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Unlock new business opportunities with Xamarin app development

Xamarin is fast emerging as one of the most popular cross-platform development framework as it opens the possibilities to target multiple mobile platforms by extensive code reusability. It offers full access to iOS and Android APIs and enables the use of same language and data structures on every platform. Businesses can rely on Xamarin to develop apps for both the platforms with lesser time and cost. If you are looking for a Xamarin app development company you can trust for securing the best advantages of this innovative framework, OrangeMantra is the name to trust.

We have extensive experience and a team of Xamarin specialists who can leverage the framework to develop multi-platform mobile apps by using the best features and technologies. Our experts recommend Xamarin for both enterprises and startups because it offers a bunch of features, even while reducing the cost and complexity of development. Hire Xamarin developers to develop reliable, robust, and remarkable iOS and Android mobile apps that serve immense potential for your business.

Xamarin App Development Services We Offer

We are a leading cross-platform development company with expertise in Xamarin and cater a complete range of services for clients looking for Xamarin development.

Xamarin App Design
Our team of seasoned designers understand what goes into creating engaging app designs and ensure that they replicate these elements into your Xamarin app.
Xamarin App Development
We offer expertise in developing Xamarin apps that excel in features and deliver native-like user experiences across diverse mobile platforms and devices.
Migration To Xamarin
Migrate your mobile app from other tech stacks to Xamarin to secure the unmatched advantage of the framework’s single codebase
Xamarin App Testing
Our app team comprises skilled and qualified testers who ensure top-notch app quality with stringent testing and quality evaluation
Support & Maintenance
Get reliable support and maintenance services for making sure that your Xamarin app runs smoothly and flawlessly all the time
App Strategy & Consulting
Leverage our expertise for deciding a strategy that would deliver the best benefits for your business with a Xamarin app empowered with the right features

Open-source Framework

A framework by Microsoft, Xamarin enables developers to craft modern Android and iOS apps by allowing them to use a single code base for ease and speed.

Exceptional Interfaces

Xamarin makes a reliable choice as it offers extensive flexibility for building visually appealing and experience-rich native mobile apps.

Apt For App Development

Get the benefits of stability, efficiency, and performance with apps that are capable of accomplishing more with less code.

Why Xamarin?

Beyond just being a “write-once, run everywhere” platform, Xamarin is a framework that is capable of implementing native UIs specifically for each platform. Apps built using Xamarin are cross-platform in nature but look and feel native. Since the UI uses native controls on each of the platforms, it is possible to create apps indistinguishable from native apps. Not only do they look exceptional and match the user expectations but also perform as seamlessly as any native app. What’s more, Xamarin is the only IDE which enables native Android and iOS development within Microsoft Visual Studio, which makes it all the more amazing from the business perspective. And there is much more that makes Xamarin a great framework for businesses to rely on!


Native UI controls that enable developers to develop native apps with various device-specific experiences


Comprehensive security features that facilitate the creation of apps with the minimal number of bugs and issues


Code reusability that allow developers to share the app code across the entire mobile development platforms


Reduced time to market with the elimination of requirement for separate apps for each of the platforms


Automated testing with Xamarin Test Cloud developers’ time and effort that would go into manual testing


Exceptional mobile apps that render the most amazing user experiences and add value to any business

Why Choose Us as Your Knockout.js Development Partner?


Comprehensive services and solutions

Avail comprehensive Xamarin app development services and solutions from experts. From requirement analysis, to UI/UX design and development to app upgrade, and maintenance and support, we have you covered.


Advanced features

We develop value-adding Xamarin mobile apps with high-end and advanced features which are sure to enhance the levels of user engagement and add value to the client’s business in the long run. Go ahead and empower your business.


Lightning-fast performance

Get highly-optimized mobile apps that are tailored to deliver superlative user experiences with fast loading speed. These will surely increase customer acquisition and bring more conversions for your organization.


Unmatched security

Ensure that your idea and app are well-protected with unmatched security standards. We stick to strong security practices as a part of our development methodology and sign an NDA with every client as well.


Focus on quality

Our team is committed to delivering the best quality Xamarin apps, which is the reason why we stick to the best development practices. The process includes stringent quality testing to ensure the delivery of flawless apps.


Timely delivery

Delivery within deadlines matters to us because we settle for nothing but perfection when it comes to client satisfaction. Collaborate with a team that sticks to its words in terms of completion of the projects we take.

Let us help you get new opportunities for your business with Xamarin app development.


A cross-platform app development tool, Xamarin enables developers to write cross platform iOS and Android mobile apps with the look and feel of a native app. These apps offer that run on multiple with platform shared codes.
Xamarin has a massive potential for the future of the industry as a whole. The framework brings enhanced flexibility for creating complex cross-platform mobile apps quickly and in a more simplified way.
Xamarin’s cross-platform development brings an advantage over native apps by speeding up the development process without compromising on their cost. Agility and cost are the key requirements for any business and Xamarin handles it well.
Xamarin apps are written in C#, which is a modern language that brings significant improvements over Objective-C and Java. These improvements include dynamic language features, parallel programming, functional constructs such as lambdas, LINQ, generics, and more.
The cost of Xamarin app depends on the complexity and features you want it to have. Still, you can save up considerably by opting for a cross-platform app with Xamarin rather than having two separate apps for Android and iOS.