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What is Vue.js App Development?

Vue.js is an open-source, progressive JavaScript framework that is gaining popularity like no other JavaScript framework. Today, Vue.js app development is being widely used in the mobile app development industry because of its adaptive interface and single-page applications. Innovated by Evan You, Vue.js is a holistic JS library that contains powerful tools combined with scalability to build highly-interactive, robust, and large applications where customization is a major concern for mobile app development companies. Vue.js is versatile, high-performing, adaptive, and lightweight in nature. It offers data-reactive elements having a simple and adjustable API.

Are you struggling to keep pace with cutting-edge innovations and technologies? Are you seeking to establish a sustainable online presence? Then you must rely on our Vue.js app development services to create an unbeatable and thriving online presence.

Why Should You Go with Vue.js App Development Framework?

Vue.js app development framework comes with exciting benefits that make it dominate the IT market.

Swifter virtual DOM implementation
Lightweight and non-opinionated
High-performance & secure
Simplistic two-way data binding
Fast server-side rendering
Template-based logic and syntax
Component level caching
Easy adaptability and learning
Faster updates and production

Build Fast, Innovative, and Smart Apps for Your Business with Our Vue.js Development Services.

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Our Vue.js Coding Standards


Vue.js comes with a smart coding style that eliminates all the technical risks and errors while writing the code, making it flawless. We, first understand, plan the actions, and how users could interact before diving into writing the code.


Code reusability is another advantage of Vue.js as it reduces redundancy and development time. We understand the importance of optimized codes and hence, we do it by ensuring code reusability.

Industry Standard

Industry-standard code is the code that seems professional, readable, and understandable. Our codes are written as per the widely accepted coding standards.


We take great care of code stability before delivering the end-product. We perform extensive testing to check the code stability as well as the end-product.

Create Innovative, Smart & Feature-rich Apps with Our Vue.js Development Services

Orange Mantra is an early adapter of the Vue.js development framework and has been serving a diverse range of industries with scalable and robust Vue.js app development services and solutions. Our core development processes and strategies are fully competent to implement world-class Vue.js application development solutions and services.

Vue.js Web Application Development
We create high-performing and feature-rich web applications for small to large-sized enterprises to help them thrive in the IT market with a powerful online presence
Single Page Application Development
Our expert developers develop a wide range of proven solutions using Vue.js for front-end development to settle flaws from ReactJs and AngularJS.
Vue.js Real-time Application Development
Our proficient Vue.js developers are capable of building high-performing real-time applications to deliver an incredibly-amazing user experience
Custom Vue.js Development
Our designers and developers employ the latest and robust built-in functionalities of Vue.js to build custom applications for unique businesses.
Vue.js Portal Development
Our expert team smartly leverages the feature-rich Vue.js ecosystem to create efficient and dynamic portals equipped with reusable components to meet your unique business requirements.
Vue.js Maintenance & Support
Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 round the clock to provide support and maintenance for Vue.js and online ticket resolving. Our post-development support and maintenance comes with an affordable pricing range that makes our clients happy.
Vue.js Interactive UI/UX Development
We leverage the excellent functionalities of the Vue.js ecosystem to design scalable and highly-interactive UI and UX that will surely impress your users and ensure higher engagement.
Vue.js Enterprise Solutions
By utilizing the best rich set of features, functionalities, tools, and seamless integrations, we carry out the Vue.js development process smoothly and conveniently.
Vue.js E-commerce Solutions
We combine the state-of-the-art features and functionalities of Vue.js to create best-fit solutions for the e-commerce businesses and help them upscale their business to grab more sales opportunities.
Vue.js Data Analysis Tools
Our top-notch Vue.js developers create advanced data analysis tools to help your organization to efficiently monitor and manage a huge amount of structured and unstructured data for better decision-making.
Vue.js Component Development
With our Vue.js development services, you’ll get a rich set of UI components that are completely reusable, stable, and compatible with your different products.
Vue.js Data Migration Services
If you need to migrate your website or data to Vue.js, we can do it for you with Zero downtime effort, minimal connectivity disruption, and no loss or damage to your data.

