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UI Automation – Selenium

Testing Services

In the area of UI (User Interface) testing, leveraging automated, repeatable tests that can be executed with frequency over time results in increased software quality and a reduction in overall software development costs. The market is crowded with multiple UI testing frameworks, and at OrangeMantra, we use the proven methodology of Selenium Grid Cloud Solutions.

THE Selenium Advantage

The UI Automation through Selenium is be a proven method that is primarily used for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. Boring web-based administration tasks can (and should!) also be automated as well. Some of the most prominent benefits include:

  • Allows scaling for a large number of tests.
  • Boost performance substantially by using Selenium Grid to run different tests at the same time using different machines if a large number of tests or slow-running test is to be done.
  • Ability to have different remote machines supporting different browsers and operating systems if tests are running on multiple environments.
  • Greatly improves the time it takes to accomplish regression testing for a web project.