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PrestaShop UI/UX Services

Use PrestaShop to build an appealing e-commerce store with an impressive UI/UX.

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PrestaShop UI/UX Services to Help You Create Immersive Customer Experiences

Your online store speaks of your business. It needs to be simple yet appealing and flawless. At OrangeMantra, our team specializes in designing professional PrestaShop stores to behold the user’s attention with an immersive UI and facilitate intuitive shopping experiences.

From providing simple browsing to the desired selection, secure payment, reliable shipment, and easy checkout, we design multi-functional stores that drive customers to convert. As PrestaShop UI/UX design experts, we investigate the possibilities to achieve success with high-performance e-commerce solutions. Our prime goal is to increase the business ROI with a thorough analysis of the current trends in the global eCommerce market. We bring unmatched design solutions that capture visual appeal for your online stores and make them impressive enough to entice the visitors to convert.

Our Prestashop UI/UX Services

We deliver reliable Prestashop e-commerce UI/UX services to create impressive online stores that are capable of delivering enhanced online shopping experiences.

Prestashop UX/UI Design

The user interface is the heart of an online store while the user experience it delivers is its soul. We understand the client’s requirements and user behavior to design a store UI that delivers a perfect UX and drives results for the business.

PSD to Prestashop Theme Conversion

The first step of designing a store is to convert PSD files into a functional theme. Our design experts provide reliable PSD to Prestashop theme conversion for optimizing the store design to create an impact on conversion rate and sales for the store.

Prestashop Template Design

We offer an intuitive template design for the PrestaShop store to showcase your brand richness in a professional style. The aim is to have one that catches the eye of the visitor and replicates the brand image as well.

Custom PrestaShop Design

Our service offering extend to creating impressive custom designs by integrating the appropriate themes and templates into the e-commerce store. We understand what your customers really want and reflect it in the store’s design.

Responsive/Mobile Friendly Design

A business store that are mobile friendly is the key to reaching out to and engaging the shopper across the mobile challenge. Our design professionals utilize the responsive Prestashop themes to create fully mobile-optimized e-commerce stores.

Maintenance and Support

We do not just create online stores that get businesses started on their growth journey. Giving round-the-clock maintenance and support for handling any issues related to design of the Prestashop store is a part of our service offerings.

Our PrestaShop UI/UX Design Approach

Requirement Gathering & Research
At the initial stage of the project, our business analysts understand the needs of the clients and perform in-depth research on the customer expectations, business landscape, and market trends.
Wireframing & Sketches
The design specialists in our team get into action and draw detailed wireframes and sketches of the store’s design flow to get a fair idea about its appearance once completed.
Prototyping & Design
Coming up with the prototype of the PrestaShop is the next phase of the UI/UX design process as it enables the client to understand the mindset behind every single feature and element.
Implementation & Evaluation
The final stage involves the implementation of the design to create the store’s UI and UX and its evaulation against the quality parameters identified to measure the end user satisfaction.

Featured Projects

Over the years, we have worked with some leading e-commerce brands and new startups and helped them take their e-commerce stores to the next level.


Key Differentiators

User persona is where we start

We define the behavioral characteristics after understanding the end-user’s behavior in different scenarios. This helps us to create user-personas and finally create a design that is much relatable. Our extensive brainstorming sessions are a part of the design process and enable us to bring a broader scope to the challenge of nailing a perfect design.

Knowing the competitor matters to us

Analyzing the market competition is a part of our design process because we need to know what others are doing and what really works. Competitive research and analysis also give us a fair idea about what your target audience really wants. We create a clear view of the competitor UI and UX strategies and use them as benchmarks for your store’s design.

Quality is our top priority

We prioritize the quality of the online stores we create, which is the reason why we perform stringent testing before deployment. Intensive testing is done to identify visual-design issues, navigation issues, content-related issues, traffic issues, and technical issues. We rely on A/B Testing to identify what attracts the user most.

A proven process makes us stand apart

As a part of our tried and tested UI/UX process, we follow different stages. In the first stage, the designers come up with a sketch of ideas. Next is the wireframing stage, during which a basic skeleton of the store is drawn. Further comes prototyping, followed by the final implementation and evaluation stages.

Let’s give your PrestaShop store the most amazing look and feel?.


User Interface Design comprises elements that provide touchpoints for the user to navigate their way around the store. These include CTA buttons, scroll bars, checkboxes, and menu items. UI is vital because it has the potential for making or breaking your customer base.
UX is significant because it works to fulfill the needs of the user. It aims to deliver positive experiences which keep the users loyal to the brand and product. Additionally, a meaningful user experience establishes customer journeys that are conducive to the success of the online business.
UI design is all about the cosmetics elements of the body of the online store, which includes its presentation and navigational elements that define the senses and reactions. UX, on the other hand, is the actual experience that the users get by navigating the store and moving from one phase of the buying journey to the next.
Yes, both UI and UX in combination to create a seamless shopping solution for the online buyers.
A perfect looking store that offers a seamless user experience is the key to success. Unless the user finds your store appealing enough, you cannot expect them to stay. Further, you cannot expect them to convert and come back for more unless it your PrestaShop enables them to complete their shopping journey smoothly. Investing in reliable UI/UX design services, therefore, is mandatory to take your business ahead.