Why Are We Renowned In Vue.Js App Development?

Orange Mantra is acknowledged as one of the most trusted Vue.js development company for its proactive and remarkable Vue.js development services. Some of our USPs include:

Requirement Elicitation

Detailed Requirement Analysis

A comprehensive analysis always reaps better outcomes. We work closely with you to understand your project needs to design the best strategies and deliver the best Vue.js app development solution that perfectly fits your business requirements.

On-demand Strategy

Captivating UI/UX

Our user-centric approach for Vue.js development enables us to employ the latest UI/UX design trends to create a captivating, user-friendly interface for your app.

Captivating UI/UX Design

Cross-browser Compatibility

We take the utmost care to create Vue.js applications that run perfectly across all browsers and devices.

Back-end Development

Fast & High-performance Apps

We build applications that deliver incredibly-fast user experiences and load within 3 seconds to improve your conversion rate and ranking in Google.

100% Quality Testing

High-end Security & Scalability

We employ high-end security measures such as data encryption, secure admin panel, etc. to ensure higher levels of security and scalability of your application.

100% Quality Testing

Source Code Protection

We ensure complete security and non-disclosure of the source code by signing the NDA. We also perform an extensive testing of the application to deliver flawless end-product to our clients.

100% Quality Testing

Agile Vue.js App Development

Right from UI/UX designing development to the final product delivery and post-development maintenance, we provide end-to-end solutions to ensure long-term relationships with our clients.

100% Quality Testing

Post-development Support & Maintenance

For any bug or security issue that you encounter in the developed software, you are free to request a quote. Our experts will get back to you within 12 to 24 business hours.

100% Quality Testing

Dedicated Project Manager

We assign a dedicated Project Manager who will be your single point of contact during the entire Vue.js app development process.

We Provide Vue.js App Development for All Business Verticals

We make the best use of the potentials of full-stack JavaScript development technologies to build stunning user interfaces and applications. Vue.js is an ideal choice to create high-end, robust, intuitive front-end or single-page apps, e-commerce stores, healthcare apps, travel & tourism apps, financial software, and many more. Being a stellar Vue.js app development company in India, we offer Vue.js development services to a diverse range of industries given as follows:

  • Retail & OpenCart
  • Social Network Solutions
  • Logistics & Transport Solutions
  • Banking & Finance Solutions
  • Automotive Solutions
  • E-learning Solutions
  • Travel & Tourism Solutions
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Healthcare App Solutions

Have a Look at Some of Our Major Projects that We’ve Worked On

All our projects are legally bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement. The following projects are displayed after taking the permission of the project owners to give you a better understanding of our works, expertise, and caliber.

application about mobile


Vue.js is used to create single-page applications having plenty of UI interactions. Vue.js is handy in creating stunning user interfaces having animations and transitions that are visually appealing.
Many companies around the world are using Vue.js app development because it offers HTML, comprehensive documentation, adaptability and easy learning, scalability and security, seamless integrations, and is light-weight in nature.
By partnering with us, you can expect the following from our Vue.js development services.
  • Compliance with Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Agile Vue.js development approach
  • Extensive quality testing
  • Post-development maintenance and support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Own your source code
  • Affordable pricing
Depending on the project complexity and number of revisions you need, a custom web app UI/UX designing can take between 1 to 4 weeks. Then, once the design is approved, we move onto the development phase. The app development can take about 1 to 6 weeks depending on the number of pages, features, or functionality you need. We follow an agile approach to deliver the end-product within the shortest timeframe.
We take the utmost care to build apps that are mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly to deliver an amazing user experience and rank your app higher in the search engine results.
Yes, we provide extended application maintenance and support after the development of your app. If you encounter any issue with the developed app, we are readily available to fix your issues related to the developed application at any hour of the day.
.No. we ensure complete transparency with our Vue.js app development pricing packages. While developing custom apps, we discuss with you your website requirements, and accordingly, prepare an estimate of the development service. Once you place your order, we then dive into the development process adhering to your budget.