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    Experience Unparalleled Efficiency and Cost Savings with Our White Label Services

    At OrangeMantra, we take pride in being a leading provider of comprehensive white label services, powered by a team of highly skilled developers, designers, and marketers. Together, we work collaboratively to deliver exceptional solutions that enable you to scale your business efficiency while minimizing operational costs.

    If you are seeking a white label services provider that delivers unparalleled efficiency, cost savings, and professionalism, look no further than OrangeMantra. We are committed to empowering your business and helping you achieve new heights of success. Contact us today to explore how our white label services can take your business to the next level.

    Idea Valuation

    Our White Label Services

     Research & Analysis
    Front-end development
    OrangeMantra’s team of front-end developers possesses extensive expertise in crafting user-friendly websites that enhance the overall user experience and drive robust customer engagement.
    UX Design
    Back end development
    Our distinguished team specializes in delivering tailored backend development services for a wide range of web, cloud, and mobile applications. Regardless of your unique requirements, rest assured that our team will provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.
    Rapid Prototyping
    Digital marketing services
    Achieve the desired level of user engagement, website traffic, and social media presence. Our services go beyond mere keyword optimization, focusing on generating leads and maximizing conversion rates for your clients.
     UI & Design Interaction
    eCommerce development
    Empower your clients to expand their market reach, elevate personalized experiences, and diversify sales channels through our seamless white label eCommerce development services.
     Mapping Customer Journey
    CMS/COS development
    Leverage our CMS development services to empower yourself with efficient and cost-effective web content management solutions. Experience seamless control over your digital content without investing extensive effort.
      Mobile First & Responsive Design
    Mobile app development
    Our proficient team excels in developing Android, iOS, hybrid apps, and Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). Our professionals are well-versed in emerging technologies for advanced app development.

    Business Benefits of White Label Services

    Idea Valuation
    whitelabel business

    Productive Outcome

    White label services enable you to focus on enhancing your business efficiency and leveraging your team’s strengths while effectively addressing areas of improvement.

    whitelabel business

    Save Time and Money

    Partnering with a white label service provider offers the dual advantage of time and cost savings. Additionally, it liberates you from the challenges associated with resource acquisition and management.

    whitelabel business

    Generate Revenue

    A key benefit of white labeling is the opportunity to provide new services to your customers, thereby driving increased business revenue and growth.

    whitelabel business

    Business Competitiveness

    White labeling empowers small businesses to effectively compete with larger enterprises by overcoming manpower limitations and offering a comprehensive range of services to their clientele.

    whitelabel business

    Meet Customer Needs

    White label services grant you complete control over your marketing strategies and the ability to incorporate client-specific services, providing a holistic approach to your business growth and client management.

    whitelabel business

    Brand Loyalty

    By investing in white label services, you gain access to a professional solution provider that caters to all your client requirements, fostering robust brand loyalty and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

    Discover the secret formula to slashing costs, boosting profits, and maintaining impeccable quality.

    Types of White Label Partnerships

    Closed White Label

    In this engagement, you will establish a contract with your client and another contract with the white label service provider. Subsequently, the white label service provider will invoice you, and you will then bill your client accordingly.

    Endorsed Provider

    Here both you and the white label agency will have a contract with your client. Both will be in touch with the end client and also collaborate. You may get a referral fee as per the project from the white label company.


    In this collaborative model, both your organization and the white label agency will engage in contractual agreements with the client. Both parties will maintain direct communication with the end client and work together to deliver optimal results.

    Types of White Label Pricing Models

     White Label Pricing Models
     Defining Objective

    Fixed Price Model

    In this collaboration, after carefully analyzing the details of the requirements you share, we will come up with a detailed proposal that includes transparent pricing information and estimated delivery timelines.

     Ideation Stage

    Hourly Model

    In this operational setup, you’ll effectively communicate the tasks to our team following which we will keep track of the hours invested in each task and provide invoices accordingly, ensuring transparency and seamless collaboration throughout the process.

    Creating Prototype

    Dedicated Resource Model

    In this arrangement, you will conduct interviews with candidates sourced by us and subsequently hire a suitable candidate to fulfill the project requirements. The selected candidate will be remunerated based on a fixed cost agreement.

