provide a report with suggestions and estimates for the resolution of the issues that are identified during the audit.

Comprehensive Magento

What does OrangeMantra Deliver you Under Magento Technical Audit Services?

Unleash the veiled potential of your eCommerce store by seeking Magento Technical Audit Services to strive seamlessly for your desired end.

WordPress Services

Magento UI/UX Audit Services

Have you ever thought about what is stopping your visitors from turning into your customers, if not and you are not getting an answer, you are in much need of Magento UI/UX Audit Services. Shake hands with OrangeMantra to eradicate guesswork from your website design and boost your conversion rate with our robust data-driven UI/UX audits.

Magento Security Audit

Magento Security Audit

OraangeMantra offers you comprehensive Magento Security Audit services that let you know about the risks in your business and how can you safeguard your business from data leaks. Our motive in this is not only to make you feel safe but to make your business secure from any kind of potential threat or danger.

Magento Speed & Performance Audit

Magento Speed & Performance Audit

We have a team of experts especially to serve the purpose of serving you with Magento Speed & Performance Audit. We review your Magento suitability and compatibility along with all the settings to ensure seamless performance of your Magento store. We mainly focus on the fact that if a user comes to your website they will not return because of the low speed of your online store.

Magento Code Audit Services

Magento Code Audit Services

Under our Magento Code Service, we analyze every section of your website and deliver you a detailed code audit report comprising all the necessary suggestions to make it free from all the issues. Don’t waste any other moment or effort, just give our team full liberty to make your store work as it should or in the same way you imagined.

Magento SEO Audit

Magento SEO Audit

With our data-driven Magento SEO Audit services, identify all the loopholes you have in your SEO and get your hands on deep insights to form a robust base to develop an SEO Strategy suitable for your online store. Our efforts will bring more visibility, a high level of reach, and more customers to your platform to elevate its performance.

Magento Mobile Audit

Magento Mobile Audit

Mobile Browsing is a critical part of eCommerce thus you must run your business properly to look at the mobile part of your Magento Store separately. Our skilled or experienced developers will focus on the usability and performance of your store on mobile devices by tackling all the UX challenges appearing on mobile phones.

A Glimpse of the Success of Our Clients

Take a look at how our Magento technical audit services will help our clients maintain smooth working and better functioning of their online store.

Elevation in Sales for an eCommerce Retailer through Magento Technical Audit Services

Our client is an eCommerce retailer struggling hard to run their Magento online store. Thus, they partnered with us as we are a leading audit company to resolve performance issues existing in their Magento 2 store. We performed a comprehensive Magento Audit analysis, and through this, we uncovered all the issues in code, database queries, and server infrastructure. We strive hard to enhance your store's performance, leading to high sales and revenue.

Ensuring Robust Security with our Magento Security Audit for an Online Retailer

In this scenario, our client is a growing online retailer who is afraid of the security of their online store. They are looking to bolster the security of their online Magento store because of the rising cyber threats. The Magento technical audit services of OrangeMantra help you in spotting configurations, permissions, and third-party integrations. We then proceed further with the implementation of remedies to secure and fortify your online store from data breaches or cyberattacks to rebuild customer trust.

A Competitive Edge to an eCommerce Brand with Our Auditing

Our client here is an eCommerce brand that is doing well but they are lagging in this digitally advanced world. They come to us to seek Magento Technical Audit Services to make sure to remain aligned with industry standards for attaining high scalability. With our impeccable services, we assist our clients in identifying the limitations of scalability and problems arising in being parallel with compliance. Thus, our team of experts executed the tactics to future-proof their Magento Store to gain sustainable growth in this competitive digital era for better outcomes.

Our Technical Stack for Adobe Commerce (Magento) Technical Audit Services

Our experts are not alone in evaluating your store for better performance as we rely on our bag full of tools and technologies.

  • Languages

  • Twig Twig
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Tools

  • MageReport MageReport
  • Magento CodeSniffer Magento CodeSniffer (MCS)
  • Blackfire Blackfire
  • Magento Debugger Magento Debugger
  • SonarQube SonarQube
  • Frameworks

  • Symfony Symfony
  • jQuery jQuery
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • Selenium Selenium
  • PHPUnit PHPUnit
  • Databases

  • MariaDB MariaDB
  • Redis Redis
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Memcached Memcached

When Should you Consider Magento Technical Audit Services?

