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MeteorJS Development Services

Explore the Unmatched Potential of MeteorJS to Build Powerful Cross-Platform Applications.

MeteorJS is the open-source, flexible JavaScript framework which facilitates prototyping and cross-platform development of applications for web and mobile interfaces. The latest versions of the framework are also used for front-end, back-end, and database development and management. All in all, it emerges as an excellent choice for building versatile apps for the web, iOS, and Android.

We extend expert MeteorJS development services to build cross-platform applications that take your business to the next level. Our team possesses rich framework expertise and relevant experience that makes them capable of building scalable, bug-free web and mobile applications at a rapid pace. Share your requirements with us and we will have a perfect solution to match them.

Why MeteorJS?

Reasons That Make MeteorJS Development A Smart Choice For Businesses

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Faster development as the framework uses a single language on both, the front end and back end, making it ideal for rapid prototyping.

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Real-time By Default

Offers a real-time approach for creating applications with the additional benefit of providing an automatic updates of the app layer’s database.

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Renders quality, stability, and elegance in coding, with the simplicity of a single language which permeates the entire platform.

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A cost-effective framework that leverages one code base for desktop, Android, and iOS applications.

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Less Context Switching

Ease of development with less context switching as it enables them to work on the front end as well as the back end.

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Built-in Packages

Brings convenient built-in packages which simplify and speed up the design and development process.

Explore The Range Of MeteorJS Development Services We Offer

Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-Platform App Development

Developing fast and responsive apps for the web, Android, and iOS platforms

MeteorJS Full Stack Development

MeteorJS Full Stack Development

Full-stack development for all-inclusive projects based on the unique requirements

Web Services And API Development

Web Services And API Development

Building feature-rich web apps and APIs that cater to diverse industry verticals

Enterprise CMS Development

Enterprise CMS Development

Creating user-friendly and interactive CMS for small businesses to enterprises

MeteorJS E-commerce Development

MeteorJS E-commerce Development

Delivering fully-functional e-commerce stores to boost your online business

MeteorJS ERP Development

MeteorJS ERP Development

Building powerful ERP solutions that are scalable and run seamlessly across devices

Integration with AngularJS

Integration with AngularJS

Integrating MeteorJS and AngularJS to create enhanced and value-adding solutions

MeteorJS Testing

MeteorJS Testing

Testing apps and make them better for running across multiple platforms and devices

MeteorJS Support And Maintenance

MeteorJS Support And Maintenance

Offering reliable maintenance and support services for Meteor js applications

Our Expertise

Our expertise extends beyond Meteor.js web development as we bring together the power of JavaScript technologies together to create apps that add value to your business. Explore our tech expertise!

  • AngularJS


  • NodeJS


  • ExpressJS


  • ReactJS


  • MEANStack


  • MongoDB


  • EmberJS


  • MochaJS


Why Choose Us To Hire MeteorJS Developer?

OrangeMantra has a team of highly skilled and experienced MeteorJS professionals who are capable of leveraging the best features that the framework offers to create fast, responsive, and feature-rich applications. Here are some more reasons that we make an ideal MetorJS development partner.

  • A seasoned team that excels in the framework and the entire JS stack as well
  • Tailored solutions that are meant to match the unique needs of businesses
  • Experience of having delivered projects for startups, SMEs, and enterprises
  • Flexible engagement models to hire MeteorJS developers as per their needs
  • Cost effective yet advanced solutions that are built on latest technologies
  • Proven methodologies assuring seamless communication and on-time delivery

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