    Why Choose OrangeMantra as Your White Label Service Provider?

    A reputable and trusted hub offering comprehensive white label services under one roof.

    International Design Standards

    Agile Methodology

    Our team of professionals adheres to an agile approach in project execution, leveraging agile methodologies for development and testing. This commitment allows us to consistently deliver exceptional solutions.

    Understand What You Want

    Relevant Experience

    With our extensive experience in white label services, our accomplished team is well-equipped to tackle even the most intricate projects, all while ensuring stringent data security measures and maintaining utmost relevance.

     Delivering Results that Last

    Flexible Approach

    We offer a range of flexible hiring models tailored to diverse business needs, accommodating various budgetary considerations. Our team adheres to industry-leading and cutting-edge approaches for project maintenance, ensuring optimal outcomes and client satisfaction.

    Going Extra Mile

    Professional Team

    Our highly experienced team excels in delivering responsive and secure applications, leveraging their deep expertise and staying abreast of the latest technological trends. This ensures the delivery of top-notch solutions that meet the highest standards of excellence.

    Going Extra Mile

    On-Time Delivery

    Our meticulous adherence to a well-structured development plan allows us to consistently deliver projects within stipulated timelines. With utmost care and attention to detail, we ensure that our applications surpass client expectations, meeting all their requirements with precision.

    Effective Communication

    Effective Communication

    Our dedicated account managers excel in clear and concise communication, ensuring that information is accurately conveyed and understood by all parties involved. We also pride ourselves on our flexibility across different time zones, allowing us to accommodate the needs of our partners regardless of their geography.

    Our Process


    Requirement Gathering

    A dedicated member from our business unit works closely with you throughout the project’s requirement gathering and understanding phase, culminating in the finalization of the project scope.​


    Ballpark Estimate

    Initially, we provide a ballpark cost and timeline to assist you in budgeting. This estimate includes a high-level feature listing of the project, simplifying the evaluation process.​ ​


    Project Documentation

    Post your approval for the estimated cost, we diligently prepare a comprehensive scope of work and deliverables. This facilitates the seamless integration of content into your brand-labeled documents.​ ​



    Following a thorough analysis, for your approval, we present our finalized techno-commercial that includes a detailed technical description of the scope of work, along with a precise cost and delivery timeline for the project.​


    Project Execution & Delivery

    Upon your approval of the proposal, our delivery team assumes responsibility for project execution, with a dedicated project manager assigned to ensure effective communication and timely delivery.​

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      Note: I consent that my personal data will be processed according to Orangemantra' privacy policy

      Work With the PM Tool of Your Choice

      Time and money are highly crucial factors for any business. We value your time like our own. We implement the most advanced PM tool of your choice.


      We exceed clients’ expectation every time and offer industry best solutions to accelerate business growth.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      White label services form the cornerstone of our business model, contributing to a significant 80% of our revenue. With a decade-long track record, we boast an extensive history of providing exceptional white label agency services.
      Upon engagement, you will be assigned a dedicated business manager as your primary point of contact. This appointed professional will streamline communication and serve as a reliable intermediary, allowing you to effortlessly delegate tasks and receive regular updates throughout the engagement.
      Our robust team comprises over 500 professionals specializing in various domains, including UI/UX Designers, front-end developers, backend developers, digital marketers, SEO experts, eCommerce experts, project managers, QA analysts, server administrators, and copywriters. This diverse talent pool ensures comprehensive coverage across all aspects of your project requirements.
      Rest assured, our work process prioritizes the highest level of security and meticulous care. We maintain strict confidentiality for all the data you entrust to us. To reinforce this commitment, we ensure the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before commencing any project, safeguarding your sensitive information with utmost professionalism.
      Upon engagement, a dedicated project manager will be assigned to oversee and serve your project needs. To ensure seamless collaboration and real-time updates, we utilize a secure and responsive project collaboration tool. Our team possesses extensive experience with a range of management tools, including Trello, Asana, Teamwork, ClickUp, and Basecamp, enabling efficient project monitoring and communication.

      Unlock the secret to cost savings without sacrificing excellence! Join us today and discover how to achieve top-quality results while minimizing expenses.