Our team which performs Adobe Commerce technical audit will deeply peek into your business to escalate its performance and user responsiveness like it was never before. Know when you should go with this service of ours.

What Magento Technical Audit Services can bring to your Business?

Engaging with OrangeMantra for Magento technical audit services will never let you down as apart from commendable services, you will receive a plethora of benefits.

In-depth Expertise

Seeking Magento technical Audit services from OrangeMantra will let you have the support of some experienced professionals. They know in and out about Magento architecture, best practices, and common bottlenecks. With them on your side, you can gain a thorough and intact assessment of your online store.

Identification of issues

By shaking hands with OrangeMantra for Adobe Commerce Technical Audit services, you can witness loopholes, vulnerabilities, and issues hidden in your store that have not appeared directly. This approach will prevent you from facing some serious problems as it resolves the issues earlier.

Scalability Planning

We always strive hard to assess your Magento Online store for the matter of scalability and provide you with the necessary suggestions. By considering our suggestion, you can scale up your store anytime to handle efficiently all the increased traffic, transactions, and product catalog as the business starts to excel.

Risk Mitigation

Our team is filled with experts who are well-versed in finding any kind of risk of security breaches, data loss, or system downtime. Our Magento Technical Audit services can save you from facing any costly incidents in the future because of any technical issue.

Extensive Analysis

Moving further with our eCommerce audit services will offer you extensive analysis of your online store. It covers a wide range of aspects like security, code quality, scalability, and many more while remaining aligned with Magento Coding standards.

Integration Support

If you feel that your Online store relies too much on third-party extensions or integrations, seek our Magento Technical Audit services to get your compatibility, performance, and security evaluated. We try to make sure that your platform will remain stable and secure during the process of integration with external systems.

Industries We Serve With Our Magento Technical Audit Services

As a reputed Magento Technical Audit Services provider in India, we didn’t take any step backward after the industries and niches. Our experts are well-versed in every domain no matter what you are.

Roadmap for our Magento Technical Audit Services

OrangeMantra, as a leading name in providing eCommerce Audit Services always strives hard to provide clients with beyond-the-expectation solutions. To know how we provide the services, look here.

  • Request Acceptance

    Request Acceptance

    Firstly, we take your requests and then discuss with our team internally whether we can proceed with it or not.

  • Consultation


    After looking into your request, we have a deep discussion with you to gain a vivid understanding of your requirements and expectations.

  • Proposal for Audit

    Proposal for Audit

    We will send you a detailed implementation plan and ask for the necessary login credentials. No need to worry as we keep all the information safe by signing an NDA.

  • Perform an Audit

    Perform an Audit

    After everything gets done, we perform our Magento technical Audit services as per the way it is decided during the consultation.

  • Delivery


    Right next after the auditing, we deliver you a full detailed report along with the recommended solutions. Besides this, we’ll explain all of your queries as well.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance & Support

    OrangeMantra always tries to be with you even after the delivery to offer you with necessary help and assistance.

Looking for end-to-end Optimal Magento Technical Audit Services? OrangeMantra is the Ideal Partner for you!

Why go ahead with OrangeMantra for Magento Audit Technical Services?

Clear out your dilemma of whether to go with us for Magento technical audit services or not by going through these given pointers.

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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, it is crucial to choose Magento Audit services to make your website function and work properly without any hassle. Here are some of the scenarios listed when you witness any of these, make sure you go with the audit services.
  • Rankings are not good on search engines
  • Crashing of your Magento store during the peak time
  • Your site loads slowly
  • Upgrades are not working properly
  • To test the functionality of your website

There is no need to worry at all as we first implement the Adobe Commerce technical audit services in the staging ecosystem to ensure that your business won’t get impacted anyway in a negative manner. When everything is done without any causality, we move with it to your live site.

Indeed, we have a team full of experts who can provide you with Magento 2 technical audit services. No matter which Magento version you are using, our team will offer you extensive Magento 2 Site Audit Services specially tailored according to your Magento version. We aim to identify any issues prevailing to settle those for better functionality and performance.

The cost of Magento technical audit services will vary based on several factors: the complexity of the audit, the scope of the audit, and the expertise of the professionals. Our audit services start from $1449 for 1 week and consist of Magento performance audit, Magento Security audit, and UX audit. Besides this, you can opt for Magento SEO audit services that are only at the price of $499.

Discover your Store Potential with our Magento Technical Audit Services. Reach Out to Us Today and March Towards Success Without Facing Any Hurdles